zachattack052 & xillius200's MT3G Slide port (1.3) "Im back"

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Jan 25, 2010
Everyone has been hyped up for the new mytouch slide port.. well xillius, and my self are happy to give it to you. even though this is in beta, it is decent in speed, and is pretty stable.. but to be honest it hasn't met my standards yet.. lets see what we can do about that.

- danger spl!!
- swap
- any ext partition
- wipe between each update

- browser is crashing

What we are going to do in the near feature
- add spareparts
- fix all of the bugs
- make it fly, like a jet (like all of our Roms 0o)

warning as any other dev i am not responsible for anything that happens to your device

- make a high swap
- ext 2 or 3
- get a task manager (preferably taskiller)
- Wipe!!!!!!!!!!

- everything the slide includes
- a theme selector
- stock theme
- stock apps
- SuperUser
- Camera
- Wifi Tether
- Usb tether
- Swype
- Kings Kernel #8
- astro
- MountUSB

- thanks to domenuk for helping me and xillius make this happen with your porting skilz lmao, (but seriously couldn't do it with out you)
- thanks to firerat and everyone else that helped successfully port this
- thank you @nickstewartg1 who helped a lot
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Jan 25, 2010
Market fix-

change log

- tremendous speed bump
- new defualt wallpaper
- lots done to theme
- slightly more stable

ZX Slide 1.2
-Remember to WIPE WIPE WIPE!!!!
-Camera(Shows black and white preview, but really is in color)(Camcorder seems to record but comes as blank vid on phone and computer set as mp4 or h23 something)
-Call should be fixed(works for me)
-Use my market fix if you dont restore your settings, but ONLY after you log into the rom
+Confirmed working Fix if you don't restore settings, again after you log in, then reboot and flash
-Wifi Tether
-Usb tether
-Kings Kernel #8
-New LockScreen and Background(not freaky bird things)
-Bootsound(sorry forgot to take it out)
-Cleaned some stuff up
-No HeroLED(Sorry guys, its easy to just go download it and make sure the market works)

- wifi
- market
- slide boot animation
- camera
(special thanks to @nickstewartg1)

- more of a bug fix relece
- fixed the market
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Jul 27, 2009
This rom is pretty quick for a first release...its goin to be fire after this gets a little bit of love :)
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