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Simon G

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Sep 4, 2015
Last Build playing Sound and snoozing works on me.

On Last Build 1 October when i set a Theme in Design APP the Phone Crashed ( Reboot) I Turn Back on Sep.24 and it Works.

Battery Drain on Night is to fast 12% in 7 Hours

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Feb 5, 2013
Does anyone have to reset trusted places becasue after reboot smart lock doesn't work (i.e. I'm still asked for pin) until I go into Settings->Lock Screen->Smart Lock->Trusted Places.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Set Smart Lock Trusted Places to current location. Settings->Lock Screen->Smart Lock->Trusted Places
2. Set Screen Lock to PIN. Settings->Lock Screen->Screen Lock->PIN
3. Press Power Button to Lock the phone.
4. Check that phone doesn't ask for PIN when unlocking.
5. Reboot the phone.
6. Check that phone keeps asking for PIN every time you want to unlock.
7. Go to Settings->Lock Screen->Smart Lock->Trusted Places.
8. Check that phone doesn't ask for PIN as long as you are in the same location.
Looks like Smart lock doesn't reload Trusted Places after reboot.
I'm on last nightly.


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Jan 25, 2012
Firstly a big thank you to all developers for this rom.

Did anyone encounter data network get disconnected from time to time? I know it's network dependent but I noticed that I had to reboot a few times to get network data back online. I have set to LTE as preferred already.
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Apr 24, 2011
Still no snapshot. Now its tim for cm14 but we even dont have snapshot cm13. Whats the point of it if it is never full working?

What is the point of complaining ? XDA rules make it very clear, don't ask for ETAs or demand anything from a developer.

This device is almost four years old, and yet it is still supported, 6.0.1 nightlies are released regularly, and if anybody wants to build CM 14, the code is open source and available.

This is a developers' forum, by developers for developers, anyone else is kindly allowed to visit and profit, that's more than enough.
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Jan 25, 2012
Dev, I'm having problems with LTE signal. It get disconnected from time to time and it's not as stable as 3G. Also when selecting network, it doesn't show which signal is each network..eg LTE, 3g...etc. Just a feedback.


Oct 31, 2012
Dev, I'm having problems with LTE signal. It get disconnected from time to time and it's not as stable as 3G. Also when selecting network, it doesn't show which signal is each network..eg LTE, 3g...etc. Just a feedback.

Yes the network selection suddenly changed into "pick one out of x and see what you will get". ;)
And with suddenly I mean that I don't use it that often, so I can't tell you the release that had this bug first.


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May 21, 2015
SD-card disconnected

Since I've updated to 13.0-20161031-NIGHTLY-yuga SD-card disconnects randomly :(
Is this cause of the ROM or cause of my SD-card / my Phone? :confused:

In Storage Settings:
SD-Card is Corrupted - so I think it's caused by the ROM

any advice?!
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     * Your warranty is now void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


    Also, there are sisters threads for working on pollux, odin and dogo.


    - Jan 30: Initial release
    - Feb 5: kernel updates, audio HAL modernization
    - Feb 9: WiFi updates
    - Feb 13: volume rocker wakeup, sdcard hotplug, camera focus changes, cleanups
    - Feb 16: new call fix
    - Feb 27: F2FS support
    - Mar 1: audio update
    - Mar 3: smooth boot animation
    - Mar 6: more audio updates
    - Apr 3: first 12.1 build
    - Apr 20: radio fixed
    - Apr 22: Android 5.1.1
    - Apr 27: tons of cpu and gpu governor updates/fixes, wifi updates
    - May 1: gpu gov and wifi updates
    - May 7: app2sd fixes, selinux updates, fixed power hal, oss thermal mgmt, wifi fixes
    - May 10: plethora of core kernel and platform updates, init changes
    - May 22: scheduler and platform updates, reworked kernel configuration
    - July 1: lollipop blobs, init update, new sensor drivers, kernel updates
    - July 7: fixed incall audio
    - July 8: fixed black screen on boot, fix booting into recovery by toggling volume keys
    - July 9: fixed wlan&bt mac config
    - July 11: fixed off charging mode
    - July 20: fixed gps problems under certain circumstances
    - July 21: lp kernel updates, als adjustments
    - July 22: led color configuration from ui
    - July 30: gps problems fixed again (duh), leds in off charging mode
    - Aug 3: row io scheduler, open source gps hal, sepolicy update
    - Aug 6: fix sd card access, fix thermal throttle clearance, update power profile
    - Sep 10: (ahead of nightlies) bfq and fiops io schedulers (bfq as default), sony 5.1.1 blobs
    - Sep 16: (ahead of nightlies) data, sound fixes

    - Mar 30: initial CM13 release
    - Apr 6: latest cm fixes, kernel updates
    - May 2: init updates, improved mac address handling, new camera, kernel lz4 compression, updated audio and gpu, new browser
    - May 9: mac addr fixes, bluetooth fixes, camera wrapper improvements
    - May 25: f2fs fix, kernel 3.4.112, init update, ipv6 fix
    - Jul 5: loads of kernel changes, audio hal, and probably plenty of stuff i forgot
    - Jul 7: underp previous build
    - Aug 1: bluetooth and audio updates
    - Aug 23: offline charger & kernel & f2fs updates

    All builds are synchronized with the latest CM tree. For the specific updates to fusion3 and yuga, see the source link below!

    For the brave CM13 DEVELOPMENT BUILD:
    Dirty-flashing on existing 12.1 upgrades normally to CM 13. Beware you will need compatible GApps though!

    CM-12.1 nightlies are available:
    Official download site
    This thread will however remain the prime location for testing new stuff and support on yuga.

    If you have anything other than CyanogenMod on your device, do a full wipe, and get compatible gapps!
    F2FS support: take a look here

    Some very important "rules" for this:
    - Run unmodified versions (no FOTA recovery, no modified kernel, no Xposed framework, etc.)
    - Please dont post "X isnt working" or "random reboots" - provide LOGS for each report you post here. This thread is actually meant for users who are capable of gathering and providing logs, so after a reboot, provide last_kmsg, and for all other problems, dmesg and logcat at the very least.
    - If you can reproduce your problem, you might want to increase the logging level before posting it here, which will increase chances of me finding the problem.

    I will have to ignore all other "problem reports" as they are essentially useless.

    @andyvdsteen - testing, lending me his phone

    If you are willing (and able) to help, check out the patch sets, test them for the respective projects (fusion3 is also pollux, odin, and so on).
    guys, i know there has been some confusion about marshmallow. you can stop messaging me about it ;)
    the thing is: i've got marshmallow to work on the xperia z months ago. however, we are having trouble with the camera due to the unique way the camera blobs deal with their data. that is also why i have not posted a build here - the CyanogenMod team expects some sort of standards, and i intend to follow them.
    i do not condone others posting builds here, just to satisfy their need for recognition. cyanogenmod has always been and will always be a team effort. you will see a semi-official build for these devices in this thread as soon as all the major hardware is working, and then the usual testing to get nightlies process.
    well people, it has been a long journey, and today after some time of using this device as a daily driver i decided it is time for a new milestone: http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/106289/

    the download link has been removed from this thread, and nightlies will be available from the next run of the cyanogen build server. this thread remains active and a conduit for you people to report problems and communicate with each other and me... i hope you enjoy!
    please guys, dont message/mail me about marshmallow. yes, i am working on it (so is pretty much everyone else at cm), but it is early days... patience, young padawans :)
    in case you were wondering whats going on: http://www.vware.at/marshmallow-is-alive/
    my main target is pollux for now during the bringup phase, then we will see about the phones z, zl, zr ;)