Z4 RK3368 Android LP5.1/MM6 Octa Core 64bit 2/16gb TV Box

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Oct 18, 2016
in short, all the promises made by the developers are all words in the wind.
This box must die with android 5 :(
in any case I found this online store .... the z4 here is with android 9 .... is anyone able to investigate?
It would be a real turning point for our box! ;)

I do think that they have just put there own os on top of normal Android 5.1! Even though it states 9.1? I can't see how they have made this happen, if it's actually official. It would be great if we had the updated Rom for Android 9.1? Just to see if it's legit.
If you notice, they also state that modified firmware blah blah stuff:

Product Notes:
The Android OS version on this device cannot be upgraded or flashed and any attempts to modify the default OS will void the warranty. As a wholesaler, EstoreChina provides no software support, advice, or training regarding the Android operating system and software.
This product comes with premium warranty service. This means that faulty items can be returned for for a new device with shipping costs covered by EstoreChina. For more information: httpx://support.estorechina.com/index.php /Knowledgebase/Article/View/576/18/premium-warranty

So if the 9.1 fw was available, to flash it would be extremely welcome, but sadly, I'm not holding my breath?

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    hi! Try new firmware for android z4 6.0.1 https://yadi.sk/d/g8f6Y6EKsPUgA
    only for test
    After months of searching and traying I finally found solution for DD and DTS in "Kodi" by HDMI Bitrate and DTS HD-Master and Dolby True HD in MXPlayer :):):)
    1. You have to install "Z4_UGOOS_MOD_V1.5" firmware made by @Yablar.
    2. Change in audio settings to HDMI Bitrate.
    3. Delete default Kodi version.
    4. Install "ugoos_kodi_20160620.apk" from ugoos oficial page.
    5. In ugoos kodi SYSTEM settings (expert) choose transfer to output device on (or something similar) and all settings DD,DTS... to on. Don't turn on DSP.
    6. In Video settings you have to turn off "Accelerate RKCodec" in "RKMC" tab because if is ON the video is not playing fluently.

    Thats all. Have a nice day/night :)
    Ok so which is the latest Rom i would like to try the tru octa core rom as this does sound pretty good, but would like the updated version. Like i said, i have so many different versions downloaded to different devices and places, im a little lost tbh. And you mention using flash tool, is this the software with the big red button or the other software I used the other one with the colour pics, i edited the txt file for English language, so i could follow it.

    go to freaktab forum and under rk3368 find the true octocore thread theres two go into the latest one at the top and theres full instructions and links for download.
    Nvidia Shield has had hardware problems, from tablet to TV version, besides being more than double the price. Also just quad-core. Dont know whether App storage space is large unified or not.

    12/22 firmware. Unified 16gb App storage. More available with microsd card. Fully functional Kodi with channels, etc. 4k HEVC x265 movies. Youtube 1080p.

    Easiest method to update rom is to put extracted update.img from zip file
    on a sdcard / usb and boot. After about a minute into the Android desktop, system will ask for update prompt. Only applicable to system still with default recovery.

    If you have some stability issues or with different recovery, you can backup your apps / data with Titanium etc. and then use above Factory tool restore new rom.

    These roms usually come with their own recovery, but some modded ones with TWRP/full root, supersu and all. But you dont really need them.