ZLink function on Joying unit (android auto & car-play) on every px5 radio, possible?

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    Buy the dongle, plug in and go.... It is not software only.

    Joying have simply integrated the dongle into their head units. Anticipate HCT based MTCD units have this build in soon, as can be seen in factory settings to enable it.
    No, it's a software service only, functioning in a way similar to easyconnect's adb_ec service. Check the px5 joying ROM, you can easily extract it. It's several system services along with some binaries that interact with the devices, iOS or Android, and the zlink apk.

    The zlink dongles just make it so you don't need root and rw access on the unit. Unfortunately it's ARM only, otherwise I would include it with the Intel custom ROM. I'm sure someone will rip it out and stick it into the malaysk rom or whatever.

    In essence, no additional hardware required. Which is probably why you need a license key for it (I have not personally used or tested yet)
    From above posts is there consensus?
    It seems it is looking for the USB device "no MFI is found"

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    Guys. Why don't you just install Headunit Reloaded form play store and then after that the latest beta from XDA app store? It's very cheap app I think 5 GBP and works flawlessly both wired and wireless. Don't bother with zlink headunit Reloaded is much much better
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