12s ultra

  1. NOSS8

    Thread General 📌 [Shared] TWRP by skkk

    A12/A13 ----------------------- BOOT VERSION Installation: Phone in fastboot mode Cmd: fastboot boot twrp.img Power shell ./fastboot boot twrp.img then in Twrp go to Advanced -> flash current TWRP...
  2. Nabicook

    Thread How To Guide [Root] Xiaomi 12S Ultra Netflix L1 FHD HDR10 Tweak

    ok, so I finally figured out how to do this all. sorry the screen shots are in Korean, I'm too lazy to go back and change the language but you can still see the important stuff, like the device name, DRM L1, resolution FHD, and HDR 10 support. Basically, you add build prop value so that the...
  3. C

    Thread How To Guide Update to 13.0.7 if OTA is not available on your device

    Some of us got a OTA update to version 13.0.7, but some other don't.. If you don't see the update available you can proceed with the package update method. 1 - You can now download the V13.0.7.0.SLACNXM package on your device from this link...
  4. Nabicook

    Thread How To Guide Xiaomi 12S Ultra TWRP(unofficial)

    12S Ultra unofficial TWRP - link MEGA Credit - UnofficialTWRP They released TWRP under 12S Pro, but the code name is Thor which stands for 12S Ultra, and after flashing, I do confirm this is for 12S Ultra. now they have a proper 12S Ultra section! Download the image and rename as recovery.img...
  5. Nabicook

    Thread How To Guide Unlocking and Rooting Xiaomi 12S Ultra (Twrp/Magisk)

    A very well known disclaimer : your warranty is void after doing this. And I am not responsible for any damage caused on your device. It's all on you. Make sure to have your google play store apk downloaded somewhere. Unlocking the bootloader will wipe all data AND your play store. but you...
  6. D

    Thread Question Playstore and Global release

    This device looks great. Do you guys know if this will be launched with the Playstore in China or will this have a Global release in the near future? I couldn't find the ROM for this device in MIUI forms, do you guys know if and when the ROM will be released so that we can get Root for this device?