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  1. lapist

    Thread Help with 4pda account - Russian wanted!

    Hello, I found quite living thread with downloads on <Mod Snip> for my phone, but I am unable to register there because of captcha in russian letters - I can't read it. Can anybody help me please to create an account there? I will supply my e-mail address for the registration by PM. Without...
  2. J

    Thread HOW TO INSTALL TWRP AND ROOT ASUS ZENFONE MAX (Z010D) Android 6.0.1 [ww_13.8.26.31 ]

    the step by step guideline is like these : UPDATE Due to the fact that Asus has finally released the bootloader unlock utility for the device , you can now flash twrp and root without using a beta kernel as described above in this post , what is now needed is just to download the unlock...
  3. Y

    Thread 4pda.ru captcha registration

    this is not a question but an answer on registering for 4pda.ru on the russian captcha it tells us to ADD THE TWO SET OF NUMBERS. THATS THE ANSWER TO THE CAPTCHA ITSELF. GOD I HATE MY STUPIDITY.
  4. U

    Thread (ROM)

    ПЕРЕЕХАЛИ СЮДА http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-2/development/n-7100-rom-android-4-4-4-usol38-t3141416?nocache=1