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youAdb is a very convenient tool for you android device which allows you to do various actions by just a couple of clicks.
Some features:
- SD-Partition-Manager (FAT32, EXT2/3/5, Linux Swap etc.!)
- App Manager (FULL BACKUP function!)
- File Manager (Push, Pull, Delete folders/files...)
- Reboot, Reboot Recovery, Adb Remount...
- View and automatically SAVE LOGS
- custom adb commands (like a shell)
- Install recovery images!
- Shows device's state and Serial Number

In contrast to most other android tools this tool is stable, leightweight (less than 1MB!) and easy to set up!

Watch a video tour: (ya, i know, my mic sucks.)


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Jun 10, 2009
Boynton Beach, FL
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Works great on my G1.

A few suggestions:

Apps window, make the sections scalable because some app names are larger than the widow size.

Push/Pull window, allow double click to open the folder instad of having to go to enter to open it.
Reorder list by name
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great app clean and simple to use
i really appreciate this comment as thats exactly what this app is supposed to be: fast, easy and functional.
there might be some other tools which have more functions (which i'm going to implement too) but they're not as fast and stable as mine is / will be! :D

NEW RELEASE: build 02111
-push/pull file function updated
-MAJOR speed and stability improvements: app starts in less than 1sec and uses multitasking so that it will stay stable and is faster (especially when pushing files or searching fo .apks on ur computer!)



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NEW release: build 02211

- added remount button
- slight ui changes
- fixed assemblyinformation
- improved "custom adb command" dialog

edit: fixed 1 more bug (you dont have to manually refresh the device stat to use the partitioning tool anymore)
=> build 02211b

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