Z1 owner and thinking of Z2 from my friend. 50$ difference worth it?plus brightness Q

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Sep 1, 2007
Hi all.

so I have an Z1 and I found a buyer who wants to buy it for a good price. in the main time my friend wants to sell his Z2 and the price difference between them comes to around 50$

you think its worth it ?

his Z2 is almost brand new with no scratch at all. the screen has better colors, bigger battery than Z1 and of course the speakers. so all in all I think that's good for 50$ right ?

I also have 2 other questions I would like to ask

1- the brightness level is very low. even compared to my Z1. I put the phone 50% I cant see ****. still too dark. I have to crank it to 75% to be ok at least. I heard there are mods/roms/ tweaks that's can increase the brightness of the screen. is it true ? if so where I can find it ?

2- I hear some weird buzzing sound or lets say the sound is not very clear during calls. specially when Its ringing to the other person. I this normal ?

the phone is still under warranty. 6 months used only. he told me its been like this since day one and I believe him

your help on this will of course get a thanks from me.


Mar 6, 2015
Seems like a good deal. I have a Z2 now. I don't have any issues with brightness though; I leave brightness on automatic. I also don't have any problems with call quality.

Problems I do experience with this phone on a daily basis is that it doesn't register my tap-to-unlock the screen alot of times. And I have problems where the phone doesn't register when earphones are plugged in, but that's really uncommon.

For $50 more it looks like a good deal. But what's your budget? You might be able to get a brand new One Plus One which has a better battery and bigger screen.


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Apr 19, 2015
Definitely go for it, and just keep the screen brightness maxed with the auto setting. I haven't noticed a significant battery life difference with it.
Also as far as call quality goes, sift through some of the noise cancellation settings and/or the slow talk one, I had to do that at first and now call quality is acceptable (I say acceptable because I make maybe 2 calls a week so I don't have much to go on)