1. xdarthanonx

    Thread [GUIDE][HOW-TO][ROOT][TWRP][MT6735M] ZTE Blade A110

    This thread is going to be a guide on how to root the ZTE Blade A110 (a.k.a. Optus Zip, Coles Shout, Spark Lite, etc.) with KingRoot v4.60 and then replacing KingUser with SuperSU - via adb shell. Once rooted, a custom recovery may be possible. This will be explored. Be aware that KingRoot...
  2. R

    Thread [Q] ZTE Blade A110 Kitkat flash?

    Bought one of these phones but it is made by ZTE and not Micromax which is the Chinese version that is being sold in Australia. My question is has anyone successfully flashed Kitkat 4.4 onto one of these?. I see that there is a lot of roms for the Micromax version but none for the ZTE version...
  3. killerassassin

    Thread slow wake up on 4.1

    I have this weird problem with my canvas 2. When I am on 4.2 ROM phone wakes up instantly on pressing the lock button. But when I am on kitkat ROM or on any 4.1 ROM there is a slight delay in screen wake up. I have tried switching kernel but in vain. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. A

    Thread [ROM Request] KitKat

    The phone's performance on the KitKat Rom. Simply incredible. But the looks are not at all good. Can someone mod and customize the looks of the Stable version of the KitKat Rom? :good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good::good:
  5. bindassdost

    Thread [CM11][MT6577][WIP][ at bootanim +adb] Discussion thread

    i had started this thread for discussion to move forward on the development as this is my first time at rom compiling i request all the members to not to ask eta/progress report etc ill update the thread at regular stages i had made a first breakthrough and now getting to cm bootanimation now...
  6. ghpranav

    Thread [MICROMAX A110 & A88][THEME] Android L Theme Mod [Ver 3-Final]

    A cool theme that turns your phone into Android L for Micromax A110 Canvas 2, A88 Canvas Music & most of all the mtk hdpi devices. This works on almost all roms, except MIUI,LEWA,CM, Color OS etc... I have made this using only my phone (no PC) as I'm currently staying at pg (paying guest) , so...
  7. vinandy

    Thread [Q] Rooting the MMX on ICS 4.0.4

    Hi All, Been searching this forum since Friday and didn't get any support / replies in thread on how to ROOT A110 while on ICS 4.0.4. Any guidance should be helpful. Thanks.
  8. C

    Thread [Q] After flashing official JB rom bugs shows

    1. After every reboot my apps are missing 2. Contacts gets lost but when you toggle import/export contacts somehow they began to show up again 3. Can't go to stock recovery mode and cmw any solution for this? need answers asap since this is a primary phone TIA
  9. shaditya

    Thread [Q] Dirty Camera Lens

    I recently got my camera lens replaced from the micromax service centre and ever since that day my phone camera is plagued with dust and dirt getting stuck inside the camera lens. I got it cleaned 3 times from the service centre but they keep saying that we can't do anymore. Is there...
  10. T

    Thread [Q] Urgent help required: Phone only flashes boot screen after flashing a custom ROM

    Hi Friends. I rooted Micromax A110 & tried flashing a custom ROM of A110 plus & since then it just shows boot screen & keeps flashing it. I tried to flash multiple ROMs after that but no luck. :( Can anyone help on this one please? Thanks in advance.. Tapan
  11. B

    Thread [Q] How to add supported boot.img Zip to root directory - MICROMAX CANVAS A110

    Dear Experts, Good day to you all!! I am using Canvas A110. I had earlier rooted my device and was using JMP ROM. For new experience i wanted to try other ROM's and i found; 1. LegoIce™ Project ROM 4.2 [LF-3 S4]UPDATE 03/02/14 2. LegoIce™ Project [LegoIce™_Fusion_v3] [4.2.2] [Note3...
  12. V

    Thread High Resolution Vinyl Skins using photoshop

    Merry Chrismas and advanced happy new year to all :) This is my first tutorial....So plz be soft with me xD :P This thread is for making vinyl skins for mmx a110 using photoshop Materials Required:- Photoshop,Knowledge in Photoshop,Some cool skins,Steady Hands,3M Glossy stickers or...
  13. plethorahil

    Thread [MOD][Stock JB 4.1]Transparent App Drawers For Micromax Canvas 2 A110

    Why Transparent App Drawer : Stock is nice ... We are lover of it ... But one thing annoys me a lot that is total black shh!ty app drawer (it is not MICROMAX's fault i would blame STOCK ANDROID :silly: ) But Micromax gave CANVAS HD semi-transparent app drawer in update ...but canvas 2 users...
  14. nexi4droid

    Thread KitKat Thread: Everything android4.4 for canvas2

    This thread is dedicated to our dream journey to android 4.4 kitkat on canvas2 :victory:
  15. myhdmini

    Thread Guide Requested

    Hi XDA Guru`s, I have tried to search for a proper guide which will tell me how to move from 4.1.x to 4.2.x. There are many roms but all say they are without boot.img, some say xxxx kernel is needed etc. So someone please put up steps that say how and what to do. I am not asking you to...
  16. Faaiz Puthawala


    CyanogenMod is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 4.3.1 (JB), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. THIS THREAD IS FOR DEVELOPMENT AND COMPILING OF CYANOGENMOD 10.2(4.3.1) FOR A110 REQUEST TO ALL...
  17. chinmayshah

    Thread ROM erasing issue

    I have Bumblebee 3.0 installed on my A110 currently and I've been facing certain issues with my SD card. (My camera would not click pics, because my SD was apparently full.) So, I figured.. Why not flash the SD card from 'storage' in android settings. I want to install another ROM. Now I have a...
  18. hulgo

    Thread [APP][share] CM Focal app 4.1+

    Focal Camera app Hey guys :) I'm sharing the official release app of CyanogenMod Project. Previously this didn't work on our device but now it works great :D Download link : Focal app Screenshots :
  19. rijuvanaero09

    Thread [ROM][JB 4.2.2][30 Sep 2013][~ Team_Minha_Xtreme_SmAsHeR~] [Stable] [Stock Feel][OTA]

    Jelly Bean 4.2.2 ROM for Micromax Canvas 2 " Team_Minha_Xtreme_SmAsHeRs " ::::::: Procedure for Flashing ::::::: 1. After Entering into Recovery Mode 2. Select " Wipe data/Factory reset -----> Yes -- Delete all user data " 3. Select " Wipe Cache Partition -----> Yes -- Delete all cache " 4...
  20. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Thread [REQ] Xperia m recent apps for canvas 2

    hii , i have micromax canvas 2 and im running on legoice galaxy s4v3 i was wondering if anyone could create or port the recent apps of sony xperia m for my device..:o i request the devs to develop this...and thnx in advance... if u want any other info abt my rom then u could pm me or just...
  21. Recognized Noob

    Thread Stylus for MMX A110

    Yo bros. Silly question here: Is there a stylus or some kind of pen for our fone? :fingers-crossed:
  22. P

    Thread [Q] Ghost touch, help in Bangalore needed

    Hi Dear Fellow Forum Members, My Micromax A110 has got ghost touch. I read many posts and tried battery draining & recharging to 100%, asked a friend to exchange his battery and used for 3 days, kept soft cloth with & without battery for whole night, kept my charging location atleast 10 meters...
  23. proseray

    Thread [[4.2.X]]-[[4.1.X]] Transparent Stock Launcher[Developed][25%,50%,75%100%]

    Here Is My 1st Work [Contribution] On Stock Launcher . Most of the users love stock feel But Sometimes we force to change stock launcher only for App Drawer Dark Background . This Thread for App Drawer Transparent Lovers ,Those wants to Use Stock Launcher with Various Transparent Level ,After...
  24. Recognized Noob

    Thread [Q] 4x4 Pattern lock

    Is there an app or mod for 4x4 or more pattern lock as in cyanogenmod? I am on an mtk device (Micromax a110) and there is no cm rom for it. :laugh:
  25. nightwalker

    Thread [wallpapers][moto x]original for a110

    Hey,guys Exclusive Motorolla's Moto X wallpapers for canvas 2. IMAGE 1 IMAGE 2 IMAGE 3 IMAGE 4 IMAGE 5 IMAGE 6 IMAGE 7 IMAGE 8 IMAGE 9 IMAGE 10 IMAGE 11 IMAGE 12 IMAGE 13 IMAGE 14 IMAGE 15 IMAGE 16 PRESSING THANKS BUTTON WILL NOT COST U A PENNY,SO SMSH...
  26. Sam Solomon

    Thread | 4.2.2 | Galaxy UI |★★★ Dark™ Galaxy★★★ | MOD |

    Galaxy UI... Now on 4.2.2 NOTE: This isnt a Complete ROM for now due to my limited Time... Warning: You should be on Dark NeXus[tested]/any other 4.2.2 base[untested] Download LINK: Thanks to tiwanaz for mirroringto Dev-Host Procedure:
  27. Recognized Noob

    Thread [JB 4.1.1] Na'vi ROM V1.0 (21 Sept. 2013)

    Na'vi ROM is somewhat different from other ROMs. It is more focused on ease and customizability rather than just high benchmarks. I wont go and claim that it will be the best ROM eva. Thats what ever ROM developer claims when it is his ROM. I will just say it is different. Specs and features...
  28. bindassdost

    Thread Thread closed

    See Faq in next post before posting something 4.2.x KERNEL DOWNLOAD HERE change log v2.00 merged thundergap 3.4.5 (means all thunderzap features) thanx to varun.chitre15 for sources camera working this one is just a quick build for those who wants mine or varun kernel on 4.2.x more to come...
  29. jigarmpattani

    Thread [Mod][23/Aug/2013]Screen Off CRT Animation For JB Stock Based Any ROM

    Now Enjoy Screen Off CRT Animation On Our Precious Smart Phone Micromax Canvas 2 or Its Clone. Basic Requirement : Jelly Bean , Micromax Stock Any Based ROM / Custom ROM Download Link Click Here To Download & Don't Forget to HIT Thanks Button Or / If Your SystemUI Force Close Click Here To...
  30. ekhasti

    Thread [Q] [Need] ROM Cooking guide for A110

    Can anyone make detail step-by-step Guide of Android Kitchen or any alternate for cooking ROM :confused: Yes.. in XDA have Guides for that.. but not for our device.. Canvas2 A110 is there any developer or ROM cooker make it for help newbies :svetius: .. like me :p Thanks in advance... Sorry if...
  31. akashrt

    Thread [Mod] Xperia Z SystemUI and Framework Port

    Xperia Z SystemUI.apk and Framework-res.apk Modded by me. For Stock JB. Enjoy! :D :cowboy: Also check out my ROMs! Full Xperia Z, Galaxy S4 UI. :D ROM Forum page: CanXperiaROM CanGalaxyS4ROM Features: 1) Boot animation, Shutdown animation with sound. 2) SystemUI.apk modded by me. 3)...
  32. nolinuxnoparty

    Thread [ROM][JB] Radium Rom | Team Radium | Fast, Stable, Rock Solid | Beta Testing |

    Proudly presenting in front of you.. <| About the ROM |> System details: Jellybean 4.1.2 This is the improved version of stock! No UI Changes Fast, clean and stable. Basic Features: Init.d Support via App Kernel Free Stock Cyanus T2 JB UI Thanks to Mobistel.de for Cyanus T2 JB Firmware...
  33. Sam Solomon

    Thread 【ROM】【MOD】《《FrostMOD™ V3》》【JB 4.1.2】【OTA】

    【ROM】【MOD】《《FrostMOD™ V3》》【JB 4.1.2】【OTA】 Touchme is pure port from I-9500 MT6577 ROM @ NEEDROM SCREENSHOTS Tell me Bugs so that i can patch them :cool: Get Downloads and all DOWNLOAD
  34. Sam Solomon

    Thread [MOD][LOCKSCREEN RE-DESIGNED] Increase App Compatiblity from PlayStore[PATCH][CWM]

    Many Applications on Play Store shows Incompatible by Default on Canvas 2. So InOrder to Over-Come that,Just Flash this Patch over your ROM... DOWNLOAD LINK : HERE Forgot to say that this patch reprograms the JB Lockscreen to ICS Style..Like Unlock Screen to Right,Google Search to Top,and...
  35. Sam Solomon

    Thread 【ROM】【MUSIC】《《Canvas Music™ Edition》》【JB 4.1.1】【MOD】

    【ROM】【MUSIC】《《Canvas Music™ Edition》》【JB 4.1.1】【MOD】 Micromax Canvas Music A88 Port for Micromax Canvas 2 A110 ======================================================================================================== Micromax A88...
  36. Sam Solomon

    Thread [PORT][AROMA][JB] MIUI V5 | BETA v3.6.7 [DIS-CONTINUED]

    MIUI V5 MIUI V5 for Micromax Canvas 2 Based on latest v3.5.10 Almost Stable :D ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Download Link Beta v2 : Dev-Host[Latest]...
  37. Sam Solomon

    Thread [PORT] ♥♥ XPERIA™ Z Lockscreen ♥♥ [15-May-2013]

    ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** DOWNLOADS MAIN MOD : AndroidFileHOST(Image-Change Support)- Size_16.3 MB MB JetMOD Xperia Z Patch : AndroidFileHOST(Flash...
  38. Akshitbanta

    Thread [FLASHABLE][BOOT LOGOS]Amazing New Boot Logos[6 April 2013][Any ROM]

    Amazing New Boot Logos For Micromax A110, MyPhone A919 and Mobistel Cynus T2 All these Boot Logos are made by me and are Flashable through CWM/TWRP...If you are New here or Don't know how to Flash, then follow the steps given in the Post Below. PLEASE HIT THANKS BUTTON IF YOU LIKE MY WORK...
  39. TemporalFalcon

    Thread [Video][A110]Rooting and much more...

    Hello! My friend eternalbliss99 has been working hard to bring to you video tutorials for rooting your Micromax A110 phone.... So i thought that i would share the youtube link with you guys! Follow the link http://www.youtube.com/user/eternalbliss99/videos?view=0&flow=grid Dont forget to...
  40. bsuhas

    Thread Suvi ROM Universal UI Patches for all ROMs based on Micromax JB release

    HI all, Suvi Rom is known for its awesome UI (and performance as well, undoubtedly). In this thread I will provide different UI patches from Suvi Rom which are universal - means these will work on any ROM which is based on Micromax officeial JB release. Please hit thanks if you liked the idea...
  41. N

    Thread [Q] Unable to install Stock v2. Now installed Cynus T2 and no 1 GB storage

    Hello everyone! I purchased the A110 before the v2 version was released. So when the v2 came out, I desperately tried to upgrade. I was totally unable to upgrade using the Scatter tool. Then the CWM flashable version came out. I installed that. But sadly, that wouldn't repartition the drive and...
  42. kaydee

    Thread [Custom ROM] JELLYDEAMON V1.0 For Micromax A116 Canvas HD

    INTEGRATED APPS-- Awesome Beats (....Awesome....) Background HD Play Music Root Browser Lite SuperSU Swift Key Trial Titanium Backup (If you want to uninstall a system app use this) Trucaller Hackers Keyboard Updates-- Play Music 4.5.9141.590354 (Latest) Play Store 3.10.14 (latest) Google...

    Thread [PSD] ░█░ Micromax Canvas 2 Black PSD by ATMOSF3AR Designs ░█░

    [PSD] ░█░ Micromax Canvas 2 Black PSD by ATMOSF3AR Designs ░█░ This is for showing off your ROM's and themes and Apps for the Micromax Canvas 2. It requires hardwork & if you see it somewhere then a thanks would be great. Here's the preview Please Credit me if you use it. Download ...
  44. Sam Solomon

    Thread [ROM][ICS] CreamDream™ THUNDER

    Hello Friends,I am Presenting a ICS ROM as i have never came up with a ICS ROM..... Please note that its a themed ROM...It works perfectly on Micromax A110/MyPhone A919/Q-Mobile A10.. Only those who want ICS jump to this ROM,or else use JellyBean itself... Base ROM-Micromax A110 Stock...
  45. hp_vercetti

    Thread [APP][4.1]Improved Stock Camera for JB 4.1.1

    This is an update for Cynus T2 JB 4.1.1 The zip makes 12MP Rear Camera and 1.3MP Front Camera As we all know, camera sucks on JB (even with 4.2 camera used), this update provides good clarity and auto focus update. The update contains 4.1 camera and gallery.. The flashing of zip will remove...
  46. Patambiz

    Thread [ROM/PORT] Bizugo Baidu OS 4.0.4 - [MMX A110/MP A919] [NEW Ver6]

    BIZUGO Working for Micromax A110 and MyPhone A919 Features: - Smooth New UI ----------------------------------------------- - Customizable Lockscreen - Customizable Dialer - Customizable SMS - Customizable SystemUI - Customizable Icons -Downloadable Themes...
  47. sam_0829

    Thread [Micromax A110][JB 4.1.2]Zopo ZP950's Rom for A110

    Hello Folks .. Today I Found One More Interesting Rom Working For Micromax Canvas 2 . It's JellyBean 4.1.2 This is the Rom of ZOPO ZP950's. I Patched it With Cynus JB & Got it Boot on Our Phone. Bugs: It feels laggy Download : UPDATE_4.1.2_MMX_A110 [CWM FLASHABLE] Installation...
  48. A

    Thread [MMX A110] Micromax A110: Jellybean 4.1.1

    Mobistel Cynus T2 (Same as micromax a110) released a jellybean upgrade on their website on 6th Feb, 2013. Following this, our great dev and modder community has come up with many roms and variants. SECTION 1 : OFFICIAL JELLYBEAN ROM OFFICIAL MICROMAX JELLYBEAN version 1.11- latest one from...
  49. Dr.Acula

    Thread [MMX a110]Micromax Canvas 2 TWRP Recovery 2.3

    The Title says Right Micromax a110 just got a Twrp 2.3 Port TWRP change log from v2.2 to v2.3: Comming to THE Credits Its ported by THE ONE AND ONLY . . . . . . . . . Me :laugh::p:laugh: Download link in the attachments. If U want to share it on ur blog. pls redirect them here:good: not...
  50. B

    Thread (mod)mmxa110 stok 2 60fps fix

    Here is perment fix for stock rom 2 even after reboot. -gps is working -3g is working in both sim switch -videocalling working -60fps perment fix even after reboot -wifi is working -bt is wworking Proximity sensor not working . Flash it by cwm. Download: download 60fpspermenentfix