1. Kdio

    Thread [TOOL][JAVA] 9.Patch Editor ●••►MOST ADVANCED SEEN◄••●

    Nine-patch-editor @ WebLaF by Mr. Mikle Garin Nice regards. .
  2. GrimReaper24

    Thread 9.PNG Info Guide.. Crash course..

    Here is a quick method well a crash course on 9.png edits.. Seen a few but some seem to be confusing for others... Figured I would snag a shot at it.. :p Pretty simple.. You just need to have apktool on hand.. Once you have that.. You will need to take your framework-res apk and your...
  3. str355

    Thread [TUTORIAL]Theming - Quick and Easy Bulk .PNG & .9.PNG Colour Changing

    Tutorial now moved to http://www.stressed.im Android --> Tutorials --> Colour Changing
  4. Binary100100

    Thread Theme the Contacts.apk from Eclair

    Since the day it was backported, the Contacts.apk from ChainsDD has proven very difficult to theme. I've yet to come across a single theme that had the 9.png files in this theme modified. I have tried dozens of times to do so but the buttons become warped and stretched when you press them...