Youtube 2K?

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Jun 30, 2012
Same version. This is whacked…. So much for 1440p streaming on note 4…
I wonder quality is region locked.

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Jun 17, 2011
Yeah maybe. I've yet to see anything above 1080p on my mobile though. Never really looked for it, since my note 3 can't do higher anyways (note 4 being reviewed as DOA atm).


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Jun 17, 2011
It shut off at a random point while using it, and on boot merely vibrated with a 2 second interval until battery pull. Display worked as I could get it to download mode, but refused to boot.


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Apr 5, 2012
san diego ca
This sucks. . I tried reinstalling older versions and rebooting and 720p crap still.. even tubemate won't download 4k anymore. . Seems like Google is limiting :confused:


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Oct 19, 2010
i use tubemate to grab vids in 2k..hit green arrow to dload then pick resolution..

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Dec 28, 2010
This really is incredibly annoying. I only get 720p and have tried everything. 99% sureure it's server sided. I only got my phone 5 days agoday and have never seen 1080p on it. Good damn Google.


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Dec 28, 2010
Narek: how could it be if I'm getting 1080 all the time?

Well there are a lot of factors that could be the cause. It could be the country/region, my account, when I bought the phone, which model I have etc. But one thing is sure. It does not work and I hate Google because of it. Non of the tutorials fixed it either. So for me it is server side problem as I have also completely removed YouTube with Titanium backup.


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Apr 28, 2009
Tried to mod latest Youtube APK named 5.17.6 Google have made it all impossible to change something all methodnames and classnames are random alphabetical marks and file directory itself is a real mess, no potential by finding somethid through folders, ad removal also hardened through a method, after hours of searching I finally found line which was getting phone's capability to stream higher resolutions than 720p or not, but after a change of it's code verify error popped up because of other method checking the value change, thanks Google...
But for older Apps with normal structure I could enable screenoff, up to 4k streaming and adless.


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Apr 3, 2013
I've resorted to using the desktop version if I want 1440p, but for most videos 720p is fine for me. I'm sure as more YouTube channels start using QHD and 4K google will let us increase the resolution in the app

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    Guide to get 1440p working (root needed):

    1. Wipe YouTube app
    2. Uninstall YouTube app
    3. Open file explorer that has root permission (i.e. es file explorer)
    4. Navigate to /system/ (Make sure it's mounted as r/w)
    5. Open build.prop
    6. Change the line at to and save
    7. Reboot device
    8. Download and install this YouTube version
    9. Go to the play store and disable automatic updating of the YouTube app
    10. Open YouTube app and select a video that supports 1440p
    11. Pause the video and change the quality to 1440p
    12. Close the video (just the video, not the app)
    13. Select the video again
    14. Enjoy

    I've made this guide as thorough as possible. The last few steps are optional and not always necessary, occasionally the setting for 1440p doesn't like to stick. A quick way to check if it took is if the load bar resets, if it does you don't need to close the video and reopen it.
    @oursoul , @snowblind2142, @Narekrocks, @hewlett62

    So, I poked around some more and it looks like youtube was checking our build version in several places (both locally and at their end, ->server-side) I hooked all the checks I could find and rebuilt the .apk
    This should work guys. I still have some problems with the signature, so you have to manually remove youtube from system/app and replace it with this one: Download Modded YouTube.apk
    I tested this multiple times on two different Note 4's, with success. Hopefully third time's the charm. I really hope this one works for you :)

    Instructions for those reading this the first time:
    1. You Must be Rooted
    2. Disable YouTube auto-updates from play store
    3. Uninstall YouTube completely from your system
    4. Check to see that there is nothing left of the old installation, both in the system/app and system/priv-app folders.
    5. Push this Modded YouTube.apk to system/app
    6. Reboot and load up YouTube. You should now have the option to watch videos in 1440p

    Use the previous update of YouTube and you will be able to watch 1440p just disable auto update from Google playstore ....

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    Uninstall YouTube ... reboot and install the version that I uploaded .... and disable auto update from Google playstore .....
    I hated the fact that editing the build.prop broke S Note etc, so I patched the newest youtube 6.0.13 to send version 5.0 to the youtube server in order to enable 1440p without editing the build.prop
    You will still need to completely uninstall/remove YouTube from your device and replace the YouTube.apk in system/app tho(remember to set correct permissions, reboot and disable auto update from play store).


    Finally new youtube update 5.18.5 bring again 2k resolution to 2k devices.
    Note : For choosing different resolution to work,dont forget to wipe data youtube in setting/app after u instal new update.


    Thanks to google and apkmirror.