1. dopapifreak34

    Thread [Q] [Problem][UNROOTED]GB Sprint RLS

    Well I'm rooted, and on MIUI1.7.1, but I just got down to my grandparents' house and they both have unrooted EVOs. As you can imagine, they are technologically impaired and didn't know how to check for updates. I tried to update them from 3.70 to 4.24 using System Updates and clicking all the...
  2. M

    Thread [FIX] Wireless N on Evo 4.24.651.1 and 4.53.651.1 ROM

    As many of you know, wireless N support was removed in all the GB updates for the Evo (both the 4.22 and 4.24 stock ROMs lack Wireless N support). The newest OTA, 4.53, also lacks wireless n support. Luckily, xHausx has kindly modified the stock driver to include N support. He provided me a...