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Anubhav Agrawal

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Nov 26, 2012
Poll over. Thank you everyone who voted on the pole. :)


By placing request for an app,you understand that you will be downloading files mirrored in a different place[cloud sites] than their original location for distribution[Google Play].Be aware that you download under your own responsibility.We do our very best to keep the thread clean from malware but if you were to discover any, please report it immediately to the OP[me], and/or a mod in XDA. No infringement of copyright or distribution rights is intended and files will not be mirrored or linked to anymore as soon as the OP is informed it is not appropriate to do so.
Keep in mind that ignorance of above warning may lead to closure of this thread, and if u dont want so, please act accordingly ..

If u are a developer of such app, which is posted here, and do not wish for this, then please mail me/a mod to have ur app removed


- Needless to say, since the thread is a part of,
every XDA rule is applicable here aswell, like no warez[paid app, if u want one, pay for it], no flaming, no abuse, no nudity stuff etc etc
XDA Rules
- If you
ask for a paid app and someone give a link, the user will be reported. Will not be tolerated if anyone post warez in this thread;
- We
only provide u with apk,we dont teach how to install apps that are incompatible/are not installing on ur device, or how to get those apps if u cant get it[keep in mind the topic of thread and dont forget its not Q&A forum.!]
- Until and unless specially mentioned, the apps provided here are to be installed normally, and if OBB is provided,create a OBB folder with same package name[the part after id= in Play Link] and paste the provided file there.
- If you are to ask for a reupload of apk, please do mention the reason.
- Do not
send pm's asking for apk.If u want help, u can always mail me, but do not mail anyone helping with the thread asking for any app,as it may have a opposite effect.
- Do not ask for apps that
require additional work, like liking a google+ page, registering somewhere else, or any other. If u do that ur request will go "unnoticed/will not be attended"
- If you
break any rule you will be reported, keep that in mind.

This thread is for you who can't download certain app due to incompatibility with your device or region. You just have to make a request, according to the rules, and we'll provide the APK to you. You say what you need, we download it from Google Play and upload it!
However,do keep this in mind, we are not developers of the provided app, so we cant help you if the app didn't install or is giving errors on your phone ...

[size=+1]I feel that no matter how small, we are spending a part of our life here,helping you people, and the least u can do is click [size=+2]Thanks[/size] button for us... Dont u think so?[/size]

★★★ Rob Rich who started the thread ★★★
★★★ bombadier who continued the work ★★★
★★★ eduds who continued bombadier's work ★★★

Big thanks to these guys and girls, without them this thread would not be possible!
Dilesh Perera
The Fer-Shiz-Nizzle

So you want to make a request for an application?[/size]
The first step is to go through
XDA forums checking if the app is uploaded the dev himself here or not and then using the search inside the thread to search for the required app
If you do not find make your request in accordance with the following data (not necessarily needed, but it is the best way to receive your application as soon as possible):
The link of the application in Google Play website;
So, you are a new member on XDA.! We are fully aware of the fact that u cant post link because of limitation imposed(Just so u know, its to prevent spam from new users,and, i do recommend reading XDA rules first),but,u can post link in plain text, by either removing initial or by adding spaces, this is to ensure that we provide u the apk u require, not a same looking/same name app ..
2. The version of the application.[This is not really required, but its better to post,so that we know that we get the latest version for u.!]
3.[Most Imp.]
We all know that XDA is a large community with people from all over the world.So, u post a request, but please dont bump a request before 24 hrs, the reason being we all belong to diff time zones, and since we are not online at same time, it may happen that your request is not taken for sometime ..

For members-cum-contributors-cum-helpers[old and new both]
Just a msg for everyone - refresh ur page before uploading the apk, someone may have already taken the request, it will save ur time, and avoid double upload of same thing .. Also,post a going up or uploading msg before uploading it, so we know that its in progress, u can edit it later(to avoid double posts) to post link ...

Some Rules while posting:
1)Most imp -
search before posting app, it may happen that the app was already posted by the developer himself on XDA or by us a few pages back, and u r just wasting ur precious time and bandwidth to upload it again(not to mention the VPN config to get it ..)
Add name and version of app along with uploaded link.
Please fetch the apk from Google play only … People post request here so that they get the trusted apk from google play, and they too, can get it from some third untrusted site, but they prefer to post here, with a belief that they are getting original thing ..Also,we dont want malware in the thread ...

For New members
You do not need to use any specific site to upload.Create a account on any cloud storage service, like copy or dropbox or box or mega.My fav is mega,since it gives u free 50gb of space

Enjoy ur time here.!

Remember, the links are linked to posts and not directly to download so that u can click "Thanks" button for the uploader. Spending 3 sec to click that button is the least we can do for a person spending 5-30min to upload it for us, not to mention the time and bandwidth!

Click on app name for play link, and click on version no. to get the app

A - C

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Mar 26, 2012
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@Rob Few links of mine are down I tried them! Very few work! On request by ppl I shall post new links and you can have the op updated ! at&t locker!
That's one of the main problems with Dropbox. If a download surpasses too many downloads (which isn't a high number) then the links will stop working.
From now on I think it would probably be better to use the other sites like mediafire, dev host, etc.

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