ZTE Blade A475 and maybe others, low headphone aux output volume Fix

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May 8, 2013
Hi, I have recently bought a Zte blade a475 and everything is fine except for one thing and that thing is the very very low volume coming from the output jack when you connect an external device like a car stereo for example, but if i connect the headset everything is fine so i knew something weird was happening there so i decided to find out the problem.
when i connect the phone to an external speaker and press play in the music app i can hear a weird sound like a "plop" just before the music starts and then the volume goes down to almost 0, but when i connect the headset (headphones and mic) everything its fine and no "plop" sound so i realize that must be a software problem.
Also if you connect the aux cable just the half of the connector it detects the cable as a headset then insert the connector all the way down and everything plays just fine with no "plop" sound before the music starts but is annoying to do that all the time so heres the solution.

This may work in other zte or chinese phones.

1.- Go to enginer mode: to do that dial *#*#3646633#*#* then go to hardware testing, select audio, select Headset Mode
In type go to media and Set the Max Vol. 0~160 to 104 and set

thats all !!!
Tell me if it works for you :D


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Feb 18, 2018
Thanks Heaps

My A475 is doing this same thing when my volume is set at full, this fixed the problem.

If you're interested in a ported TWRP for the A475 MT6735P variety, theirs one on needrom.com
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