ZTE Blade A452 Loop at rebooting no recovery no fastboot. HELP

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Apr 9, 2016
Hello, I have rooted with kingroot topic titled phone. Last time decided to reboot it because it has become slower. So I pressed power button and rebooted. Phone stuck after this on logo (in Poland it's gsm dialer(?) Plus gsm logo and black screen with again and again rebooting). Over month working on phone after root without problem. Now with combination of vol+/- and pwr button I still can't get into rec options, chargin to 100% battery didn't help. After usb connection I can only hear connection and disconnection sound in windows because it keep on rebooting. I can't take battery out it's non-removable. Worse, load out - same no effect and it's 4000mah battery so even on rebooting it's over day and night if not more to load out it. In windows it's visible as MT65xx preload driver Vcom but as I know it's 6735P based mediatek. ADB and else like getting through fastboot isn't possible. Any Ideas please? Thanks, if anyone will be able to help...even for trying I will be thankfull.