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ZTE blade a7 prime on at&t service

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Senior Member
Jun 2, 2011
i just got this phone from visible, of course it comes unlocked but it only has some of the bands needed for lte service on att. i was curious if anyone has tried this phone on att and tell me how good lte is with just a few of the bands


May 23, 2019
Google camera for zte blade a7 prime

Even I got this phone through visible, but was wondering if gcam can be installed in this?


Senior Member
Nov 22, 2010
quote from sd

To whomever is trying to configure the ZTE Blade A7 to work voice/text, use a network app like "Mobile Network Mode" to force it to select different type of network.

1. Go to the app, select "Force Mode"
2. Set Preferred Network Type: either "GSM Auto" or "LTE/UMTS auto"

This should enable you to make voice call or text both incoming & outgoing.

I had success doing this for my CricketWireless. When doing voice call, it switches to 3G mode.

You must setup your regular APN to have 4G LTE enabled.


Senior Member
Jan 1, 2013
New Haven
I have mine on T-Mobile and it works perfectly after popping in a different SIM to add the TMOB APN.

But it wouldn't make a great DD, because while TMOB Band 4 support is fine where I am, I know from experience that it's pretty spotty elsewhere.