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Z5 Marshmallow update

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    Love reading this thread. Always makes me laugh

    Sent from my Xperia Z5 using XDA Labs

    This thread represents the community to date.
    Every year the same crying, and every year things get worse.

    The XDA community is a shame. Nobody cares if this is your last Sony phone, if you regret your purchase, etc. XDA is not a place to cry, but to work together as a real community to improve things regardless of the current situation.
    I am tired of coming here to see if there are some news about the MM release, and read all that stupid camera posts.
    If the disrespectful attitudes found in some of the previous posts continue, I will close this thread until the update is released.

    Also this is a discussion thread, not a complain and whine thread.
    If you do not like how sony handles it's devices then please use the appropriate sony Web site to let them know.
    XDA is a developer site not a complaint site.

    I do not care what you are discussing as long as it is related to the device in some way and stays polite.

    I do care about you posting rudely and disrespectfuly.
    There will be no more telling members to stop posting or to stay away or use of swearing.

    While we allow discussion threads, they must stay on the topic of the device or they will be closed, possibly even permanently.

    Please read the XDA RULES again.
    Then if anyone has a problem with posting in a polite manner please just PM me all of your rude and disrespectful thoughts and I will be sure to put them and you in the proper place.


    My apologies for the interruption.
    Have a nice day,

    First impression :

    - UI is still the same, nothing changed
    - Contacts pictures now displaying correctly with different dpi
    -Very fast animation and app switching, feels much smoother than Lollipop at 320 dpi
    - Cannot see discharge rate with AIDA64 anymore
    - Brightness issue fixed
    - Dialer has a new layout and pictures are centered
    - Camera interface looks almost the same ... ?
    - Fingerprint now much better and unlocking almost everytime
    - No heat whatsoever and battery still doing well, actually looks a bit better but need to confirm
    - Again much faster and smoother !!!!! and I have 81 apps installed
    -Do not disturb option
    - SD card not combined with internal memory whatsoever
    - Version 6.0
    Since we're getting closer, I made a site to check Sony's servers for updates: http://fwchecker.com/