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  1. K

    Thread Upgrade to any possible new Android/ROM version

    First of all, i hope I'm not the only one in this forum! I just found my old cellphone and want to get most of it, and good to mention now, there is almost noway to use any application because this is an old Android rooted version. I even not able to use my google account to get google play! I...
  2. S

    Thread Link to Unrevoked3 v3.32

    Does anyone have a link to a download mirror for the latest version of Unrevoked? Also for the Unrevoked modified USB driver? The links posted in the One Click rooting guide are inactive. I'm trying to root an HTC Desire I bought for my daughter. Installed 2.3.3 stock but the 'low on space'...
  3. J

    Thread [NANDROID] Original P500 2.3.3 v20a

    Hey!! I searched in the forum, didn't found any post with this... This is the STOCK 2.3.3 ROM from P500, all clean, NANDROID backup. ROM debranded, from Brazil. It was helpful some times to me, so I hope to help someone =) http://www.4shared.com/rar/mBTeXH-vce/nandroid-v20a-stockrom.html
  4. J

    Thread search key as play-pause key

    hi all.... i have done my very first mod for our optimus one. I did some research so i understood how to remap phisical buttons on our android device. One of the most important functions that my phone does for me is playing music, and i love dedicated media buttons. Cyanogenmod is an example...
  5. D

    Thread Google Talk Video ALT for Play 2.3.4

    Hi all, I've been looking for an alternative to GTALK since 2.3.4 completely destroyed it making me a sad panda. Some family recently got a tablet and I'd love to chat face to face via GTALK. VTOK won't connect between my Xperia and their tablet (just sits on "connecting" or ringing). Are...
  6. THeLogiC

    Thread [Completed]X10 Stock Firmware Collection

    These are only official stock firmwares from SE not for custom roms like cm,miui etc For download links refer to post no. 2 and post no. 3 These are .zip or .rar files. Unzip these files using winrar,winzip,7zip etc to get the ftf file. Choose the mirror which works best for you :) Mostly...
  7. LordRevan

    Thread [Q] ICS for my Galaxy Tab

    Hi all, I own a Galaxy Tab P1000 bought in UK and not sim locked. I bought it in Carphone Warehouse. Now I wonder if I can install ICS on my Tab. I know nothing about kernels in general so please do not come up with install this kernel, that kernel. I have a stock 2.3.3 ROM updated via Kies...
  8. screamwork

    Thread [Q] What's more stable? 2.3.3 or 2.3.4?

    Hi all I've found out that 2.3.3 is more stable and faster than the 2.3.5 in my I9001 (PLUS) But i have another phone (I9000) and i don't know what's more stable for it 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 (I've tried 2.3.6 and it was laggy) ^ ^ ALL ARE STOCK :)
  9. R

    Thread [Q] Still no 2.3.4 and ICS update via KIEs

    Can someone please tell me something about my phone and firmware? When i connect phone, Kies tells me that i already have the latest firmware. Can you please tell me why my phone do not get the 2.3.4 or ICS update yet? Phone Info: PDA: I9100BOKG2 PHONE: I9100BOKG1 CSC I9100TMTKF1 Build...
  10. W

    Thread [Q] lost root access with F/W 2.3.3 (KG2)- help with telus fascinate SGH-T959D

    my telus fascinate SGH-T959D was update to F/w 2.3.3 by mistake the phones "standard functions" work, but i lost root access and all the desktop icons disappeared. All the apps still appear to be installed, but those that need root are broken. FW 2.3.3 Baseband T959TLK62 Kernel...
  11. harut56

    Thread [ROM][Sense2.1][2.3.3.]TartuROMMM

    This is my own port from Wildfire S stock 2.3.3 RUU.Used LV 0.6.2 kernel cause I'm having some problems with music on 1.0.Hardly optimised and tweaked,in short time planning to release odexed version.Disabled bytecode verification for less RAM use. Also used some parts from Wildhero,but it's a...
  12. J

    Thread [ROM][2.3.3 gingerbread][[20H] kenshin 1.0

    EDIT: I KNOW IT'S A BASIC KITCHEN WORK. BUT I'M VERY NEWBIE XDD SO YOU CAN SUGGEST ME IMPROVEMENTS FOR MY WORK instead of criticizing...:p:p:p Hello everyone, this is my very first rom. It's based on a stock official gingerbread for optimus one (romanian V20H), people say that it's as fast as...
  13. M

    Thread HTC Stock Rom Recovery Android 2.3.3 & 2.3.5

    Hey guys, for all those who want to have the orginal stock rom back here's a recovery by me. It's Android 2.3.3 and 2.3.5. Flashable through cwm 5. Android 2.3.3 Version: here Android 2.3.5 Version: here OC Kernel (806 MHz): here <= ONLY 2.3.5 You will find the downloads if you click "To...
  14. kwes1020

    Thread [TEAM KANG][MOD]/[ROM]WeaponG2x A New Clip 2.3.3 {Read the directions!!!}

    I am by no means a developer. I am simply a themer trying to learn. I am OCD about everything I install on any device I use. I try and try and try many combinations of mods until I find what works the best for me. I also add mods that I like and fix things in the roms general theme that I...
  15. S

    Thread [Q] How to update to 2.3.5 after rooting 2.3.3

    hello, I have android 2.3.3 and it's rooted with (AlphaRevX in Public Beta) a pop-up appeared to update to 2.3.5>> when I tried to update it (the official update,through my mobile) and after restarting an android with a yellow triangle appeared and it stucks here ... I shut down my incredible...
  16. tpex

    Thread [Q] Looking for a stable 2.3.3 ROM with WORKING GPS

    My friend just got Wildfire S, android 2.3.3 with sense 2.1 and it reminded me how nice a stock ROM works, with GPS too! so I'm keen to get a 2.3.3 ROM with working everything, (especially with GPS, WiFi, data and such.) I have a HTC Wildfire/Buzz Answers would be much appreciated, Thanks guys :)
  17. D

    Thread [Q] S2 wakes up by itself then freezes when power button is pressed

    My Galaxy S2 started behaving strangely all of a sudden: After a few minutes in standby, it wakes up by itself. If I press the power button when this happens, it freezes completely. The only thing it will do after that is power off, if I do another long press on the power button. But if I...
  18. H

    Thread [Q] Aplications self-start !?

    Hi Guys, i'm using a 2.3.3 Android Gingerbread and some of my android market apps self-start themselves and just use CPU without need for !? These are Facebook, the music player, mail and so on. Could you advise how to tell the system not to start them automatically? I'm also using the Go...
  19. G

    Thread [Q]downgrading from 2.3.4 to 2.3.3 or 2.3.7 to 2.3.3 cause problems?

    So, can it? i want to downgrade from 2.3.4 to 2.3.3, will it give problems? if NOT, is there somthing i need to know before downgrading? or i just flash it and thats it? another quastion, now i have MIUI ROM with android version 2.3.7... will downgrading from this rom directly to 2.3.3 will...
  20. csns

    Thread [Q] 1% step battery for Gingerbread

    Hi there everyone. I looked here and via google and so far haven't found an answer thus this post. I just updated my Defy to 2.3.3 and I'm wondering if there is a way to apply 1% stepping for the battery. I read there is a possibility to add services.jar to UOT and cook a theme but I just...
  21. M

    Thread [Q] What is required for root access? (Droid X, 2.3.3)

    I have a Motorola Droid X on Android 2.3.3. Motorola One Click Root goes all the way through and says that the phone should be rooted, but it never is. Here is the alternate method I attempted: First I used SuperOneClick 2.2 in "Shell Root" mode to get the superuser (#) prompt in adb shell...
  22. FatGuyWithWifi

    Thread [Q] android 2.3.3 downgrade needed

    hey i need the 2.3 update so i can so-off then eventually root my dinc 2. its currently on 2.3.4 and revolutionary apparently doesnt support it so yea, i kinda need to downgrade it to 2.3.3. ive spent like 2 hours on google looking for it but no luck. id appreciate any help.
  23. S

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.3.7 Downgrade Safe?

    Hey Guys, I am wondering is it possible to downgrade my SGA CM7 [2.3.7] to the 2.3.4 ROM just by CWM Recovery Restoring? I don't know any other way to do it if it's possible, I only want to know out of curiosity :P I am a Big N00B -.- P.S. I would post this in development but this is my first...
  24. Salo-S

    Thread [ROM] XPerienSe 2.3.3 v0.1 - Sense ROM (Alpha) "Operation Salsa"

    Hello guyz, greetings from Brazil! First, read this: It says all. All the credits for this rom goes to racht because he ported this ROM to us. So we all know the racht (God of Our X8) is no longer frequenting our forum, but he left us a legacy! The ROM of the HTC Salsa, has the beautiful...
  25. R

    Thread [Q] [ROM] Nils' Business GingerSense - Android 2.3.4 - Sense 2.1/3.0

    I have just updated my ROM to [ROM] Nils' Business GingerSense - Android 2.3.4 - Sense 2.1/3.0 + 3D (8/14/11 V3.0). As it is displayed in the name it has an Android version of 2.3.4. How is it that my when I go to the info screen it says I am running 2.3.3? INFO Android version - 2.3.3 HTC...
  26. A

    Thread [Q] How to update rooted SK17i to stock 2.3.4 with unlocked bootloader?

    Hi everyone. I've got this problem which i can't solve (nor find the solution on the net). I have a rooted mini pro with stock 2.3.3. I've unlocked bootloader through sony ericsson website and verificated my IMEI number there. Then i've rooted my mini pro - and kept stock 2.3.3. The 2.3.4...
  27. 1

    Thread [Q] Xperia X10 Stock 2.3.3 xRecovery Flashtool

    Hello, i am having trouble installing xRecovery via Flashtool using DoomLords method. I easily rooted the phone with out any problems, but when installing xRecovery this happens. 26/032/2011 15:32:28 - INFO - Connected device : X10 26/032/2011 15:32:28 - INFO - Installed version of busybox...
  28. r35471853

    Thread [Q] [help] i need 3.0.1.A.0.145 apps

    i need .145 system/app make a zip for me,plz:(
  29. M

    Thread Stock rom 2.3.3 v20c and stock recovery in zip format

    If you want STOCK ROM 2.2.2 v10e and stock recovery in zip format FOLLOW HERE STOCK ROM 2.3.3 v20C and stock recovery in zip format for LG p500 / optimus one Rom Download : Download here Follow these steps: 1. copy the zip in sdcard 2. boot into recovery pressing (home+vol down+power) button...
  30. iSebRa

    Thread [Q] Android 2.3.3 People Application 'Loading...' Issue.

    Hello, this is my first post. So be gentle. My problem is as follows: Currently I'm using RevolutioN v1.0 A2SD+ ROM but I've also had this problem with InsertCoin CM7 1.1.4. Whenever I try to load the 'People' App it will say 'Loading...' and then stay that way indefinitely. I can switch to...
  31. J

    Thread Sony Ericsson Neo [MT15i] Root Gingerbreak error (2.3.3)

    Having a problem with rooting. Gingerbreak 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 tried. Roots for OVER HALF A FREAKING HOUR!! Android version 2.3.3 Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo MT15i Please help. Direct me to the right forum if necessary, inform of wrong posting, and don't immediately lock topic. I'm new here
  32. A

    Thread [Q] 2.3.3 sim un-lock?

    I have rooted my phone and installed BusyBox, but Galaxy_S Unlock from the market is not working, and I'm assuming it's because of my recent update to stock Rogers 2.3.3. Is this the case for now, or if not can anyone provide some advice regarding how to go about unlocking this phone (i896)? I...
  33. A

    Thread [Q] Problem with ROM

    Please help!!!!!!!!!!!! After upgrading my firmware officially to 2.3.3 whenever I install a ROM the ROM doesnt even start properly there are force closes every minute and black screen with notification bar only. Is there a way to fix this???????? And when I install a kernal just opposite...
  34. W

    Thread [Q] Casio Commando 2.3.3 root-impossible

    Casio Commando users just got the Gingerbread 2.3.3 update via Verizon. With Froyo I had easily used SuperOneClick to root my Commando and assumed Gingerbread (with Gingerbreak) would be no more difficult...BUT I WAS WRONG. Gingerbreak does not work. I've tried v1.0-.1-.2 of Gingerbreak and...
  35. R

    Thread [ROM] Rawtek StockMOD v2.0-2.3.4 TMOUS

    This is my second ROM for the HTC Sensation Enjoy... ----ChangeLOG--- Ratwek_StockMOD v.2.0 Based of Stock Gingerbread 2.3.4 Build 1.45.531.1 CL125597 Added Root Deodexed System Removed some T-mobile Bloat Some Build.prop edits Re-Enabled Built in Screenshot feature Forced GPU rendering Added...
  36. A

    Thread [Q] *NOOB ALERT* HTC Panache (mytouch 4g)

    Hi everyone , so here a problem thats new i guess , i have a htc panache on 2.3.3 n i wana root it to get the new sense 3.5 Custom rom on it, BUT here it wher it gets complicated , i have unlocked it Using the XTC_CLIP i dnt know if all of u know whats that but now its S-OFF ,actually this is...
  37. M

    Thread [Q] g2x gingerbreak 1.20

    Hi I upgraded my g2x to 2.3.3 now wanting to go back to froyo. I installed the latest 1.20 gingerbreak. I installed it from my computer to my device, turned on the debug usb mode, have sd card. I waited for the device to root for 30 mins but it doesn't do anything just keeps trying to root...
  38. W

    Thread [ROM] [GSM] [P1000] Official Samsung Galaxy Tab Arabic Rom 2.3.3 - July 2011

    Samsung finally released the official 2.3.3 rom for arabic region http://www.samfirmware.com/WEBPROTECT-p1000.htm Download Link http://hotfile.com/dl/129546961/ee2a59b/P1000JPJPC.rar.html Enjoy all the latest rom from samsung for our beloved SGT :D ** Moderator can you please reformt this...
  39. D

    Thread [Q] Undo Revolutionary Root

    I have searched through this forum and the development forum, and I can't find any threads on how to undo a revolutionary root (2.3.3). My screen is unresponsive in certain sections and I need to send the phone in for a warranty. If someone could link me to a thread with a solution, that would...
  40. shomanadeh

    Thread [Q] JPJV6, is it 2.3.5?

    Hi guys, Could any of you guys translate "JPJV6". Is it 2.3.3, 2.3.4 or 2.3.5? :confused: I could not find a list where I could translate it myself, if you know a link too, I really appreciate it. ;)
  41. Ashutosh1313

    Thread [DEV]HTC_Marvel _Port2BUZZ Help Needed

    This ROM is Stopped
  42. Deniz.S

    Thread [Q] Old calendar app for x10 2.3.3?

    Is there any way of getting the old calendar app (the one with half agenda and half month view) on the 2.3.3 x10 as I don't like the new style.
  43. D

    Thread [Q] Landscape HDMI Issue on Stock 2.3.3

    I've have the same basic problem with P3's Pre-Rooted 2.3.3 all along and I'd love to fix it (especially since it's supposed to work in DX2's stock 2.3.3). It's never worked for me (I always got a black screen (no input recognized) when plugged into HDTV since the Gingerbread update). I later...
  44. TeamDraven

    Thread [Q] Temp Root and Downgrade issues 2.3.3

    Hi Guys. I have watched your Noob video and it's very funny. :-) However,I am going to have to risk being a "noob" due to the fact that im unable to post in the dev thread for downgrading. I have decided to root my DHD and everyone says this is the place to go to learn how to do it. I have...
  45. E

    Thread [Q] LG G2X 2.3.3 Root / ROM Troubles

    Ok, well I've read every thread I can find and have attempted many things to get this resolved with no luck. I have a G2X which I made a full backup of using CWMod before sending it back to LG for repair. It came back with 2.3.3 (I had 2.2 before). Now, I can't root because the Super One...
  46. E

    Thread [Q] Easiest way to root a unlocked bootloader Arc running on 2.3.3 ?

    If you have an Xperia Arc version 2.3.3 unlocked bootloader, you can't root using Gingerbreak or Super1click as the update, unwillingly, made sure that stuff doesn't work anymore. The only way to root, as far as I know, is flashing -> getting 2.3.2 ROM -> root from their -> update. I can not...
  47. M

    Thread [Q] Rooting HTC EVO 4G 2.3.3 with Macbook

    Does anyone know a way of rooting the htc evo 4g 2.3.3 with a macbook ? I tried using the linux htc drivers from Revolutionary but it didnt work.
  48. E

    Thread [6.Set.2011][ROM][GSM][2.3.3] Enriqxxx ROM v1.0.0 [Kernel Vodoo_V6]

    DISCLAIMER: You know the drill, I am not responsible if loading this rom makes your Tab melt, explode, disintegrate, or cause harm to anyone near it. (I am fairly certain none of that will happen though ) Change log. ROM FEATURES JPA Base Rom - ANDROID 2.3.3 BACKGROUND COLOR TRANSPARENT ICONS...
  49. P

    Thread [Q] how to install custom rom....on rooted galaxy s i9000??

    guys my device is rooted by chainfire method.. now i m think of install custom rom.. how i m install custom rom on my device....? after rooting 3 new app::: superuser, CWM,Tweaks comes in my sgs?? so tell buddy how to install custom rom??? help currently using stock rom 2.3.3<official...
  50. sportsinger75

    Thread [Q] Rooting the Stock 2.3.3 Rom

    Hey all, I just bought an Inspire today and am very satisfied with it so far, but I would love to know if there is any way to root the stock 2.3.3 Rom that came with the phone. I didn't update it myself, it came pre-loaded with Gingerbread. I would like to root because I want to be able to...