YT9216B 2/32 Gps in view but not in use problem.

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Feb 12, 2021
Hello, i have YT9216B 2gb ram, 32 rom flashed with rom token from 4pda forum. Everything works, but only gps not works as it should be. In settings menu when i start gps it starts, sometimes not finds satelites, but when finds them, it finds 8 to 11 satelites, but still not recieving data and location services . Before flashing the unit all worked well. My antenna were located inside of my central console behind the headunit. Now even with gps antenna positioned under front window (with clear sky view) it still not works. If i make hotspot it detects me, but if there is no Internet connection there is no detection. I've tryed almost everything i know, gps fix programs, but still nothing. Is it possible this issue to be because of the rom i've used? Any suggestions?


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