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[Z2] Unofficial LineageOS 14.1

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Senior Member
Mar 2, 2015
I'll try following this guide. Should I upgrade to 1.7 or 1.76? I'm American if that matters.
1.70 is Chinese and 1.76 is Indian. Either of them will do just fine.
But I will recommend you to flash zui 1.9 via qfil and then 3.5.243 with qfil again and then unlock bootloader and install custom rom. Doing this will update baseband to oreo 1.70.
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Apr 15, 2015
Hello guys, did anyone successfully installed adaway on this rom?

I tried everything, literally, Magisk, SuperSU, systemless, Xposed with adblock modules etc

It seems to work in the beginning but comes back again

This rom is awesome, went back from Oreo roms, forgot how good performance can be :)

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    *  You flash this ROM at your own risk and responsibility.
    *  This ROM is provided without ANY WARRANTY WHATSOEVER, not even the warranty that it works.
    *  None of the developers of this ROM will be held accountable for any damages, complaints or thermonuclear war.


    This is LineageOS 14.1 for our ZUK Z2 (z2_plus, z2131, z2132).

    This ROM is mainly an adaptation of fedor917 and davidevinavil's superb work on this device. My sources are continuously being updated to their changes and improved to better work for LineageOS.

    • LineageOS 14.1 with Android 7.1.1, including all features from LineageOS.
    • Always updated to the latest upstream sources and security patches
    • Clean builds without any additional bloatware
    • Updated every 1/2 weeks

    • Unlocked bootloader
    • Latest TWRP (Link)
    • Reading this whole post. If you don't read the post, it's important that you read at least the FAQ. If you don't read it and then ask stupid questions, I reserve my right to make fun of you.
    • Your Z2 and your brains :D

    Installation instructions
    1. Wipe system, cache and dalvik
    2. If not flashing over a LineageOS 14.1 build, wipe data
    3. Flash the ROM
    4. Flash root if you want (Link)
    5. Flash GAPPS if wanted (Link, select arm64, android 7.1)
    6. Reboot


    You can always find the changelog at the device wiki.




    Thanks to Fedor, Davide and all other contributors!


    I'm doing this in my free time and to use myself. Furthermore, both davidenavil and fedor917 have done much, much more work than I to make this ROM possible. If you're feeling like donating you should donate to them first.

    If after reading this you still want to donate to me, here's a link:

    Note that by donating you are confirming that you're not paying for any service whatsoever, but freely giving away your money without any warranty or right to refund. I take donations as a form of saying thanks, not as payment for my work or the works of others.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    LineageOS 14.1 for ZUK Z2, ROM for the Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro

    varotone, davidevinavil, fedor917, many others
    Source Code: [url]https://github.com/ontherunvaro/android_device_zuk_z2_plus[/URL]

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

    Version Information
    Status: Nightly

    Created 2017-02-11
    Last Updated 2017-10-15

    Because of real-life reasons, at the end of this month/beginning of October I will stop giving support to this ROM. This will also mean the OTA server will be taken down.

    I am sorry for the disappointment to users, and those who have collaborated in development, but I cannot mantain it properly for probably at least half a year and it would be irresponsible to keep development, both for me and you users. I may return in the future but I cannot say for sure.

    I want to thank you all for your support and help, be it appreciative comments, donations, issues, pull requests or other. It has been an amazing experience over the 6 months I have been publishing my builds.

    In the following weeks before support is discontinued, I plan to release one or two final builds in which I will try to get most important stuff fixed, so as to provide an stable build for whichever users decide to continue using LOS. Keep watching this thread for them because as I said before, they won't be available via OTA. I will let you know which build is the last, and I will change this thread's title to "DISCONTINUED".

    At the same time, this is also a call for devs who may be qualified to continue development of this ROM, and willing to do it, to step up and take over. If you already are an Android ROM developer and are interested, please PM me, here or on Telegram.
    New release uploaded.
    This is my last release for now. Farewell and thank you all!
    Surprise release!

    Note: I'm not back to development, just a one-time build to get up to date with Cosme's work and security patches. The ROM is still discontinued.