1. J

    Thread Looking for any media player that can bitstream 5.1 Dolby Digital

    The only app on my Fire TV Cube gen2 that can output a 5.1 bitstream is Amazon Video. With any other player, it will downmix a 5.1 audio track to 2.0 stereo. My soundbar will always indicate 2.0 Dolby Digital, except when I stream Amazon content, then I get 5.1 DD. So the hardware setup works...
  2. B

    Thread Network Connectivity Issue after upgrading to OOS5.1

    Hi there, I've been using my Oneplus 5 for quite a while with the following configuration: OOS 5.0.4, Magisk 16.3, Boeffla Kernel 2.0, AFWall+ and everything worked fine. After upgrading to OOS5.1 (and Boeffla 2.1 Beta) I'm facing network connectivity issues. Right after a fresh boot...
  3. T

    Thread Netflix HDR/5.1 update... Notice any difference?

    My phone arrived in the mail the day the new patch came out and I immediately installed it, so I don't have experience using the app before the update. Outside of the occasional hard lockup and whole phone shutdown, things seem okay when playing HDR/5.1 content (you can search for "HDR" without...
  4. K

    Thread errors trying to pull twrp backup from phone with adb

    Getting these two errors while trying to pull my back up from TWRP with adb: WARNING: linker: su: unused DT entry: type 0x6ffffffe arg 0x2588 WARNING: linker: su: unused DT entry: type 0x6ffffffe arg 0x2 I have googled it and its something to do with the...

    Thread [FRP][MTK] Remove FRP for Condor Phones with SP Flash Tool

    how to remove FRP for Condor Phones with Sp Flash Tool: A8 [PGN-611]/ A8 Plus [PGN-612]/ A55 [PGN-606]/ A55 Plus [PGN-613]/ A55 Slim [PGN-608]/ A100 [PGN-607]/ A100 Lite [PGN-609]/ G4 [PGN-513]/ G4 Plus [PGN-521]/ G5 Plus [PAM-524]/ L1 [SP-622]/ M1 [SP-614]/ M1 Plus [SP-615]/ M2 [SP-617]/ P4...
  6. P

    Thread 5.1 audio for projector/amp setup

    I have the 2nd gen 4K Fire TV. It is rooted and all works more or less as I expect. HOWEVER, because the 2nd gen version doesn't have a digital audio link to connect directly to my amp (which is connected to a 5.1 speaker setup), I have been forced to use a USB to SPDIF adapter (Fanmusic...
  7. G

    Thread Hudl2 running 5.1. can it be rooted and can you delete logcat?

    Hey all I have a problem on my hudl2 running 5.1 where I have insufficient space which prevents me updating existing apps or installing new ones. The thing is, I don't have many apps installed and the total of them adds up to around 4gb whereas the system is reporting them as 8gb. I have...
  8. Y

    Thread [SC7731] [5.1] Panasonic P66 Lewa Base Rom For Symphony V85

    Panasonic P66 [Lews Base] Device : Symphony V85 CPU: Spredtrum Sc7731 Version : Lollipo 5.1.1 Published Date: 31 July, 2016 Ported By : Yeasir Arafat Screenshort : Download links : Video Review : Youtube Rom Link: Google Drive Root Patch :SuperSu.zip Flash Process : Go to...
  9. H

    Thread Moto X 1st Gen x1049 Bricked after Root Attempt

    Hello XDAers, So a couple of days ago I tried to root my Republic Wireless 1st gen Moto X (x1049) using the Suicide Flash method made by NiceneNerd for lollipop. What ended up happening is that the phone entered Qualcomm Emergency Mode, and stayed there since the script glitched when I tried...
  10. L

    Thread Android Lollipop 5.1 AOSP - Encrypt .. does nothing, solution?

    I've had more than one AOSP based Chinese clone Android phone where the Encrypt option in Settings does nothing. (It goes through the motions, restarts the phone .. and nothing has changed). The latest example is a Cube T8 Plus (aka Cube T8 Ultimate) tablet, running AOSP Android Lollipop 5.1...
  11. C

    Thread Hi i need information if possible

    Hi , i'm typing from brazil , i not found one wiki or 1 post more central , for i learn for my phone , if possible give link to contents for this phone ? i have Sony C5 ultra dual (e5563) (android 5.1) I need learn more for this phone , i have problens and i try fix and not got it . * Root...
  12. EZY-E

    Thread KitKat or Lollipop for camera?

    What do you think is best setup for best camera experience? Kitkat (and which mods) or Lollipop (and which mods)? Also, stock or custom rom?
  13. 5ageman

    Thread [Z2,Z3] Root and recovery stock 5.1.1 264 ROM no data loss - proper easy way

    Rooting and romming Sony devices is a little harder than most android devices, some things work a little different. The scattered info doesn't make this any easier either. I had to find this out the hard way, softbricked my Xperia in the process, but I finally did it. I see that there still are...
  14. M

    Thread [ROM][5.1][PEREGRINE][STOCK]Debloated, GApps-free XT1039 ROM (update - 29.02.2016)

    Introduction This ROM is based on lost101's work, that you can read about here. I used his Retail EU 5.1 ROM (Optimized) v1.1 for XT1039 as a base of my own "project" of further debloating and removing as much Google's stuff as possible. The main aim is to use clean and stable Android and...
  15. S

    Thread DTS/Surround5.1 output via MHL usb to hdmi not working, only stereo, why?

    I'm using a LeTV x900 (or Le Max), which sports the Snapdragon 810 as well as USB Type C. I'm using a USB-C to HDMI MHL adapter (made specifically for this brand of phone) to output audio to my yamaha receiver, as I want to listen to DTS tracks on my home stereo. The receiver sees the HDMI...
  16. gowtham nkg


    I am very sorry if you died by my English Hello guys this guide is for those who downgraded from 5.1 to 4.4.4 using the method described in XDA. I am not responsible for Bricked(Soft&Hard) mobiles (If you ask at me I can only give you another hard bricked mobile. Because I am having Many) NOTE...
  17. DastanShaikh

    Thread system can't Mount error while flashing xposed on 5.1

    Hello there.... I have flashed latest 5.1 lollipop via flash tool... Then i rooted via kingroot and changed with superSU... Then i install the xzdualrecovery via installer...(i have check almost all versions..) And i got recovery... :) But the problem is when i try to flash xposed framework...
  18. DamianHelixTV

    Thread XT1028 (VZW) 5.1 LP OTA: WiFi-only users BEWARE!

    Prior to making this thread, I'm active in this thread, talking about my update situation. ------------------------------------------ UPDATE: This is how you bypass the activation screen! Big thanks to henser for figuring it out! ------------------------------------------ Here's my situation...
  19. R

    Thread [APP][5.1+][Official] Sony Introduction 1.1.A.0.2

    Sony Introduction app, version 1.1.A.0.2 update rolling Sony Introduction app has been updated to new 1.1.A.0.2 version from the older 1.0.A.0.24 version. Sony Introduction app update improves stability and performance. Update is confirmed rolling on Xperia Z5 series. Sony Introduction app is...
  20. W

    Thread 5.1 for P8 lite Europe aswell?

    Hello, Does anyone know if europe models will get the 5.1 upgrade? US from 4.4 will get to 5.1 but not EU from 5.0 to 5.1?? We are not in the list for 6.0 aswell? But P7 will get 6.0 , what the heck is this?
  21. XDA_Bam

    Thread Random reboots on 5.1 Lollipop

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my N4 ever since updating to 5.1: The phone randomly reboots every two to five days while it's asleep. The screens lights up, the Google logo shows and it boots up normally. The device is rooted, now running LMY48T stock ROM with stock recovery. I upgraded to the...
  22. asainiboy

    Thread [ROM][STABLE][5.1]Nex*us ROM for LENOVO k3 Note

    NEXUS ROM for Lenovo K3 Note #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM...
  23. T

    Thread how to root moto g xt1033 dual sim india android 5.1

    how to root moto g xt1033 dual sim india android 5.1 cf autoroot gives bootloop
  24. ipromeh

    Thread [ROM][XS][5.1.1][LMY48Z] OneOfaKind 14/12/2015 | UberTC 4.9 | Layers

    Oneofakind for Xperia S Oneofakind is a lightweight AOSP ROM focused on battery, performance and stability. The philosophy of Oneofakind is based on AOSP to stay relatively close to Google's stock Lollipop with the additions of essential features that should have been included with stock...
  25. S

    Thread Software Upgrade - S4 GPE - Android 5.1 LMY470.S008

    I just received a notification of a system update for my Galaxy S4 i337M (Bell) running Danvdh's Google Play Edition ROM. It states... I googled around but have not seen any information regarding the S4 GPE receiving Android 5.1 EDIT: Do not attempt to install this update, it will...
  26. bloodhound42

    Thread [ROM/XT1033] [Official] [Android 5.1] [stock/Dual sim/INDIA] Stock ROM Captured OTA

    Hi guys i managed to capture stock ROM with help of some friends and i am sharing the same :) I or XDA is not responsible if your device bricks or something happens to your device. please don't blame anyone if something happens to your device Strictly for XT1033 INDIAN Moto G Others Dont...
  27. N

    Thread Lollipop:rapid battery drain.

    After upgrade to 5.1,there are some serious issues .Whenever the tablet is woke,it heats up almost instantly,even if its simply left with the screen-on.This causes rapid battery drain.I think the processor runs at its peak state,all the time during screen-on.I find many users complaining about...
  28. wrongway213

    Thread OmniSwitch flashable zip for 5.1.x ROMs

    As the title says, this is a flashable OmniSwitch recents management zip for 5.1.x ROMs. All credit goes to maxwen for creating OmniSwitch and czboyshubham for creating this zip originally for 5.0. I simply updated it for 5.1.x so it functions properly on updated ROMs. I did this for Pure...
  29. L

    Thread [GUIDE/FAQ][XT1052] How To Downgrade From 5.1 to 4.4.4 and below [TESTED]

    Hello, This is a short (hopefully) guide on how to downgrade your Moto X 2013 from Android 5.1 to 4.4.4 (and lower). The procedure is fairly simple and takes about 10-15 minutes, once you get the files you need.It does however needs some technical understanding of how to use fastboot, command...
  30. MZO

    Thread [ROM][5.1.1][UNOFFICIAL][jfltexx]CarbonROM

    MIND THIS PLEASE: #include /* * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear * war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following these * directions. YOU are choosing to make these modificiations, and * if you point your finger at me for messing up...
  31. fpsq

    Thread TWRP and can NOT decrypt LG G4 H815

    I unlocked my H815, encrypted it and adb flashboot the twrp- Tried with TWRP Same result https://dl.twrp.me/h815/twrp- After entering the correct password the can not mount data partition notification flashes and you are back to the password...
  32. nilanko

    Thread Possible solution for applocks not working on 5.1 stock

    Install your applock app then go to phone settings > Security > Apps with usage access > Enable your applock there. Try locking apps now ;) Sorry for this 3 liner post but it might be helpful :)
  33. K

    Thread [Q] What does warranty cover?

    Hey guys, just wanted to know what does the normal 1 year warranty that comes with the S6, what does it actually cover? I'm contemplating of tripping knox and rooting my S6 cause of the meh battery life from all the bloat, but don't want to unless there is an alternative (i'm on 5.1). Should I...
  34. Wiltron

    Thread [Q] CM12.1 Nightly, no data connection?

    Before we begin: My APN is set, as CM12.1 comes with proper APN's. I confirmed the settings against my carriers support page. I have an install of XtreStoLite on 502, and it works great. I did a nandroid backup, and then wiped system/data and both caches, and installed the nightly from last...
  35. MZO

    Thread [EOS][ROM][UNOFFICIAL][5.1.1][jfltexx]CrDroid [Updated: 25 07 2015]

    Hello guys! Here I am with a new ROM which I will support unofficially. This ROM is CrDroid and is very neat and fast. Got many features and luckily is BUGLESS. It took me 7hours to make it and it's totally worth it! MIND THIS PLEASE: #include /* * I am not responsible for bricked devices...
  36. N

    Thread [Q] How to restore system apps?

    In anticipation of the upcoming 5.1 release, is there an easy way to restore system apps I might have deleted without losing data? I just want to make sure I can flash it the moment it comes out. Thank you.
  37. patrickmaciel

    Thread [Q] How to upgrade to 5.1 from stock rooted 5.0.2

    Hi my friends. I follow this tutorial ([Stock][Lollipop 5.0.2][Root & Recovery][LB] D6502/6503 23.1.A.1.28 | Complete Guide) months ago to install Android 5.0.2 on my Xperia Z2. Its ok.. everything is working great. Now I want upgrade to 5.1... but when I download some ROMs (first was...
  38. MZO

    Thread End of support: [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][i9505][5.1.1]PAC-MAN ROM

    Hello guys. As we all know that theres already official PAC 5.1.1 for our device. This is my first ROM, I made it becasue I wanted to put myself to test and it is really fun to make :D So here it goes. MIND THIS PLEASE: #include /* * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards...
  39. Neo


    STOCK---VZW---SENSE 7---5.1---2.6.605.10 * Your warranty is now void. * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * or you getting fired because your alarm app failed. Please do * some research if you have any concerns about features in this * ROM prior to flashing it! You...
  40. K

    Thread [q] no 3d game on g4!

    I tried many tweaks found in the forum to reduce lag, lower heat but my G4 still keeps crashing while playing 3D games. Is it hardware problem, lollipop 5.1 problem or I got a defect phone? Am I the only one experience this?
  41. dbux

    Thread Challenge you to fix this issue. REALLY!

    ISSUE: Rotation not locking in Landscape mode My device was rooted and I tried whatever Lollipop 5.1 ROMs are available even with different Kernels. Still I wasn't able to fix the rotation not locking in Landscape mode. I asked many people for help but sadly nothing helped. Everybody said this...
  42. AdamSHayward

    Thread Simple Lolipop root

    The free version of Wondershare MobileGo roots the MotoX 5.1 OTA. I just finished doing it. Just download, install and click the root button.:D
  43. kpyhere

    Thread How to install Lollipop 5.1 on Ascend Mate 7

    Hello, In order to install the latest Lollipop 5.1 beta on Ascend Mate 7, please follow the steps below: 1. Download the update file from here 2. Connect your phone to the computer 3. On the root of the SD card, create a folder named dload 4. In the dload folder, copy the update.zip file. Do...
  44. P

    Thread [Q] Lost root after upgrade to 5.1.1 - how do I re-root?

    Hi all, I'm running a Sprint Note 2 (SPH-L900). I finally bit the bullet this week and upgraded from CM 11 to CM 12.1. However in the upgrade from KitKat to Lollipop, I seem to have lost root. I tried reinstalling SuperSU via both apk and by flashing in Philz recovery, but whenever I reopen...
  45. C

    Thread Sense Camera/Gallery/Framework and ZOE on GPE 5.1

    I didn't realize how easy this was but I wanted to make sure someone said this. If you installed gpe 5.1 from Santod, all you have to do is download "HTC service Pack" from Play store. Then Google HTC Camera apk ( I used APK Mirror) and download the Latest Camera (7.15 right now) and Latest...
  46. C

    Thread [Q] Tiatnium Backup: Restore App Backups from 5.0 on 5.1 Rom? Any Problems?

    Hey Guys, basically long time no see, I got some problem, was now long time using the LG G3 Stock Rom, rooted. Created a titanium backup there (245 apps), now i upgraded to "Bliss Pop Rom" (Android 5.1.1), and suddenly Titanium Backup just finds 30 apps as backup, but not all 245. Anyone knows...
  47. omoura11

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL][5.1][PEREGRINE] Moto G 4G Lollipop

    The wait is over, now I am offering to you the Motorola official Lollipop 5.1 for the MOTO G 4G Peregrine! This ROM is an official Moto G 4G, the file was captured during the OTA update! Special Thanks by capturing the OTA: Antonio Diogo Junior/Raphael vikking NOTE: You do not need unlocked...
  48. C

    Thread [Q] Disable Device Protection Android 5.1.?

    Hello. Is there any method to disable the protection lock unlock bootloader without activating the programmer menu.? Android 5.1
  49. D

    Thread Android 5.1 Update for Galaxy Note 4 coming in Next 2 weeks!

    Just found this :D . As always guys please take this with a grain of salt, who knows if the sources are reliable or not but it's always great to have some hope it's coming sooner rather than later...
  50. C

    Thread Nexus 6 random issues from stock

    I really just want to document my experience with Nexus Support and Motorola. I have been having non-stop issues with my Nexus 6. Model: Nexus 6 Android version: 5.1 Baseband version: MDM9625_104446.01.02.95R Kernel version: 3.10.40-geec2459 Build number: LMY47D Model XT1103 / FCC ID: IHDT56QD1...