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[Z3с-ROM][LB/UB][5.1-264]G-ui MrSL-Ultimate


New member
Mar 11, 2013
=============G-ui V1. 0=============
☆ Based on official 5.11 23.4. A. 1. 264 production
☆ Modest streamlining
☆ Firmware in China culture
☆ ext4 optimization
☆ sqlite optimization
☆ Combined odex
☆ Add ROOT authority
☆ Add Busybox
☆ Combined odex
☆ To override the system signature.
☆ Add Xperia X Set Wallpaper
☆ Add Xperia X Camera animation
☆ To remove Status column wifi exclamation point.
☆ Add frequently used software (such as RE management arms)
☆ Sony calendar, calendar
☆ Add call recording.
☆ Updating of the Sony Music official version
☆ Update Sony weather 1. 1. A. 0. 11 transparent plug version
☆ To modify calendar layout
☆ Layout uniformity
☆ AROMA brush machine language support simplified, and English
☆ Modify music name and logo Walkman (follow-up from the installation of more new music version of the same are as Walkman) is
☆ New lock screen end column icon theme to change color
☆ To remove the lock screen Status column in the upper right corner of the notification icon that shows
☆ Re-wrote the battery within percentage of smali code.
☆ New lock screen operators self-defined Options (Set--personalized--System User Interface setting-the State column, high level design).
☆ New lock screen, network speed monitor self-defined Options (Set--personalized--System User Interface setting-the State column, high level design).
☆ New phone background support
☆ Modification pop-up Windows are round, large and small
☆ Update Z5 of image enhancement
☆ Add 4K video camera
☆ Navigation column to add the power button can be self-defined switches.
☆ Reduced Status column height
☆ Add a screen notice Delete button.

========Self-defined function changes
☆ Status column added to custom operators (set-of personalized-the State column, high level design).
☆ Status column, add the network speed shows (placement of character-State column, high level design).
☆ Status column to add return, Home, lock screen, Virtual key.
☆ Add a navigation column to their definitions of high (set--personalized--navigation column, high level design).
☆ Add a left or right slide navigation column lock-screen (for set--personalized--navigation column, high level design).
☆ Add applications to operate, can control the starting and launching of projects (establishment-a personality)
=========Press, the right choice.
☆ Add X framework (brush can)
☆ Add transparent weather (brush can)
☆ Add power menu options: flight mode, lock screen, sound panels, (the brush can separate election).
☆ Add the call answer vibration (in press, the May election).
☆ Add Status column to change color, the frosted background modules (brush can)

============Attention matters============
☆ Use open matte background theme, if the replacement of a Wallpaper, please trim standard size, or open a frosted background, the app will FC (in 1080p Wallpaper size 2160x1920, the 720p Wallpaper. size of 1440x1280) for
☆ Use open matte background theme, don't often changes to the navigation column height, copy open a frosted background, the app will FC, the second is open to normal
☆ Closed column virtual key and the navigation column, power button, set--personalized--System User Interface setting-the State column, high-level set, (the option of showing shut down and the default open, closed, open it, close it.)
☆Navigation column height adjustment, set--personalized--system ui setting--navigation column of advanced settings.
☆Battery external percentage showed that establishment-and personalized-the system ui setting--battery percentage
☆ All the Add functions are in the set--personalized--system ui set (for example, X framework, X-framework, module, phone, vibration, Status column, the high-level design).​

XDA:DevDB Information
[Z3с-ROM][LB/UB][5.1-264]G-ui MrSL-Ultimate, ROM for the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

enzelado, niaboc79,Mr.SLC
Source Code: http://bbs.gfan.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=8259464

ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2016-03-13
Last Updated 2016-03-13


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