1. Alixbot

    Thread [REVIVAL] Development of the Droid Razr M & HD

    [DISCLAIMER] I have basic understanding of programming and the android software so I'd like as much help as you can provide. This includes personally messaging me. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS THREAD OR MY POSTS PM ME AS I DO NOT WISH TO JUST CRUM UP MY GOALS HERE WITH DISCUSSIONS OF WHY...
  2. @hacker_unknown

    Thread Please Help!!😖😖😞😟😭😭

    My phone is Micromax A310. TWRP is installed and Device is rooted by Supersu. But when i install a custom rom other than android version 4.4.2 in it it shows (error 7) and in fastboot mode it shows black screen with two lines which are => Fastboot mode =>Fastboot mode
  3. A

    Thread Can I improve a SM-T210 tablet?

    I've recently been given a tablet and I'm looking for ways to improve its performance. It's slow, freezes a lot and it's too outdated for most apps, including Galaxy Store. Google Play even crashes and closes itself regularly when I attempt app installations. I'm a complete novice. There are a...
  4. W

    Thread Looking for Stock ROM for A564C (Alcatel OneTouch Pop Icon)

    I want to root this old phone and the information/data for it is very rare... Can't find much about it. Running Android 4.4.2-01001 See pics attached for full Hardware Info. I can't seem to find the Stock ROM anywhere... Can I use any ROM of Android 4.4.2 or does it have to specifically be for...
  5. S

    Thread S-off M8 stuck on Kitkat stock

    I have an M8 with the following system setup: M8_UL PVT SHIP S-OFF CID-11111111 HBOOT- RADIO-1.15.2133156.UA12.5mv OPENDSP-V38.2.2-00542-M8974.0311 OS-1.54.401.109 It's running Kitkat 4.4.2 and if I check for software updates there's none available. I imagine I can run an RUU to...
  6. S

    Thread Wifi calling and texting?

    I am running and old rooted G900A still on 4.4.2. I haven't updated for so long that I am having a hard time deciphering what steps I would take to flash a new rom and if it would be worth it or not. One thing that is convincing me to make the jump to a higher OS is wifi calling and texting...
  7. L

    Thread Downgrade 6.0.1 to 4.4.2 or 5.1.1 ?

    Hi Guys, New to this device, but not new to Android... Read all over the web, various sites (esp this one) about this device and seeing mixed views/comments. Some saying its possible, others saying it will brick or flag the Knox. Is it possible to downgrade this phone (G900F) currently on the...
  8. Z

    Thread Getting my S4 i545VRUFNC5 back to square one.

    So I am traveling to Thailand in a couple months, and before doing so would like to get my phone back to square one. It crashes from time to time and feels slow in general. First I'll give info on the phone before I go any further.. Samsung Galaxy S4 Model: SCH-i545 Baseband Version...
  9. M

    Thread [Completed] Help Galaxy S5 android 4.4.2

    Can someone upload me the /system/priv-app contacts.apk, contactsprovider.apk (names might not match just need contacts apps) from any s5 running 4.4.2 ?? Please and thank you in advance.
  10. Tom2112

    Thread Does Google Cast app freeze your Note 12.2?

    I have a SM-P905V that is on Android 4.4.2 and is rooted. I have an app on a PC that allows devices to cast their screens to the PC (Reflector 2). If I try the Note 12.2's native screen mirroring, the PC doesn't show up as a device to be cast to. If I use Google's Google Cast app, the PC shows...
  11. Z

    Thread Where do I find custom roms for the HTC One Mini?

    Also can I upgrade it past Android 4.4.2, I have the ATT version? Also, what's the difference between a kernel and a ROM? Thanks
  12. J

    Thread Migrating from one M8 to another - sanity check

    Sup guys, I've rooted every phone I've had, but I do it so infrequently that I always have to refresh my memory with it. Current situation is that I have a rooted M8 running mostly stock 4.4.4 ROM, but with a bunch of Xposed mods and a few system tweaks - it's dialed in just the way I want...
  13. boyam99

    Thread Anyone know any firmware that work on Irulu X7?

    Hey guys.I have a Irulu eXpro 7" 4.4.2 tablet with 2 cameras micro sd slot quad-core A33 with A23 processer with SN: XA791XSL1509253A#1244.Right now this tablet is in a bootloop with corrupted OS.I looked all over the net for a firmware but was unable to find one. its is a 1024*600 resolution...
  14. M

    Thread Freedompop Galaxy S3 ROM Upgrade Options

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 Freedompop phone and I have Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. I very much want to get a newer ROM to not have all the problems associated with the third party apps cannot write to external SC card feature they added. I have used CM on another Freedompop phone and it was OK...
  15. B

    Thread [2015] ODIN failed flashes reflashing STOCK 4.4.2 - Please HELP :'(

    Hi there! I recently bought a N3N (N7505) :good: for mobile drawing. Since I bought it used, I found KNOX at 0x1 and the 4.4.2 it came with was already annoyingly buggy (lags everywhere, packed RAM & phone app FCs). I did manage to root it through CF-Autoroot (I think?) and even put a custom...
  16. R

    Thread Note 2 Wifi Problem 4.4.2

    Hi, Just recieved my note 2 off a mate, and for some reason after upgrading from 4.3 to 4.4.2 wifi does not switch on. I reflashed to 4.3 using odin and then it seems to work, any ideas?
  17. R

    Thread [Videos] Top 5 ROMS for XOLO Q2500

    XOLO Q2500 Top 5 Videos of Custom Updates XOLO Q2500 Lollipop ROM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkM4TPY3hzw XOLO Q2500 PopKat V4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LJIEkCjaD0 XOLO Q2500 HIVE ROM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPwmj4FNcjA XOLO Q2500 HIVE Installation Procedure...
  18. FedericoPeranzi

    Thread [Q] Samsung Keyboard

    Hello guys, anyone can port this keyboard to our Galaxy Core 2 ? Thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2717866
  19. S

    Thread [Q] SGH-I467 soft bricked, NEED 4.4.2 stock system and recovery dump

    Hello all, I have an AT&T Galaxy Note 8.0 (SGH-I467) which had stock firmware version 4.4.2 (NI2). I attempted to flash the pre-rooted I467UCAMF1 image, ended up wiping out the SYSTEM partition since flashing the system partition fails from both stock and pre-rooted I467UCAMF1 system.img...
  20. B

    Thread [Q] Anyone have a copy of stock 4.4.2 wallpapers?

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has the wallpaper below. It's one of the built in 4.4.2 (D41510e) wallpapers on the L90. I don't have access to a PC so am not rooted, and I don't think I can save the stock wallpapers without root. Tried to find this on Google or the Play store, but didn't have any...
  21. R

    Thread Replace app i????

    how do I replace an app without installing it with its updated version when the app is not downloaded from play store. android version 4.4.2 with write restrictions on external sd card.
  22. hollywoodfrodo

    Thread [Q] GT-N8013 update to 4.4.2 N8010 - Advice Needed

    After combing through countless forums and threads on here, it's become apparent that updating to a custom ROM while generally being a good thing still comes with potential problems. On the other hand, I don't really wanna keep my Note on the super old JB ROM that Sammy decided to leave us...
  23. jrkruse

    Thread [Rom][Stock][SM-T237P][5.1.1 BOH7 Base] Rooted Deodexed

    Here is the SM-T237P Stock Rooted Deodexed 5.1.1 BOH7 Base Knox Free Rom. Features Rooted Deodexed SD Card Write Fix Updating from kitkat still has some bugs so I have pulled the files for now Directions If Coming From KitKat Odin Method To Update Firmware Place rom on sd card If comming...
  24. ebswift

    Thread [Q] 4.4.2 Multiple User Accounts

    I've seen a few threads on enabling multiple users for 4.2.2 but none of those things work in 4.4.2 for me (I have the Australian stock ROM installed). Post #4 in this thread has a user saying they got it working in 4.4.2, stock apparently...
  25. Rapydax

    Thread MAY BE DELETED!! [Q] Where to download original stock firmware from samsung?

    Hi, I tried to download the original firmware for GT-I9301I on sammobile, but the download just won't progress. I also tried on another site, same thing happens. So how do I download the original firmware now? Right now I'm on a 4.4.2 custom ROM and want to go back to stock 4.4.2 using Odin...
  26. SridharA87

    Thread [rom][kk][4.4.2][miui][xolo q800] miui v6 5.5.1

    Hi All, Just wanted to share one more ROM I came across. :D Just like previous post, this is not my rom. ;) I just came across it over the network and sharing it to you guys. :cowboy: ROM: MIUI V6 5.5.1 :highfive: Note: If you want centre clock you can flash this centered clock like ios...
  27. Nikita Pro Android

    Thread [KERNEL][D618 & D620][STOCK 4.4.2][KEXEC] Monolithic kernel

    ONLY FOR D618/D620 WITH STOCK-based ROMs! KERNEL COMPILED USING LINARO CORTEX-A7 4.9.3 TOOLCHAIN! My changes in kernel: Added CPU overclock to 1.6 GHz/underclock to 192 Mhz (default CPU freqs is 0.3-1.2 GHz, so you need to set up overclock and underclock in Kernel Auditor) Added GPU overclock...
  28. S

    Thread Note 3 SM-N900W8 UN ROOTABLE

    How are you guys!? i have a Note 3 SM-N900w8 android ver 4.4.2 kernel 3.4.0-2540146 [email protected]#1 Build number : KOT49H.N900W8UBUCNH1 i've tried almost every trick i could think of (including fastboot) , without resorting to downgrading the kernel or rom to 4.3 any idea on how i can get root...
  29. ghaf85

    Thread [ROM] [PORT] 4.4.2 Lenovo S860 AOSP and MIUI v6

    [ROM] [PORT] 4.4.2 Lenovo S860 AOSP and MIUI v6 4.4.2 Lenovo S860 AOSP **********************************************************************************************************************************************...
  30. J

    Thread [Q] Install 4.4.2 on Note 3 Neo from another region

    Purchased a Note 3 Neo in Hong Kong last year. Model Number: SM-N7505 Android Version: 4.3 Baseband Version: N7505ZHUAND2 Currently running: http://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/download/29517/N7505ZHUAND2_N7505ZZHAND2_TGY/ KNOX is already flipped, so I don't care. Browsing...
  31. Tkkg1994

    Thread [MOD]Samsung IME: Choose between Stock, Note Pro and Chinese Keyboard! ZIP file

    Samsung Keyboard selection for everyone! Flashable .zip file Hello guys, as may some of you know, I also have some of this keyboards in my rom and now I thought, why don't make them public? So everyone can flash it on his tab, no mather if his running another rom or stock rom :) It is working...
  32. D

    Thread [ROM][4.4.2][EXTREME BETA]Project Social

    PROJECT SOCIAL BETA This ROM was built upon Hashcode's CM11 for our tate, big thanks to him! First of all, this is a very beginner ROM build. It's very much based off Cyanogenmod11, but before I decompile SystemUI and other APKs or put all my hard work into this, I would like to know if you...
  33. Creeper36

    Thread ..

    . . THIS THREAD HAS BEEN MOVED TO http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s4/general/guide-sm-s975l-twrp-4-4-2-custom-roms-t3009757 . .
  34. XxTeXx07xX

    Thread [how to]-[hotspot works !!!!]

    Posting my thread here to hopefully help others and get some feedback. This even works on the update OA3. My thread here got me my msl no problems!! https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s3-sprint/general/msl-spc-t2998993 EVERYTHING is pretty stock on my phone. I never did flash any custom...
  35. Y

    Thread [TWRP Recovery][, 3.0.0-0, 3.0.2-0][Samsung Galaxy Core 2 SM-G355HN/H/M]

    url=http://postimage.org/][/url] photo hosting sites Hello World. This is official version of TWRP recovery for SM-G355HN http://teamw.in/devices/samsunggalaxycore2.html And tested for SM-G355H TWRP 3.0.0-0 : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=65784717&postcount=130 disclaimer...
  36. S

    Thread Need answers,complicated yet everyone might find it very useful!

    Hey guys, i have a few questions and would really appreciate if you guys could give me the answers. :):good: 1. If I unlock the bootloader and root(including flashing wp_mod) my HTC Desire 816 but remain in my default stock ROM ,will I still receive software updates from HTC officially...
  37. V

    Thread [Q] Alternative to Nottach Xposed? (4.4.2, NC5)

    Hey all. I have a Stock Verizon Galaxy S4 on 4.4.2 (NC5), rooted. I want to customize some simple (minor annoyance) things on my phone. Using a custom ROM is not an option for me (unfortunately), but using the Xposed Framework let me get around that (mostly). I had been using Nottach Xposed...
  38. C

    Thread [Q] Insufficient Storage Available

    I'm absolutely stumped here so I'm reaching out to the XDA community a LG tech support is pretty useless at this point. Should have reached out here first anyway. My LG G3 is rooted running stock 4.4.2. According to the memory settings I've got the following: System ROM 2.64 GB with 744 MB...
  39. G

    Thread [Q] i467 OTA update fails at 26%, even after unrooting & flashing to stock 4.1.2.

    Hi all, Thrilled and surprised to see we finally got an update for our AT&T Note 8s, but I'm having issues. I had my Note rooted and unlocked (in an attempt to use TMo's free tablet data promo) previously, but no custom ROM. I don't recall ever disabling knox or any system apps. I first...
  40. jrkruse

    Thread Stock_Verizon_I545VRUFNK1_4.4.2_For_MDK_BootLoader

    Here is the latest Verizon Rom it is a deodexed fully stock rooted rom with busybox and with knox removed. Talexop Stock 4.4.2 TW Kernel. Everything else is totally stock. Download I545VRUFNK1.zip Mirror XDA:DevDB Information Verizon_TW_4.4.2_NK1, ROM for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 4...
  41. cronociclope

    Thread Notice: Official Update E977-Brasil to KitKat 4.4.2 Stock

    Hi, I share this good news has come out the official update to KitKat 4.4.2 for the E977 model in Brazil, specifically the version V20A, then I leave the download link, which was shared by the user André Luiz Cepheu (facebook Community -LG OG Brazil), the firmware has not yet been uploaded to...
  42. W

    Thread [Q] [4.4.2] Strange WIFI problem

    Since about two days the WIFI on my Cube Talk 9X with 4.4.2 is acting strangely: It will not connect to any access points, rather the list of available APs constantly switches between "Saved, secured with WPA/WPA2" and "Disabled". Pressing "Connect" on one of them will briefly flash...
  43. t-ryder

    Thread [ROM][KERNEL] N5T • MIUI v5 • optimized mod • 4.4.2 • 4.12.5 final

    ••• I know the days of 4.4.2 on N5 are over for quite some time now, but I just like MIUI. So as long as there is no official v6 I will keep using v5 on my N5. I made a daily driver for myself based on the official Xiaomi N5 MIUI ROM with some tweaks, then I thought I will share it because it...
  44. M

    Thread [Q] Ultra slow speed while transfer files between PC and Samsung S5

    I just got my new Samsung Galaxy S5, original ROM with version 4.4.2. It uses a new Toshiba 64GB speed U3 micro SD card. When I transfer my WhatsApp folder from PC to GS5, it took me more than 24 hours!!! The WhatsApp folder has about 3GB in size, and thousands of received/sent images. At the...
  45. viveksvdy2014

    Thread Gionee e3 kitkat 4.4.2 update 2014

    OK! The Long Wait Is Over! New Links Have Arrived! Gionee E3 KITKAT 4.4.2 2014 GIONEE released kitkat update a few days ago. So Here i am with the link to the kitkat ROM for Indian Users!! For Flashing, You Must Download...
  46. markimark_1984

    Thread No Tweet notifications on LG G3

    Hi all, I have searched through the forums to see if I can find a fix for my problem but no joy. I'm probably using the wrong terminology in my searches as I cannot find anything on google either. Basically I use twitter, like many others, to keep up to date with news in my industry sector, in...
  47. T

    Thread [Q] Weather widget lags status bar?

    Does anyone notice the micro lag/stutter that happens when you turn on Accuweather widget animations and scroll down status bar?
  48. M

    Thread note 2 bootloader

    Hey guys, first off let me say sorry if this is already on here, If it is please just point me to it as I can't seem to find anything. I have a i605 (verizon) Note 2, just picked it up off CL and its running I605VRUFND7 4.4.2, I really want to unlock the bootloader to rom it but I will run...
  49. J

    Thread [Q] 4.4.4 OTA Update from 4.4.2 rooted and unlocked with Mods

    Thank you guys in advance for your help but I just had a few questions. I am running 4.4.2 currently with the stock rom rooted and unlocked bootloader. I have however issued a few Mods such as extreme power saving and built in tether. Can I just load the 4.4.4 firmware and radios, switch back...
  50. I-TensE-I

    Thread Play Store keeps crashing.

    I tried installing Blackout Play Store which is a themed app. I backed up Play Store uninstalled it and flashed the Blackout one. It worked for a while then started crashing every time I tried to download anything. (mind you I also installed Blackout hangouts, calendar, gmail, dropbox and all...