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Z5P Dual E6883 Kernels


New member
Oct 9, 2013
I have been trying to setup my phone with a fresh install of marshmallow and have been having significant issues, and was hoping someone could point out what I'm doing correctly.

I attempted to move from an old install of 32.1.A.1.163 to Android 7, which I have working, but realized xposed is not available and am attempting to downgrade and do a fresh install again to get magisk working.

I have downloaded the firmwares to 32.1.A.1.163, 32.2.A.0.224, and 32.2.A.0.253, as well as matching kernels. I've attempted the majority of the marshmallow kernels on the android development side for E6883, matching them with their firmware as best I could(primarily the permissive rootable MM on .163, aurkernel on .224, and 32.2.A.0.253 kernel).

The firmware installs work correctly, boots perfectly several times, it's installing the kernel that fails. I am flashing it through adb fastboot or flashtool(tried both).

Kernels typically do one of two things:
1) Boot to Android is starting, then freezes, red LED flashes, and bootloops
2) Boots once perfectly if I install the kernel at the same time as firmware, then does #1 when I restart

Clearing the dalvik cache does not seem to help android start.

If anyone has any tips, help, or even an alternative kernel I could try I would be much obliged! My aim is to get a standard magiskSU/TWRP/Magisk Xposed build running.
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New member
Dec 26, 2014
When you flash firmware using flashtool via flash mode, in the window where you select which firmware for flashing along with image checkboxes, can you make sure that all necessary checkboxes are selected that it wipes basically every partition that the flashtool is capable of wiping and re-flashing them?