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Zte blade a7 2019 not getting into recovery mode

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New member
Nov 6, 2019
Hello i am trying to root my 1year old heavy used phone . I am Stuck at the very first step.
Also it should be mentioned that it got a little bit wet by rain someday and then the volume down button was stuck (not mechanicly) it forced the volume setting to zero and had no sound.
I soft reset it . Than no change. had a hard time getting into recovery but i finally got there somehow i dont remember how.
Then hard reset it.No change....
After one day the volume key fixed itself and everything is working fine.

now after one month i was curious if i could root it. But i am not able to get into bootloader state.
I tried everything.
Debug options and oem bootloader unlock switch enabled, usb debugging enabled.
Usb adb says no permission (serial n visible)

Entering Recovery mode at power off state by

Pressing vol up and power button gets normal boot everytime but much faster logo visible at about 3sec.

pressing power + vol down = it takes 25sec
Booting normal .. and the same happens when pressing both vol keys.

I am releasing the keys at zte logo visible everytime

Something was strange : one time when i was trying something it bootlooped 3 times and then it was safe mode.

could there something in the volume button be broken? but the button work fine. I dont know.
Thanks for reading


New member
Nov 6, 2019
ok the permissions was a linux issue(start the adb-daemon with su), i can use adb now on this phone,
i can boot it in recovery now, but cant boot into bootloader

adb reboot bootloader leads to normal boot
in recovery, the reboot into bootloader option also normal boot