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Zenfone 3 deluxe (ZS570KL, 5.7") stuck on bootloop until batery is drained.

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New member
Mar 24, 2020
Hey, my zenfone 3 deluxe would freeze and go into a bootloop for some minutes, until booting normally again. Sadly, recently he went on a permanent bootloop. I can't even turn it off, it only stops until the bactery is completely drained. The max I can do is booting into fastboot mode (in fastboot mode I can't do anything, but it does not reboot), and "turn it off" (if i press power, volume up, and volume down buttons at the same time the phone stops bootlooping and the screen goes black. But in reality it is not turned off! Because the bactery drains anyways. Some hours later it shows the phone ran out of bactery). The phone is still in warranty, but the store where I bought it is asking for 112€ because my back camera is "broken" (literally has a scratch and works normally; biggest scam of my life). I'm still willing to pay the 112€. The thing is, i'm afraid this issue might happen again eventually, after being repaired. I tried to flash it (followed a tutorial in this forum) but I failed. I was afraid to go any deeper because I knew the warranty would end if i did so. So im asking now: Should I pay the 112€ and get a long term solution when my phone is able to boot normally again, or is this issue easily solvable and i'm just dumb (aka don't get scammed)? Or, perhaps, will this issue be permanently fixed when it comes from warranty (I've seen many people saying that they experience the same issue some months after their phones are repaired)?


Senior Member
Jul 17, 2011
I believe this is a common problem with these phones. Same thing happened to me and I'm pretty sure I recall reading other posts about the same problem. I'm led to believe this is engineered obsolescence but other than the few posts I've read and my own experience, I've no proof.

If the payment is to repair the phone or to replace it with the same model is advise against it.