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YT9213A lost RDS after reset

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New member
Dec 30, 2020
I have a 9" YT9213A running YT9213A_00009_V001_20200810

It says it's Android 10 but it's obviously fake
It has the usual bug where balance and fader don't work (and I don't care).

RDS used to work perfectly out of the box.

Then, playing around in the factory settings, I changed the radio setting from "FM inside" to "auto match". I know, I know, that was stupid of me. I just wanted to see if I could just disable the radio somehow.
Anyway. I lost sound from the radio and from ALL apps. The radio was completely mute.
I tried to go back to "FM inside" and to the other option (NXP6851) but no change. Of course I rebooted after every change.
In all this, the RDS function continued to work perfectly with all radio settings - only the sound was missing.

Wanting to get back sound I went for a factory reset from the android settings. I didn't have a backup because I thought I didn't have anything worth backing up. After the backup, the radio seemed exactly like when it was new.

After the factory reset (and a key off / key on cycle) I finally had sound back, from all apps.
But now no RDS .
Oddly enough, changing the "radio setting" option seems to have no impact whatsoever on sound or on RDS function.
I'd like to get back the RDS working again. Any ideas?