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Feb 21, 2012
- latest cm 10.0

- latest cm 10.1
- Replaced QCOM Thermald with Sony System Monitor for better thermal handling (Z, ZL, Tablet Z LTE/Wifi)
- logo fix (TX)
- ALPHA release (Z Ultra)

- latest cm 10.2
- Replaced QCOM Thermald with Sony System Monitor for better thermal handling (Z, ZL, Tablet Z LTE/Wifi)

It´s included isn´t it?!


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Sep 26, 2012
I'm having problems getting data up on FXP237 CM10.1, I have a C6602. Does anybody else have this problem?


EDiT: My data plan expired, tested with another SIM and worked... Derp.
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    CyanogenMod is a free, community built distribution of Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) which greatly extends the capabilities of your phone.

    #include <std_disclaimer.h>
    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Install instructions:
    first time
    - power off the phone:
    - hold vol+ and plug usb to boot into fastboot (blu led)
    - fastboot flash boot boot.img (from cm10 zip)
    - fastboot reboot
    - enter recovery, on boot led will be violet for 3'', during this period press vol+
    - flash rom zip
    - flash gapps zip
    - wipe
    - reboot

    for update just flash rom zip from recovery
    Google Apps are not included in this ROM. You'll need to find those yourself if you want them.



    So, camera as of right now (I'm calling it a night at this point...)

    It now starts up. Preview works, still pictures work.

    However a bunch of issues remain:
    Video recording does not work
    Flash does not work
    Preview freezes after taking a picture until you exit and enter cam app or switch between front/back cams
    Camera icon does not appear in launcher (but you can access cam from lockscreen)

    Still quite a bit to go, but it's significant progress.
    thanks to all who made this possible supporting us
    contributing with code, donations or even trusting us
    thanks to SONY that made all this possible !

    im thinking of buying a sony xperia z, but im a cyanogenmod lover. i've been reading about this phone and i have some doubts. and sorry if this is not the appropriate place to ask this, but, im very interested in this rom in case i get the phone.

    i found out that to b able to customize the phone i need to get boot loader unlocked. but that will make me lose bravia engine and FOTA. FOTA is the official sony updates on the rom correct? or is the firmware for something else? even with a custom rom will i need to flash the firmware updates of sony? is there a way to get bravia engine back? does bravia engine 2 makes a diference?

    are there any major known bugs on this rom using CM10.1 (camera, bluetooth, wifi...)?

    thanks in advance

    FOTA is Sony's equivalent of the recovery partition - it just means you can't update your firmware over-the-air. You can still update using FlashTool and an FTF file, or flashing something in CWM.

    Yeah, you'll lose BE2 but I really never saw it as having much of a point...

    Also, one of the CM maintainers (arcee) gave us a great hint of a potentially much easier way to get camera working. If this works it'll be a lot easier than what Steve (cyanogen) did. :)

    The camera issue is basically common to CM10.1 on every single Qualcomm MSM8960 and APQ8064 device that is currently shipping with 4.1 - The Nexus 4 Adreno (GPU) blobs were compiled against one version of gralloc_priv.h, the cam HALs in Android 4.1 of basically every Krait device were compiled against a different version. It turns out, though, that the specific fields the camera uses and those the Nexus GPU blobs care about don't overlap - and all of the other fields are only used in internal compiled code.

    Specifically, cam cares about fd, size, and offset. Adreno blobs care about gpuaddr and maybe some other things - but not fd, size, or offset.

    So we use a custom gralloc_priv.h header that reorders some elements, specifically moving bufferType (which is only used by compiled code and not by any of the blobs) previous to size/offset, so that size/offset are now 4 bytes down from where they were, matching the cam HAL but without moving gpuaddr and breaking the adreno blobs.

    If this works, it's much easier than using IDA to hack Sony's cam blobs, asking Sony to recompile (I'm sure they would be willing to, but might encounter issues with laywers for Qcom-origin code...), or rebasing our kernel up to the latest CAF stuff so we can use QDevNet Adreno blobs (which won't be a magic bullet any more anyway...)