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Jan 4, 2009
Eagan, MN
Just in case anyone was wondering, the Zune client has been updated to 4.7. I don't see any live download links, looks like you need to already have the Zune software installed, and it'll auto-check for updates.

Some nice changes, and the Marketplace for Windows Phone 7 is also live so you can take a look at some of the apps currently available. This just gets me real excited.

That being said, anyone wonder why the Marketplace would be open when no devices are even available. I wonder if devices will be available sooner than we think...

Update: It looks like apps keep getting added and added as time moves on. There were only a handful of apps 10 minutes ago, and now there are a bunch more.

Update 2: Download link! The FULL Zune Client 4.7 package.
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Aug 29, 2009
Wow, good discovery. Updating now.
edit: Whats strange is a lot of the apps are already reviewed. I dont get it o.o
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May 8, 2005
Does anyone have any word on how the Zune software will check it's location? I have a US Zune Pass for my Zune 80 but I'm currently living in the Netherlands (the pass is run on my American bank account). To get the Zune marketplace to show on my desktop I had to set my computer location in Windows to US.

Now the big question is: will a WP7 phone just believe my american hotmail or will it do some nasty IP checks or SIM code checks? I would love to have my Zune account directly connected to my phone, so I'm guessing this will be the deal breaker for me.


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Apr 28, 2010
No worries, there are still testing...think about the Netflix, IMDB, Ebay, twitter apps, they are all announced and not there. I think we will see much more 21st ongoing...


Oct 2, 2008
Melbourne, Australia
Um, I've had Zune 4.7 for a week now (or more..?).. I just clicked the update button and it did it for me.. so don't know what all the fuss is about. There was about 200 apps when I checked about 4/5 days ago, and as of last count they have 409 apps. Which certainly beats the Zune HD count of like 30 in over 1 year lol.

A few of the app's aren't displaying their picture which is annoying, but it will get there. With 4/5 days left till the launch, I'm not sure if they will get to 2000, but they most certainly are doing a decent job of going about it so far.

Some of the app's look pretty useless, and might never get used, but the xbox live games look GREAT. Can't wait to test this out in a week.

Lack of gaming apps does bother me a bit though.

EDIT: I don't know why but the Zune Software seems a bit sluggish to me now.. it can't be my computer.. its an Alienware so it's fast. Don't know why it lags at times.. it used to be speedy.
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