1. T

    Thread Support request : Symphony T8 Tab on Android 4.0.4 : how to log in to Google Account / Google Services ?

    Hi Forum : I am using an old Symphony T8 Tab running on Android 4.0.4 . Its now unable to login to Google account or services ( like play store / others ) . Is there a quick fix ? Or I need to upgrade the ROM ?
  2. Temple98

    Thread ROM for Gigabyte TM75A-V

    Hello! I am looking for a ROM for Gigabyte TM75A-V, it has android 4.0.4 (some devices recognize it as Commodore TM75A-V) I would like to use it, at least, to read PDF, because the touch screen does not work. The Switch Acces function of android would be very useful in my situation, but for...
  3. Galaxyninja66

    Thread Downgrade to stock ICS 4.0.4 Droid RAZR M

    I saw a tutorial on how to do this for JB, but not for ICS. The process is similar but the XML file still needs to be fixed. I did this to try to fix the problem I was having on JBBL (Screen flash when booting up and waking device from sleep), and I figured I might as well link a guide and...
  4. T

    Thread Updated Google Play Services killing my phone(s)

    I'm running stock AT&T 4.0.4 ROM, rooted with CWM. Google Play Services just updated to version 9.2.56 (034-124593566), and it's sucking my battery dry and making the phone run hot. I have a spare phone and brought it online, and the same thing happened as soon as Google Play Services updated...
  5. D

    Thread [ROM][4.0.4] DarkRom

    DarkRom Is The First Rom I Have Compiled I Will Be Updating This Regularly DOWNLOAD LATEST!
  6. K

    Thread [Q] Apps Randomly Crash on Android-86 4.0 RC2?

    Hey there, I have an old netbook that I managed to brick, and then I installed Android-x86 4.0 RC2 on it. The OS itself works fine, but I'm having issues with certain apps consistantly crashing: namely, Facebook and Google Drive. Everything else seems to be running pretty okay. Is there any...
  7. yash.sharma99@yahoo.com

    Thread [DISCUSSION] CM9 by Percy_g2

    All discussion threads to be posted here and not be troubled with Percy_g2.... If there are any fixes, or you've modded stuff, please post on official thread to help in development but any questions, requests, troubleshootings and stuff to be posted right here! We hope percy_g2 all the best for...
  8. J

    Thread [Q] BBM working ???

    As you know, bbm application has leaked, but in my case the install and if installed (In a rom android 4.0.4), to open it I get the message "Unfortunately the application is stopped," someone has worked?, Leave the link in case you want try ...
  9. kevinrus123

    Thread [ROM][ICS][.13][RAY][V2.0][AROMA][LOCKED/UNLOCKED]Unlimited™ ROM | 23.08

    Unlimited™. A stunning ROM experience. Blazing Fast. FOR 2011 XPERIA ! Welcome to Unlimited™. The main idea of Unlimited™ was to provide you with the experience of stability and fastness. A lot of tweaking has been done to give you a really fast ROM. I am not responsible for dead sdcards ...
  10. kevinrus123

    Thread [ROM][ICS][.13][NEO/V][V2.0][AROMA][LOCKED/UNLOCKED]Unlimited™ ROM | 23.08

    Unlimited™. A stunning ROM experience. Blazing Fast. FOR 2011 XPERIA ! Welcome to Unlimited™. The main idea of Unlimited™ was to provide you with the experience of stability and fastness. A lot of tweaking has been done to give you a really fast ROM. I am not responsible for dead sdcards ...
  11. kevinrus123

    Thread [ROM][ICS][4.0.4][AROMA]ElectRom V2.0 for GT-i9000 ; Smooth,Fast,Stable! 22.10

    Welcome to ElectRom! The main idea of ElectRom was to provide you with the experience of stability and fastness.Lot of tweaking has been done to give you a really fast ROM. amarullz - For the awesome AROMA-Installer which makes flashing really cool! Cixty - For the awesome "Unlimited"...
  12. BetA3D

    Thread [Q] Android devicemanager HELP

    hy there, i just stumbled over a new "app" i found in my phone.. it wasnt there before, i didnt install it, and i also blocked Google with a firewall... No how can this app get there?? SEE PIC: its under, security - administration - and there is this new thing i dont know.. Android device...
  13. N

    Thread [Q] Error with my tablet

    Hello, I got a problem with my Android tablet, im trying to update some apps, and it gives me an error, im using 4.0.4 android version.
  14. puyz

    Thread All About CROSS A28

    A place to share information, tips and tricks about CROSS A28 Specification • OS ANDROID 4.0.4 ICS • Network Dual GSM + 3G + Wifi + GPS 3G / HSDPA Data Connection • Screen LCD 4-inch HVGA 480 x 800 Pixels Extra Clear. Capacitive Multi Touch • Features 1 Ghz Dual Core Processor...
  15. OptimusRs

    Thread [SimpleTool][Guide][Root][Flash Recovery][ICS][p92x][SU760][SU870]

    [Guide][Root][ICS][How to Root Your LG P92x-SU760-SU870 And Maybe Other Phones] P92X And SU870 How to Root Your LG p92x And su870 On Official ICS 1. Download This Drives and Install Them Both 2. Download This Root and Than Extract The Zip and Install The Root Program * English Version of...
  16. K

    Thread [Q] How to root Bell Mobility (Canada) Samsung Galaxy Ace II x(GTS7560UWB)

    I used to root android phones with Odin, with original stock ROM; just wondering if there's a place where I can download the stock ROM for my phone so I can have it rooted in order to get rid of all those unwanted apps from carrier. The exact model is Samsung Galaxy Ace II x from Bell...
  17. Jeeko

    Thread [GPL][ROM]AOSP Android 4.0.4 - 11/07 - Build 53 [Pegasus Team]

    ----------------------------------- ------___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Build 53 ------After the success...
  18. FranciscoGool

    Thread [MOD][X-UPS][ICS] NEW Themes for your Xperia ICS (Jelly Bean Xperia) [UPDATE V.1.4]

    Hi friends. NEW VERSION 1.4 (16/06/13). READ THE SECOND POST. This is my first thread on this forum. The next mode change your old themes ICS for this new themes Jelly Bean firmware style. My MOD is based on the nexts threads: - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=38149620 -...
  19. ivicask

    Thread [ROM] [8 June] Inspiration 1.0.1 | Sense 4.1 | First full android 4.0.4 port!

    ROM INFORMATION: Something i have prepared long time ago but was never released and now decided to share with you! Based on VilleC2 2.15.401.100 CL116779 Bricked kernel 1.4 with S2W support. (Aroma option) Android 4.0.4 with Sense UI 4.1 Perfect balance of FAST, BUG-FREE and BATTERY FRIENDLY...
  20. evnldr

    Thread [Q] Galaxy tab 10.2 SGH-I497 Flash won't instal 4.0.4

    Galaxy tab 10.2 SGH-I497 Flash won't install I have used Firefox, and Firefox beta, stock browser. I have installed the latest version. It just plain is not working Running Android 4.0.4. I am at a total loss.. And this is not my first day with android :p I have searched and all say the same...
  21. gelo20ify

    Thread [Q] how to unbrick MID tablet after changing framework-res.apk file

    how to unbrick MID tablet after changing framework-res.apk file Is there any way to unbrick my tablet im stuck in bootanimation of it i could not push my backup through ADB coz my debugging is not enabled and i could put the right driver for its to push a fil;e using ADb command ,I could not...
  22. hawaiigrown

    Thread [Q] Unable to wipe/factory reset, root, etc... Please Help

    Hello, I am having a serious problem with my gt-p5113 tab. I tried to download a few games(3) at once and it failed to download/install any of them. It said "package file is invalid". Also, an error 403 "unable to download package". After this incident, the tab constantly restarts itself and...
  23. Rushing

    Thread [ROM] Intergalactic_Infantry_2.0 oc crt-off 3/5/!3

    A = A PRODUCTIONS Presents INTERGALACTIC_INFANTRY_2.0 =) Version: || A=A || Android T-989 4.0.4 UVLH1 ★ KRZ-2pa Deodexed Base ★ ★ CRT-OFF ★ no apps, hard wired this feature. ★ BLN ★ I included the .apk and other files... the kernel allows bln functions. ★ Volume wake...
  24. K

    Thread Cricket MMS Fix? Need help Testing

    Well long story short i jumped to cricket. I Flashed over the razr, guy who guaranteed work, even though now i feel fully comfortable doing it myself. Here is the problem, I need to get MMS working on the stock messaging app, I have messaging working on an app the guy who flashed my phone...
  25. jm2k7

    Thread I can not see system files in ADB mode, Official OTA ICS 4.0.4

    :confused: Well the problem is this, when I had the Motorola Defy could access the files on the system via USB cable Developer mode with a program called "Android Commander". But with the Atrix 2 is a serious problem, is completely blocked. I have the phone in the version 4.0.4 Official OTA...
  26. daniel.mota

    Thread [Q] I have CWM and TWRP installed, is that OK?

    Hi guys. Two weeks ago I upgraded my P920 from stock GB 2.3.5 to xbsall's ported ICS 4.0.4 and installed ClockworkMod Recovery v6.0.1.5 (Touch). This weekend I flashed xbsall's custom ICS v5.2, which includes Team Win Recovery Project v2.2.2.1 (Touch). Now I have both Recoveries installed...
  27. willblake13

    Thread [GUIDE] Electrify M Root

    In a hurry posting this, sorry for mistakes made IN PLACEMENT OR GRAMMAR. Will move to another location or take down at mods request. There is no thread for MOTOROLA ELECTRIFY M. Also this if for Electrify M 4.0.4 That said, Pre obtain drivers from motorola's website, all you need is the USB...
  28. Sytheii

    Thread [Q] Give up on fixing bluetooth? Back to stock and disable OTA updates?

    Forgive me if this question has already been asked and answered, but I've been trying for months everything i can with info found online and possible solutions, but Google refers me to a lot of different yet similar situations, and I cannot figure out what to do, and my situation is driving me...
  29. outerh3aven

    Thread [ROM][ICS][IMM76L]AOSP 4.0.4 Stock Alpha (Build 2.3) - High Performance/Great Battery

    AOSP 4.0.4 IMM76L for Galaxy W by outerh3aven AOSP ICS for the Galaxy W isn't a dream anymore- it become reality. A bunch of thanks to broodplank1337 who gave me green lights and the base! vqbvjjRLAe0 actually AOSP ICS for I9001, would be nice if anybody would make one for the W. (Thanks to...
  30. fatpanda0

    Thread [RUU][S3]VilleC2.India.4.0.4

    Hey guys. I am uploading the official RUU for the Ville C2 India. In case anyone shares it please do give me some credit on your posts and shares. Also I had to shell out some bucks to score this one so any contribution will be appreciated. Do hit thanx!!! Enjoy...
  31. A

    Thread [Q] Can't search apps from search on 4.0.4

    Hey guys, Just noticed that I can't search for apps (or contacts) through the search function in 4.0.4 like I could in GB. Is there a setting I am missing, or is this intentional? If it is intentional, any workarounds at this time?
  32. T

    Thread [Q] Need of kdz F180L 4.0.4 Stock Rom

    Hi all, i need help in getting the ICS (4.0.4) stock ROM for F180L device. I tried to download from LG site but end up with 404 error (i was told the link is no more available). Mirror download is preferred, anything. Those who have the file in kdz, hope you can share. Thanks guys.
  33. G

    Thread [Q] [Request] Modded phone + CRT

    Hi, I'm on rooted stock I9100 ICS 4.0.4 LPW. Can someone direct me or send me a modified phone.apk and contacts.apk with: 1. Non increasing ring tone. 2. Call recording. 3. Noise reduction off. 4. Bigger caller contact picture. 5. Unlimited joined contacts. Also, is there a way to enable CRT...
  34. connectandroid

    Thread [Q] [S2 ICS 4.0.4 ROM Manager notification of ClockworkMod Recovery 5.x to 6.x safe ?

    Hi folks Just rooted my stock Optus Australia Galaxy S2 GT-9100 XXLQ6 phone using Siyah S2 v4.1.5 kernel guide and details at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=35795844#post35795844. Then installed ROM Manager Premium and now notifies me of a ClockworkMod Recovery update from...
  35. C

    Thread [Q] Stuck in boot loot. Help would be nice?

    So earlier this morning I got an update for my sgh-i777 and it started downloading. It got stuck at 56% and after about 20 mins I took out the battery and tried to turn it on. The download started again and got stuck at 22%. I took out the battery at about 10 mins and took out the battery again...
  36. D

    Thread [Q] SGS2 root 4.0.4 vodafone UK

    Hi, I recently got a galaxy s2 and have been wanting to root it. It has vodafone branding but is unlocked. I've searched everywhere and cannot find a single tutorial to root what my phone is running. I really need help. Model number: GT-I9100 Android version: 4.0.4 Baseband version I9100BULP8...
  37. Danny2

    Thread [Q] Problems installing Re-FLEXxx ROM

  38. L

    Thread [ROM]The full One s 4.0.4 sense4.1 work on HTC Incredible S

    The author:KD System: Android4.0.4 HTC Sense 4.1 Kernel::3.0.25-htc-vivo-sense4.0-KD (This kernel, support bcmdhd.ko ! In the screenshot kernel version is wrong!) Language: Chinese -simple, Chinese -numerous, English Based on HTC one s RUU 2.15.401.100 Internal version number:KD-2.15.401.100...
  39. K

    Thread Stock N8005 ROM is published...

    Dear N8005 [Turkey] users, Samfirmware has already published stock N8005 ICS 4.0.4 rom at their website. For those who're interested... Regards,
  40. L

    Thread [Q] Galaxy S 2 got officially 'downgraded????' eh?

    Looking here: http://www.sammobile.com/firmware/?page=3&model=GT-I9100&pcode=NEE&os=1&type=1#firmware You can see that the newest update is 4.0.3 down from 4.0.4? What's up with that... Why did they go back 1 revision? What are the improvements, someone please explain/tell. Should I...
  41. broodplank1337

    Thread [ROM][ICS][IMM76L]AOSP 4.0.4 Stock Alpha (Build 2) - High Performance/Great Battery

    AOSP 4.0.4 IMM76L by broodplank1337 Info: I'm very happy to release the first alpha build of AOSP IMM76L for Samsung Galaxy S Plus (GT-i9001). Most of you probably know that i've been busy with compiling AOSP for a long time now, and I finally succeeded to compile it by using a very wrong and...
  42. Z

    Thread [Q] Need help about DSP Manager

    When i listen to music with Apollo or any apps with DSP Manager enable sometime I've a problem. There nothing happen, no effect at all. Then I change a track... its gone BOOM! media volume get to maximize level (Yeah... when I'm on a headphone, it was a freaking pain :() When I lower my...
  43. kirmaniarslan

    Thread [ROM][DEV][PORT][ICS][4.0.4] Ported Full Sense 4.1 [Build 3 ScreenShots Added ]

    Features Sense 4.1 CHANGELOG: Build 2 Build 1 DOWNLOAD LINKS: How To Install :
  44. A

    Thread [Q] Help, just bought a SU660 with MIUI 4.0.4

    Ordered a SU660 online and made a mistake to have MIUI 4.0.4. I don't mind having MIUI, but most of the discussion forums are in simplied Chinese, can't read a damn, and I find the rom is kind of buggy. There are things I can't figure out. 1) Overclock, I can't find a proper tool for that 2)...
  45. jm2k7

    Thread SIM not allowed MM#3

    wtf, I'm having problems and I get this error randomly, "SIM not allowed MM#3" I get this error and it stops working the sim card. I have to be constantly alternating between airplane mode and normal, so it stays. I had this error from 2.3.6 and now in the new 4.0.4 ota remains, is hardware...
  46. dev997

    Thread [Q] Flash 4.0.4 stock RUU on Hboot 1.28

    Hi, I'm facing some issues on all JB leaks in which screen once turned off, doesn't turn back on. Some have pointed that there might be issue with your phones compatibiity with JB leaks and recommended to go back to stock. So I wanted to know , if I relock the bootloader and try to flash the...
  47. C

    Thread [Q] deodex ICS 4.0.4

    i search thru alot of thread.. non of it got the way to help.. so if any pro willing to help me deodex 1 apk please?? is android ICS 4.0.4 cause im using custom rom for my galaxy note 10.1.. and the keyboard dont come with chinese input.. so i already pull out the apk and odex file from my...
  48. K

    Thread [Q] Update from 4.0.3 to 4.0.4 not available

    Hello all, I've got GT-P5100. In "Settings->About" i have Android version 4.0.3. When trying to update (either via Kies or via Tablet) it says no update available. This is strange because I've contacted the Samsung and they told me it should update... My friends that have the same tablet...
  49. timmytim

    Thread [ROM] ME865 ONLY | Official MIUI 2.10.12 | Weekly Modded Builds by Team Shogun

    ** Be Aware That This is For The ME865 (International) Atrix 2 ONLY ** You will be plagued with battery problems if you flash on the AT&T Atrix (MB865) [CENTER] [U]
  50. D

    Thread [Rom]CleanBlue_v1.3.FI25_[10/4/12]

    CleanBlue_v1.3.FI25 FLASH RESPONSIBLY. FULL WIPE IS RECOMMENDED. Features. Based off of Crawrj's stock deodexed FI25 rom. Agats Source built kernel v0.5.4. Extremely debloated. Crt Off animation. Ics Status bar mod. Reboot Options. Battery bar - plus settings(thanks pvyParts). Hotspot hack...