1. Bentacayse

    Thread [CLOSED] Zxdz_01 Quick start

    Hello friends, I bought an android radio but I have several problems. I have searched a lot on this forum and 4pda but no luck in my search. I think my radio is very basic, it does not have a fader or a DSP. I had to download equalizer pro to be able to control the sound frequencies a bit but...
  2. A

    Thread Looking for the test point

    Hello people, can someone help me find the test point since I wanted to update it and my computer no longer recognizes it, it only turns on the side lights.
  3. O

    Thread ALPS 8227L_demo ZXDZ_2020

    Tried to root my device back in May but ended up bricking it. Since then i tried flashing few firmwares every now and then but failed with error 4032 or NAND & EMMC error. Details of my device shown by WWR while attached. Careless mistake was not taking backup. Pls guide to bring it back to...
  4. ExtremeMOD

    Thread [Guide] Speed Hacks for Android Head Units

    Hi all, This is a very short guide on how to vastly improve the speed of your Android Head Unit, particularly if you only have 1 Gb RAM. It's important you understand what you are doing as any of these hacks can cause your unit to stop functioning properly. If unsure, post your questions here...
  5. C

    Thread Head Unit - create shortcut of specific app

    Is it possible to create a shortcut of a specific app? For, radio, music, video, BT... there is "For Launchers.zip" and when you install that, you got your shortcuts, and that's all OK. I wanna create shortcut for VocalizerEx2 TTS ( engine for Text To Speech. That app is working OK...
  6. ExtremeMOD

    Thread [GUIDE] Android 8 API27 SUPERMOD for YT9216BF YT9216CFJ YT9216BJ YT9216BFJ YT9216CJ - root, Viper4Android, TWRP, Custom UI, brick recovery and more

    Hi all, If you want to greatly improve the way your head unit works, sounds and looks like - you've come to the right place! Why install this? With this package you will greatly improve: Stability Speed User Interface Sound tweaking options Customisation options ON PHYSICAL...
  7. RiseAgainst03

    Thread 8227l radio app apk

    Hi everyone, I have a small problem and I cannot fix it. Maybe someone can help me. I have in my car a head unit 8227l where I uninstalled (by mistake) the stock radio app. I want to get it back, but I have no idea how. I found a few radio apk files on this forum, but none of them worked. I...
  8. vsachinv

    Thread Partial Touch is not working on Cara Android Head Unit (Chinese)

    Hi, I had bought a android car head unit a year and half ago. It was working fine but last few months i was not using my car much. Today, when i checked my car android head unit. The touch was unresponsive for particular area of the screen. I have tried reseting touch and factory reset as well...
  9. M

    Thread Identifying the Test Point on this 8227L unit??

    Hello everyone, After long hours of trolling through these forums and coming up short handed, was hoping someone may identify the test points on this board? I did find two or three pictures of other boards, where there is a cluster of the two big points and three smaller ones, however, on mine...
  10. B

    Thread [ROM] [ROOT] MTK 8227L 2GB/32GB BONROAD BMW E60/E65/E90/E92 8.8" Touch Screen head unit iDrive integration (Magisk root now working!)

    Hi everyone, Created an account just so I could post this as I hadn't seen the firmware for this specific 8227L setup anywhere else. This ROM was sent to me by the seller of the unit directly, obviously no guarantees it will work on any other unit. Anyway, it's for an 8227L_demo with 2GB ram...
  11. S

    Thread Radio 8227L android YT9216B

    Hello, I have a Chinese 8227L radio with Android 8.1 go (YT9216B_00002_V004_20190826). XY auto: 3.1 MCU: 3.1 DDR: 1G FLASH: 16G Processor type: A7 1.3GHz x 4. My question is whether I am able to activate the radio to 9.1 and YT9216BJ_00002_V001? I want to be able to split the screen, see...
  12. D

    Thread Unlock bootloader 8227l

    I have a 8227 unit. I uptaded it with 9213 aj firmware ( Real Oreo 8.1), but I can´t install any twrp firmware. Rebooting on Fastboot mode, i can´t install it because the bootloader ,it´s lock, and it´s imposible try to unlock it, because the unit is onlly touch, no physical buttons (only reset...
  13. iPetahh

    Thread Ankeway Radio [8227L]- Change BootAnimation?

    I bought this radio (and I'm happy with it for now), but I have a question. I'm bored of Android animation at startup, and I want to put a bootanimation. As I read in some post, it's required to root the radio, but it have this menu where you can change the bootlogo and animation. The...
  14. S

    Thread 8827l - Parsing package error.

    Hello, I'm new here but saw some interesting stuff already about head units for cars. My car ran into a low-battery problem, which caused my android unit to go nuts. At some point I managed to restore the previous settings, but I have now encountered some issues when trying to install...
  15. S

    Thread Require firmware or update for yt2916b

    Facing issues with this head unit random reboots, bad radio reception and Bluetooth connectivity issues. can anyone here provide proper firmware update file for this head unit
  16. S

    Thread 10" chinese Allnet headunit YT3518

    Could someone please answer a few questions please. 1. Is the 4g- jack required for 4g? Unit came with 2 4g antennas and 1 gps antenna. As you can see 1 jack is missing 2. What goes in this spot by the big resistor?? Alot of the units i see you can see where something was installed there at...