1. F

    Thread [Q] Acer Iconia A100 (no display, homebutton lights up)

    I have already researched on this site and was unable to find a solution. I have an acer iconia A100 that was given to me due to it not working. Currently the device will "power up" and i say this lightly because only the power button becomes blue and the home button lights up when you touch...
  2. M

    Thread [Q] I need drivers, all download links are dead guy.

    I really need to get the right drivers for the Iconia A100 and i need um soon. I searched alot and there all dead links or ads now. I just attempted to port a 4.1.2 rom from another tab, I get past the install and sit at the boot animation, no damn adb cause i did a reinstall on the computer...
  3. M

    Thread [Q] I need drivers, all download links are dead guy.

    I really need to get the right drivers for the Iconia A100 and i need um soon. I searched alot and there all dead links or ads now. I just attempted to port a 4.1.2 rom from another tab, I get past the install and sit at the boot animation, no damn adb cause i did a reinstall on the computer...
  4. L

    Thread [Q] BT mouse

    Hello, is it possible to use with this tab BT mouse? Thx for answers.
  5. R

    Thread [Q] Is my A100 bricked?

    Can anyone help me? I installed a program called gallery refresh and it didn't seem to do anything. Then my A100 started running very slow, so I rebooted it. Now it won't come on! It goes to the ANDROID screen, and it's animated, but it just stays there forever. One time it started up after...
  6. S

    Thread [Q] Can someone please direct me to the best thread to root my A100

    I have just bought an A100, switching from an A500. Can some one please tell me where to find the best way to root the A100, preferably using Linux or a Mac.
  7. PVTD

    Thread [Q] A100 Broken screen trying to make mouse work!

    Hey all, I fell on top of my A100 a few weeks ago (Don't ask me how) and the side had a nice hit. I noticed the screen is checked, but the image is clean and perfect. The touch is not working anymore except for on 1 location, on the top part, a few square cm, My problem is that I don't have...
  8. max69power

    Thread XBMC For Android Nightlies

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1813089 Has anyone else tried this yet? I have it running on cwm-9. It is similar to boxxy I am using the most recent non-neon apk I just wanted to share this with the community
  9. Ather

    Thread NFS Most Wanted

    Just bought the game last night, downloaded the data files (580MB) and started playing it..pretty amazing! and no lagging so far (unlike N7) see the images attached
  10. Ather

    Thread [HOWTO] Install Flipboard on Your Iconia

    If you look up Flipboard in your playstore, you wont find it because its not available for Tablets yet, sure you can go and change the build.prop file and then get it, but there is another way; Instructions: Download the Beta Version of Fliboard from here Then, Install it as any other normal...
  11. luisxd

    Thread A100 Bricked?

    Yesterday my A100 stop working, it's stuck on Acer logo when i turn it on. Most weird is that it just stopped working from nothing, i was having a little of lag (as usual, because I use to oped a lot of apps), rebooted it and stopped at Acer logo. It was only rooted and had a custom build.prop...
  12. I

    Thread HELP Can't mount /sdcard/ cache/recovery/command

    E: Can't mount /sdcard/ E: Can't mount /cache/recovery/command E: Can't mount /cache/recovery/log E: Can't open /cache/recovery/log E: Can't mount /cache/recovery/last_log E: Can't open /cache/recovery/last_log I'm paniccking a bit here... i WAS ON ICS ROM RELIX/FLEXREAPER , unlocked rooted...
  13. junkmail9

    Thread [Q] Is it possible to force bluetooth media audio to emulate wired connection?

    I have the A100 HTC Car StereoClip for streaming audio to my car stereo, but only the bluetooth profile is for "Media audio." The device works great for streaming audio - it sounds just as good as a wired connection - but, it will not work for phone calls. When a call comes in, the "media...
  14. xarloq

    Thread [Q] A100 wit A500 motherboard

    Hi Guys, I've fried the mobo on my A100, now im looking for replacemnt mobo to get somewhere. And now i have a simple (possibly stupid) question: can i use a mobo from A500 ? note that it does not have to fit in the case.. i use it i my car as gps and etc... and all i need it to do is jusbt...
  15. G

    Thread Reliable Rom?

    I got my dad the A100 for his Birthday(54th) back in April. He uses it to play games like Angry Birds/fruit ninja, read books on the Kindle app, listen to music and surf the web occasionally. He enjoys it but he complains that it acts weird. It will boot him out of the kindle app, it will switch...
  16. L

    Thread [DEV] [KERNEL] UNOFFICIAL - Jelly Bean optimized Kernel for A100

    Current release: Version 2.0 (stable) [09/06/2012] SOURCE CODE: Available at GitHub Features CPU Overclocking up to 1500mHz (default is set at stock 1000mhz) Stable GPU Overclock @ 450mhz (scales from 300 - 450) Userspace CPU undervolting support Brick prevention/precaution - disabled...
  17. L

    Thread [MOD] A100 Peformance Enhancing build.prop for CM9 / ICS 4.0.4

    **Latest Working Revision is Rev-0.4 ** 07/28/12 **Now optional A500 build.prop for extra games/apps from Play Store** **Thanks das_webos_transformer for testing 4.0.3 and submitting working tweaked 4.0.3 build.prop!! ** **UPDATE** Rev-0.4 For 4.1.1 Jelly Bean << NEW>> This build.prop is...
  18. L

    Thread [MOD] A100 Peformance Enhancing build.prop for CM9 / ICS 4.0.x

    This thread was accidentally created in the "General" section and will NOT be updated, please Go to: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1554259 instead. I will not be posting updates or replying to this thread from now on. Moderator: Please close this thread, thank you.
  19. luisxd

    Thread [Q] Do you think Android Jelly Bean 4.1 is coming to A100?

    Do you think Android Jelly Bean 4.1 is coming to the A100?
  20. ezterry

    Thread [KERNEL][GPL] ezterry A100 kernel (ezT20) [Aug 12th, 2012]

    ~~~~~ Latest release A100 - V1.0.0 (first stable release) ezT20-v1.0.1-a100_S.zip MD5: d4febaf119f618afda9c749da4615445 **Please remove all undervolting and overclocking before installing, as different kernels will use the CPU differently, This may require you thus to change the OC/UV levels...
  21. T

    Thread [Q] Acer A100 microphone issue

    Microphone stopped working on my Acer A100 tablet. As far as I can tell, it stopped working after the ICS update, but was working for a little while after the ICS update was installed. Any app that uses the microphone doesn't seem to work. What steps should I take to diagnose the problem?
  22. S

    Thread [Q] A100 as nettop

    Hi guys. I am considering buying an A100 tab (at about 239€ now). Can it be used also as a nettop? I plan to connect it to TV via HDMI and connect a bluetooth logitech mediaboard (keyboard + touchpad). So my questions about A100 are: 1) can the screen be turned off when using HDMI connection...
  23. dslayer83

    Thread [Q] Whats Your A100 & A500 Benchmark Score?

    After rooting, unlocking bootloader, flashing Flex http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1589034 my score is 2729. Runs real nice now. Uploaded with ImageShack.us:D
  24. F

    Thread [Bounty] Acer a100 USB Host/Mass Storage

    My pre-apologizes if this is the wrong forum to post this in. I'm calling it. It's Bounty time. I want to hook up a large external usb drive to my a100, and after reading countless posts of it being a kernel level job, and things I admiralty know nothing about, I'm ready to pony up $20 for the...
  25. W

    Thread [Q] ( NOOB )Is it neccessary to have an external SD to flash an ICS rom?

    I've given up hope on getting the actual update, as 3.2 build does not detect it. so I think I will either flash the ICS rom itself, or try to revert to 3.2.1 so I can detect the update, Neither of which I'm sure how to do. Also, I dunno if an external sd is needed for these processes... sorry...
  26. D

    Thread [Q] CWM and storage card

    ok I installed ics install the sdcard swap unlocked the boot loader installed swm then I ran a backup. it put the backup on the internal storage (which my tablet thinks is /mnt/extrenal_sd is that right. i think at recovery cwm thinks that is /sdcard so how do I get cwm to backup and...
  27. Z

    Thread [Stock Rom] [ICS 4.0.3] Acer_A100_AV041_1.014.00_COM_GEN1

    The decoded official version ICS for A100: Acer_AV041_A100_1.014.00_WW_GEN1 Rename in update.zip. It is put through official recovery.
  28. Z

    Thread [RECOVERY] A100 TWRP recovery v2.2.0+

    A100 TWRP recovery (TeamWin Recovery Project) 2.2.0+ This recovery is created on the basis of TeamWin Recovery Project for A500 2.2.0 , kernels from an insertion of Acer_AV041_A100_1.014.00_WW_GEN1 and is modified for A100/A101 of tablets personally by me. I am in no way responsible for any...
  29. M

    Thread Rooting A100 for dummies, anyone?

    I'm trying to root my a100 and im not really comfortable rooting this. I seen many threads about rooting it but i know very little about adb can someone help please?
  30. blmvxer

    Thread [ROM] Realflex(flexreaper)

    http://www.sendspace.com/file/zdq9uo Working:About everything :p Broken:Camera works for some people. Tweaks:What comes with flexreaper, nothing special added in this version. Next version will have build.prop tweaks and hopefully working camera. If anyone wants to help with development of...
  31. Z

    Thread [How to] Install unlock bootloader for A100/A101

    Original article is published on this site and created by ZeroNull and vdsirotkin (4pda.ru). WARNING - If it works on your device, be careful, as with an unlocked bootloader you can brick you tab faster than you can imagine. How to: 0. It has been tested on the A100 ICS firmware. This...
  32. Joecascio2000

    Thread [Q] Battery Indicator Freezes

    Does anyone else have a problem with the Battery Indicator freezing while charging. It happens every time I plug in. Earlier today I plugged in at 11%, an hour later the battery indicator (both on the lock screen and the settings popup) said 11%. As soon as I unplugged it, it changed to 76%...
  33. R

    Thread [Q] restoring "downloads" sytem apk.

    First off I'd like to start off by saying that I am kind of an idiot...with that said; I like to mess around with important files on my device(Acer a100) even though I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing. Using titanium backup I uninstalled that download system apk. The one with the green...
  34. max69power

    Thread [Q] restoring the dial pad

    Ok what i am trying to do is reactivate the dial pad so i can call out on Google voice if it is possible. I see the mobile network and data in the es explorer. But they are both blocked. i love voice on my home PC. I know my friend with an android phone can use it the same as a regular phone...
  35. K

    Thread [Q] Developer/Community Base

    Hi everyone, First please allow me to apologize if this question has been asked before. I would really like to get an Android tablet. There are two that stand out in this year's Black Friday ads. The A100 for $190 and the Transformer for $250. I'm also considering the Kindle Fire. One of my...
  36. R

    Thread Acer Iconia A100 does not have active digitizer

    The information in the title would have saved me 60 €. I searched and searched but could not find information. SO I went ahead and bought a pen using active digitizer scribble technology. Needless to say, it does not work. What styluses have you used?
  37. T

    Thread [Q] Screen too sensitive

    My Acer A100 (love it to pieces) but my screen is a little too sensitive. On my A500, under Settings/Screen there is a option to change but I haven't found anything on my A100. Any suggestion?
  38. D

    Thread Acer a100 ad-hoc support (working)

    I know that there are a few threads regarding A100 ad-hoc network support already; however, I found that there were a handful of wpa_supplicant files that did not work. Some didn't work for me and others worked but they were not stable. I would have posted this in the development section but I...
  39. R

    Thread [Q] Anyone seen a good play-through case

    Has anyone found any play-through form fit cases for the A100? Right now I've got a Belkin neoprene sleave that protects it in my bag, but there have been a few times where I've been knocked into and had the tablet go flying, or simply dropped it (thats one slippery device!!). So a play-through...
  40. R

    Thread Moxier Mail OFFICIALY doesn't work on the A100

    Moxier Mail for Tablets (https://market.android.com/details?id=com.moxier.mail.tablet.trial&feature=search_result) doesn't work on the A100. It just force-closes as soon as you open it. I emailed Moxier support back and forth and sent them some logs. Turns out they don't support the resolution...
  41. cdkg

    Thread System Dump

    Found this floating around a little while ago. might be useful to some of us. It's not a recovery file, just contains the System content. a100_system_dump.zip http://goo.gl/nbUO3
  42. andreagragnato

    Thread [Q] Tethering between windows mobile and A100

    hello everybody. Yesterday i've bought the new A100 without 3G, and I'm trying to connect it trough bluetooth with my Windows mobile phone. Obviously when I run the Sharing connectivity program on windows trough Bt nothing happens on the tab. I know there are some tethering app for android...
  43. cdkg

    Thread [Q] build.prop help

    I messed around with my build.prop and now can't get past Acer splash screen. I tried pushing the build.prop file from my computer but adb cant find the device. I must mention that this is an A100 not an A500 (currently no A100 section in xda so I'm doing what I must). I can boot to the Acer...
  44. A

    Thread [ROOTED] Rooting An Acer Iconia A100

    The A100 ships with acer/vg_gen2/vangogh:3.2/HTJ85B/1311401634:user/release-keys . Its copy of /system/bin/vold includes a fix for GingerBreak, so that exploit won't work. I also tried the iconiaroot-1.3.apk but it did not work either. Logcat says 'E/CMD_SERVER( 102): cmd_server: invalid...