ZTE Blade V9 Guide for unlocking

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May 25, 2019
Translated my instruction to English.
Recovery Mode: "+" volume and power.
FTM Mode: "-" volume and power
DFU Mode: All 3 phone keys
emmcdl, adb, fastboot
configure tools:
reboot to DFU
edit params.cmd
check DFU port, save
run 1 exitDFU.bat
check EDL port, save, close.
another option to get into edl is:
adb reboot edl
Since we are doing manipulations with the device's memory, we need to back up all the data first.
To backup nvram
in normal booting device in phone app type *983*673636# (popups Emode enable)
Than reboot into FTM, config QPST Configuration to COM port from Device Manager.
In program launch Start Clients -> Software Download, than to tab backup, choose file and save
To backup data from flash
reboot device to EDL
run 3 readselparts.bat
Need backup
Turn device to EDL
run 4 makerawprograms_backup.bat
run 7 writerawprogram0(backup).bat
Turn device to EDL mode
check the targetparts.txt = aboot
place serv_aboot/aboot.bin to target folder
run 5 make...bat
run 6 write...bat
reboot device
open terminal in adb folder
adb reboot recovery
in recovery select reboot to bootloader
fastboot oem unlock
on device select yes
wait for wiping data
adb reboot edl
place backup/aboot.bin to target
run 6 write....bat
Unlock the bootloader first
place twrp/recovery.bin to target folder
reboot device to EDL
check the targetparts.txt consists only recovery word
run 5 make.....bat
run 6 write......bat
thats is
You can lunch any rom from GSI ARM64-A
After install ROM in twrp needs to check filesystem:
Wipe->Advenced Wipe-> system->Repair or change file system->Repair File System and Resize File System