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  1. Mohitash

    Thread [Magisk] 60x Zoom on OOS 11 and Macro already Enabled

    At first Thanks to @Arden144 for this idea in OOS 10 This was not hard. Just a simple search and find This Magisk Module will give your OP7P Camera on OOS11 with 60x Maximum Digital Zoom in Photo Mode Macro mode is already enabled in OOS 11 (That's my assumption when i was searching around in...
  2. K

    Thread Which cell is just as good as the 20x mate?

    What After adding to Huawei blacklist Trump that big screen cell phone would be good to buy. I love my 20x mate but let's be honest this will affect a lot to Huawei and q out your operating system and my OS) or is apps that has Google market are going to happen years it is possible that the...