ZTE Blade A7 Prime bluetooth connection problem and workaround

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Nov 24, 2011
This is one description of the problem:
When attempting to connect bluetooth headphones to the ZTE Blade A7 Prime the phone shows connecting, disconnecting, repeat, feel frustrated, restart both devices, try again, issue continues then a message will pop up. "'Bluetooth' often exits due to an exception. It is suggested to uninstall it. Continue anyway?" and if I press ok it takes me the app info for Bluetooth with an option to "force stop" and the frustration starts all over again, disconnects, reconnects, repeat

This workaround worked for me:

After I had tried to connect and encountered the repeating disconnect and message about exception, I powered my Hearphones off to stop the cycle. My device (Bose Hearphones) was present in the list of bluetooth "previously connected devices". I clicked on the wheel on that line in the list to go to "device details". There I toggled "phone calls" Off, to the left. Then turned my Hearphones on and they connected to the phone (and if your device doesn't connect automatically you can click on Connect). After the connection was established I toggled "Phone calls" back on and the connection remained.

After this connection succeeded I could disconnect and reconnect my Hearphones with no problems.
However, after I rebooted the phone I needed to perform this sequence again to get a stable connection.

I am quoting from https://community.zteusa.com/discussion/55257/bluetooth-connectivity-issues. That forum is shutting down end of June 2020 and ZTE "support" moving to Facebook which means previous content would be lost.