1. TheWiiGuy

    Thread [GUIDE]- [HOW TO]- Downgrade SAMSUNG Galaxy S7/S7 edge to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

    - WARNING - This Guide is not failproof, if you do anything wrong with your device while following this guide, i won't be held responsible if you brick or hard damage your device. I insist about that but you must extract all of your data (Photos, Videos, Music, Apps, Accounts, Messages, ETC)...
  2. R

    Thread Samsung Gear Live 6.0.1 Stock Rom

    I have been working on this for 3 days now finally got adb root and dumped the stock rom img files. they are from a factory fresh update wont let me upload sys.img so heres that https://www.dropbox.com/s/72voxpc3mv52ors/sprat6.0.1system.img?dl=0 More to update soon.... working on: TWRP...
  3. G

    Thread How to really downgrade Galaxy S6 SM-G920F firmware from 7.0 to 5.0.2/5.1.1/6.0.1?

    Hello I've been reading forums and downloading files for days. Many of the links in the posts no longer work. Posts are 5 years and older. There are no new ones. At least not one that actually works. Downgrade I mean. That's why I wrote this question and I'm asking for help - how to really...
  4. JT1510365

    Thread [ROM] [FLO] Stock Pure Official Unrooted/Unmodified Latest 6.0.1 MOB30X Flashable

    Hello everyone this is a purely stock flashable official marshmallow ROM for the nexus 7 2013 Flo version! It is based on the stock latest official 6.0.1 RAZOR MOB30X build and image for our nexus 7 2013 edition with nothing modified or removed in the ROM. I was trying to look for something like...
  5. rony raj

    Thread Bliss-Rom [PORT] [6.0.1][UNOFFICIAL][PHICOMM][E653][MARSHMELLOW]

    Team Bliss is pleased to present to you Bliss 6.0 Bliss is one of the most highly customizable roms that you can install on your mobile device, and we hope you have a truly blissful experience. A huge thanks to CyanogenMod for the source and all the work and dedication their team puts in to...
  6. d_g_m_2000

    Thread [sm-g532m] deodexed_zipaligning_busybox_mod tweaks_cscmods_debloat stock rom 6.0.1

    welcome. I had help from others developers and read others threads to build this flashable zip base on a samsung stock rom 6.0.1 to "J2Prime-GalaxyGrandPrime+" -rom info build number: G532MUMU1AQH1 base band: G532MIBU1AQI1 patch security: 01-08-2017 (August 1st to 'mericans) -requirements...
  7. GreatApo

    Thread [ROM][MM 6.0.1] Unofficial Cyanogenmod 13 - Lenovo A850

    Unofficial Cyanogenmod 13 / Android 6.0.1 - Lenovo A850 This is a CM13 rom for our Lenovo A850. This is NOT MY WORK, I found it on this russian forum/post. Unfortunately, i couldn't find further information about the developer since I read the forum through google translate :P This is a pure...
  8. C

    Thread Flyme os beta [MULTILANGUAGE] [6.0.1]

    Disclamier This rom is not developed by me USE ONLY PICO GAPPS AND FLASH THEM BEFORE BOOT while booting it will show leeco logo for around 2-3 minutes BUGS-not encountered any yet SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD ORIGINAL SOURCE
  9. p4pentium4

    Thread Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532G Latest Stock Firmware Download + Guide

    PLEASE NOTE : BELOW FIRMWARE ARE ONLY FOR SM-G532G NO NOT ATTEMPT TO FLASH IT ON OTHER MODELS , U MAY ENDUP BRICK YOUR DEVICE Time to time Samsung rolled out official firmware updates to fix security issues, bugs and performance. Sometime we witness firmware updates that solely come out to...
  10. mrpascal


    PRESENTING THE ROM FOR OUR J7 PRIME FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO FEEL PERFORMANCE ON SAMSUNG'S STOCK ROM FEATURES NOTE : There are two verions of this rom , v1 uses stock kernel and v1.1 use VIRUS kernel ( compiled by me ) , hope you enjoy both ROM v1.1 is not tested , so please test and report...
  11. mo2002

    Thread Works with tracfone but not n900v

    Ok I am a bit perplexed by this. I'm running cm13 on the ob6 baseband and I cannot get any service with my T-Mobile SIM. Does anyone know if there's a problem using it with ob6? I've tested every method since 2013 and still no signal or data connection. Im only able to use an old mvno phone I...
  12. A

    Thread LineageOS 13 Redmi Note 2 Marshmallow Rom

    Anybody else using this rom? I've been using this for 2-3 days and its been solid. Just dont forget to install the SIM patch on recovery and use SuperSU not the lineage_root_addon for root. http://www.cyanogenmods.org/forums/topic/lineage-os-13-redmi-note-2-marshmallow-rom/ Edit: GPS and SIM...
  13. p4pentium4

    Thread need NV_DATA File for sm-g920w8

    hello . im in need for nv data file for g920w8 thanks in advance
  14. HaohanWendy

    Thread Unfortunately, Phone has stopped

    Please help my samsung galaxy a8 duos (2015)( sm-800f ) got a problem when dialing/receive call an error message show " unfortunatly, phone has stopped " but it's still calling without displaying incallui !!! So without incallui displayed so i cannot accept any call !!! Already wipe...
  15. mhs5941

    Thread [ROM]NIK60 AROMA 6.0.1 Touchwiz ROM For Grand 2 (LTE KERNEL FIX ADDED) [TW][MM]

    NIK60 MARSHMALLOW 6.0.1 AROMA THIS IS PORT ROM FROM GALAXY S5 MINI G800H MARSHMALLOW BASED FIRMWARE G800HXXU1CQC1 source kernel http://github.com/nico600/TW-MM-Kernel_ms013g Supported devices: Galaxy Grand 2 Dual Sim ms013g Galaxy Grand 2 LTE changelog -DEODEXED AND ROOTED -based firmware...
  16. T

    Thread How on Earth can I install Xposed on a Samsung phone without getting a bootloop?

    Someone help me out really quick, cause I'm too dumb to find a fix. So I wanted to install Xposed once again on my piece of **** Samsung Galaxy S5, running 6.0.1. Have it rooted, got TWRP. Spend 25 years reading up on all the wonderful ways you can install Xposed with varying degrees of failure...
  17. T

    Thread How on Earth can I install Xposed on a Samsung phone without getting a bootloop?

    Someone help me out really quick, cause I'm too dumb to find a fix. So I wanted to install Xposed once again on my piece of **** Samsung Galaxy S5, running 6.0.1. Have it rooted, got TWRP. Spend 25 years reading up on all the wonderful ways you can install Xposed with varying degrees of failure...

    Thread [FRP][MTK] Remove FRP for Condor Phones with SP Flash Tool

    how to remove FRP for Condor Phones with Sp Flash Tool: A8 [PGN-611]/ A8 Plus [PGN-612]/ A55 [PGN-606]/ A55 Plus [PGN-613]/ A55 Slim [PGN-608]/ A100 [PGN-607]/ A100 Lite [PGN-609]/ G4 [PGN-513]/ G4 Plus [PGN-521]/ G5 Plus [PAM-524]/ L1 [SP-622]/ M1 [SP-614]/ M1 Plus [SP-615]/ M2 [SP-617]/ P4...
  19. W

    Thread Questions about root etc.

    I just bought used YotaPhone 2. It is 206 model. It currently have Android 6.0.1. He stated that it must have hybrid RU-CN radio to operate on EU LTE bands. Could you explain me how to get this hybrid radio, and how to get into TWRP recovery. And last thing how to root the phone i tested only...
  20. X

    Thread No message application on EPD with 6.0.1

    Since the 6.0.1 update, a push on sms icon on EPD doesn't have any effect. Only vibration, but no open message window. Is there a 6.0.1 bug ? I don't heard anyone on this.
  21. V

    Thread Fingerprint Enrollment not working in MM-6.0.1 roms

    guys i flash today marsmallow rom of RR and Pac Rom both roms firger print enrolment not workin .. at final tumb press enrollment .. if there is any way to fix that .. pls if its have fix pla share with me guys thanks in advance :confused::(
  22. N

    Thread Where can I get MM 6.0.1 Bootloader & Modem for N920G Indian Note 5 to run VoLTE Jio?

    Where can I get MM 6.0.1 Bootloader & Modem for N920G Indian Note 5 to run VoLTE Jio? Lots of words in Title. Short summary :- Installed sick as hell rom for my Note 5 :- https://forum.xda-developers.com/tmobile-galaxy-note5/development/rom-sick-hell-rom-series-volume1-6-14-t3398671 I...
  23. dorimanx

    Thread [MM 6.0.1 OOS/H2OS 3.5.x Kernel 3.18.57][22 JUN] Dorimanx 1.1 PWR CORE

    Dorimanx OP3T Kernel for STOCK 6.0.1 OOS/H2OS 3.5.x No Oxygen 4.x.x or CM/LineAge SUPPORT!!! GO AWAY NOW! My PM box, is for Emergency ONLY! do not send me PM's just because you cant post! that is lame, post something useful and post in thread. My kernel was based on...
  24. T

    Thread [ROM/WIP][CM-13.0/LOS-14.1][6.0.1/7.0.1] CM13.1 or LOS 14.1 - HTC One X

    WARNING: This rom is by far not suitable for daily usage and flashing it is at your OWN RISK! (my HTC One X has survived so far :p) I've compiled a CM-13.0 from for the HOX. While it is kind off working, it is very unstable. Butttttt, when it's stable it's damn fast for what I've...
  25. E

    Thread [Q] Anyone Bootlooped on Stock Android 6.0.1?

    Hello XDA community! As the title says, I would like to ask you if anyone faced the bootloop issue while he/she was on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 stock (no root, no rom, etc.) More information provided about the problem would be apprieciated. Have a nice day, khalifakk
  26. E

    Thread STOCK ATT S5 update to Marshmallow 6.0.1 hanging on ATT logo

    Hey Guys, I'm running my kid's stock Samsung s5 (ATT) as it upgrades (just released today) to Marshmallow 6.0.1, but it's hanging on a white screen with the ATT (blue globe) logo for a couple of hours now. I know you folks here are hard-core, so I thought perhaps you could suggest a path...
  27. R

    Thread AOSP 6.0.1 for Lenovo A536 [kernel 3.10+]

    AOSP 6.0.1 by Chaiko Dima Instruction: If you are using 3.4.67 kernel based custom rom Flash lollipop 5.0 (use sp-flash tool) firstly then flash this rom from Twrp Description Android - 6.0.1 version of the kernel - 3.10.XX screenshot: • Features: - AOSP, assembled directly from...
  28. G

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][THEA][6.0.1] LineageOS 13.0 - Security Patch Level: 2018.01.01

    LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people...
  29. R

    Thread CPU/Kernel/BuildProp

    Is it possible to change CPU/Kernel/BuildProp with root and them remove root? Will the changes still work?? Because apps like Pokemon Go don't allow rooted phones and neither Magisk or root cloak work. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies, Ricardo Arantes
  30. B

    Thread N910F - Device does not have DRK, please install DRK first.

    Has anybody finally found a fix for this for the Note 4 N910F variant? I tried flashing stock firmware(I'm on 6.0.1) through odin but it doesn't work and I want my phone to go back to being stock as well as to get rid of the constant bootoops.
  31. doulc

    Thread [tweaked] sm-j7108 j7108 6.0.1 Marshmallow Rom with Google Play and bunch of updates!

    updated Nougat 7.0 visit here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-j7/development/rom-axvy-rom-sm-j7108-stable-sexy-af-t3687461 Bloatwares are removed and This Rom contain Google Play! Hello guys, are you ready for j7108 or SM-J7108 Marshmallow 6.0.1 update? - more control over privacy - new...
  32. X

    Thread SM-N910W8 losing baseband after Custom roms...urgent help needed

    I'm Sorry guys but if I didnt reach a desperate state i wouldn't be posting this, at first i posted this at the nameless rom section thinking that its only related to it, but now i think there is something im generally wrong in the steps that im doing but i just cant figure it out and before...
  33. Marília de Oliveira

    Thread [xZ3c][D58xx][6.0.1][.291][10.0] | ¤ X P E R I E N C E & R O M™ | BEST BATTERY ¤

    Hello guys, I'm here to present you my new rom based on the new update sony marshamallow final version .291, optimized stock tops for best experience. Come on :D ¤ Changelog ¤ - Full ROM - Maxima optimization ROM - ODEX and DEODEX ROM - Debloated Ultra Agressive - Data Clean - Superuser Mod...
  34. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Thread [rom][6.0.1] Resurrection Remix MM [jfltetmo][unofficial]

    To God be the glory, another successfull build! Resurrection Remix, flavored like a Marshmallow! **** This is an UNOFFICIAL ROM. Install at your own risk! **** A huge thanks to the Resurrection Remix team! Another huge thanks goes out to TJSteveMX for all of the great developement that he...
  35. I

    Thread AT&T galaxy s6 edge root available for 6.0.1???

    Hello everyone, I just got the phone and I've been looking around, trying to figure out if the firmware 6.0.1 is root-able? Everything I've seen has been from 2015 and about 5.1.1. Could someone help me out or link me to something helpful?please and thank you kindly
  36. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Thread [KERNEL][NON-TW] Marshmallow Kernels [N915T, N915G, N915F, N915FY]

    Below you will find a couple of kernels that I put together for various roms and purposes. Most of these will be included into my other builds, but I thought that I would share them here as well, in case they are useful on any other roms. You are welcome to use and abuse these kernels or the...
  37. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Thread [rom][6.0.1] SlimRoms MM [N915T, N915F, N915FY, N915G]

    To God be the glory, my SlimRoms project finally works! Sleek, simple, slim, SLIMROMS. This is the lightweight champion of cell phones! Not another CM based rom, SlimRoms is based off of AOSP source, with custom edits for a smoother, simpler interface. If you are looking for every feature...
  38. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Thread [rom][6.0.1] PAC-ROM mm [n915t/n915f/n915fy/n915g]

    To God be the glory! Another successful rom! Paranoid Android meets AOKP and CyanogenMod, all in one rom. That's what PAC stands for. It is a CyanogenMod based rom with cherry picks from AOKP and PA so you can have some really great features. A little more streamlined that AOKP, yet a little...
  39. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Thread [rom][6.0.1] aokp mm [n915t/n915f/n915fy/n915g]

    To God be the glory, my AOKP project finally works! This is not a dirty unicorn. This is the original unicorn, the AOKP. Now made out of a marshmallow! That's right, all of the AOKP stuff you love, plus CyanogenMod's theme engine, plus Paranoid Android's Pie, and more! All wrapped up into one...
  40. 1

    Thread [HELP] Trying to root G925F with 6.0.1

    Good morning my gentle people. Recently I got the 6S Edge and naturally of course like every other XDA member I would like to customize it. I've searched far and wide for more information but all I could find were just the definitions of words. I have multiple questions to ask; Is there a...
  41. S

    Thread Will the D6502 ever get a 6.0.1 Marshmallow AOSP/Cynogenmod based ROM?

    Will the D6502 ever get a 6.0.1 Marshmallow AOSP/Cynogenmod based ROM?
  42. T

    Thread Flash stock 6.0.1 marshmellow N920TUVS4DPH2 SM-N920T re-root again

    Hello, I was rooted with old TEHK rom on 6.0.1, but wanted to update to latest rom clean from scratch. I looked for latest firmware at the time to ODIN flash it at the moment (N920TUVS4DPH2 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) 09/08/2016). Can't find a fast stable download since it's almost 2G's. I used a...
  43. MasterJack1697

    Thread [ROM][7.1_r4][AOTP-Android Open Tuning Project]--[UBER][STABLE]-[OCTOBER PATCH]

    Android Open Tuning Project - AOTP This is an AOSP rom based with some tweaks Thanks to: XOSP for the lockclock xperia style CyanogenMOD for some tweaks AOKP for a lot of feature AOSParanoid HazyRom that have given to my rom a lot of things PureNexusProject for the shamu kernel mnemonyc...
  44. T

    Thread [MIUI 8] [6.0.1] Patchrom code has been released.

    The MIUI patchrom code for marshmallow has been released at: https://github.com/MiCode/patchrom Anyone considering making it for the i9505?
  45. W

    Thread [Rom][6.0.1][Note 7 Port][AOD][17.12.2016]Norma Rom MM V16.1 English

    ONLY FOR SNAPDRAGON GALAXY NOTE3 The ROM has only been tested on the N9005 variant - Original base Note 7 firmware: N9300ZCU2BPJ4 - Note 7 Apps/Libs - Multi-language -Works on N9005,N9006,N900W8,N900S,N900K,N900L,N900D,N900T,N 900P,SC-01F,SCL22,SC-02F - Knox Free...
  46. ThunderSky7

    Thread [5.0.1][GT-I9500] Marshmallow EasterEgg Platlogo

    Marshmallow EasterEgg GT-I9500

    Thread Bluetooth contact sharing on My_Radiosat Renault - CM13 6.0.1

    Bluetooth contact sharing on car radio - CM13 6.0.1 I'm having trouble with my S2 connection with my bluetooth car radio. Everything is working well, with the exception of "Contact sharing"! If I have this option enabled on pairing, the S2 disconnects after approximately two minutes, and can not...
  48. A

    Thread [ROM][Tate][UNOFFICIAL][Marshmallow 6.0.x] OmniROM

    DISCLAIMER: Your warranty is now void. * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are...
  49. quakeaz

    Thread XT1575 Android 6.0.1 factory image

    Motorola updated their factory images download page. I checked it this morning and found this. Not sure if it really is 6.0.1. The release date for all device images is very recent, and the build number is similar to that of the 6.0 May security patch. Maybe a typo? Downloading it now, but I...
  50. adeii

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][6.0.1] AICP 11 for Huawei Ascend Y300/G510

    . AICP Android Ice Cold Project AICP is known by everyone as Ice Cold Project that started on Desire HD and since then evolved into a mature ROM with the BEST community you can find!!! Until Lollipop, Rom has always been AOKP based. Unfortunately, since AOKP either stopped development or...