Z1 Update to 14.2.A.1.136

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Aug 27, 2012


Xperiaguide removed link to that news, maybe it's false alarm.

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Aug 27, 2012
Yes I removed the link becuase it was a false alarm...actually i was just saving it as a draft but by mistake it got published.

Apologies...no official notification yet here in Indian

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That's your web?

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May 29, 2011
It is an official build. It rolled out for only this customization (BAL). I don't what country it is (and I don't mind) ... it is for C6903. (nothing for C6902 yet).

I hope we can try this one to see what has been fixed and added. I'm really hoping for an update to see if what the Sony mod mentioned is true, that the upcoming update will fix the touchscreen issue.


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Jul 31, 2012
The author of this thread said he will create an ftf this evening. Just be a little patient! 6-7 hours won't make the difference now will it ;)

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Jul 1, 2010
The .ftf can be flashed only on C6903?? What about others countries and variants, like the C6943 (brazil version)? Someone know something?
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    Here you are:

    C6903_14.2.A.1.136_Generic BAL.ftf - 847.9 MB

    Sorry for the long time to wait!
    The Customized BAL has the 14.2.A.1.136 available.

    I cannot download it at the moment (I'm at the office) :)

    Will create the FTF this evening (French time) unless someone else can bundle it till then.

    EDIT : Here is the link to the bundle.
    @brapicoco, @kantk20111, @nalab1, @feddexx69, @artpra and @eclyptos

    I feel and hear your pain, but if one has issues and the other has none or sees them solved with an update while having them in a previous release, it is exactly why Sony is unable to fix them beforehand ...

    It would mean the Sony test team will have to:
    A: own every single BT device imaginable, including the car stereo's,
    B: have eon's to test them all in ALL possible use scenarios and
    C: retest everything which get 'solved' by the developers in the mean time, which takes us back to point B;

    When will the update ever be released then? In a few months? Or would that take more then a year? Oh hold on... in the mean time Google released Android 4.5, 4.6 and 5.0 ... Will it make sense to finish what is already outdated or will you restart all that work to rebase on the latest? If you do ... then the test team will have to start at A again ... oh wait ... Android 10 got released, rebase again?

    Would ANYTHING get released at all that way?? Not all issues are Sony's fault... yet they try to fix them anyway... but all these fixes will have to be re-evaluated with every rebase on the next Android version... which in turn possibly introduces yet more issues.

    The test team is there to make sure the device is doing what it is supposed to do: work in daily life with a general use scenario. From there on the other issues will get solved with incremental updates.

    Don't forget Google introduced a new BT stack in 4.3, introducing the support for low power devices and much much more...

    IF Sony would have fixed all the issues in 4.2.x (and I am not saying they did) they will most certainly have been undone by the update to the 4.3 code base.

    It's IMPOSSIBLE to have something 100% bug free within an acceptable term for development and testing AND stay on track with the latest version of the base OS.

    Have the cake and eat it?
    they mentioned that they will have a fix on the next official update. Fingers crossed. I think they just said that to shut the mouths of all those people who are complaining. Issue is there and they just keep silent and just mask it.

    Here it is: h t t p ://talk.sonymobile.com/t5/Xperia-Z1/xperia-z1-touchscreen-problems/m-p/518847#M13448
    You are right, it clearly says "next".
    But, as I can see that it isn`t solved with 14.2.A.1.136, is it "next after new" or "next to never"...

    Oh boy, here we go again...

    Stop bashing Sony guys... seriously. The update regime they have on their firmwares is just about perfection, here is why:

    Every development iteration will fix some bugs and sometimes introduces new bugs because of poor testing of the applied fixes. They have to stop the development phase at some point and then hand the release to the test team to see if it is acceptable enough for release. Between the start of development and handover from devs to testers to be tested is a set time frame, there is a name for it: The 3D Method (Deadline Driven Development).

    I'm not saying it's the best way to do it but it also allows for something the Xperia Community was craving for back in 2011 and prior to that... frequent updates!

    The 2011 line had 3 updates in total, from which the update to ICS was the last one, which actually introduced more bugs then they ever fixed in the GB ROM updates...

    I'd rather have this and have some bugs fixed every month, opposed to an update once or twice a year... this way they will get the chance to fix whatever bugs get introduced with every update too and because of the way Sony 'sonyfies' Android, updating to 4.3 and eventually 4.4 is much easier for them with the monthly updates to prepare the devices for the bigger steps up...

    Yes, bugs are annoying... but give them some time to fix them all and be happy that they at least solved some bugs instead of sitting on all of the fixes for a year to get a 'perfect' release.
    As soon as I download it I can get mirrors on MEGA.
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