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a20s root

  1. TheAirBlow

    Thread [A207F/A20s] Rooting/TWRP?

    Explanation and my thoughts: There is official TWRP for Samsung Galaxy A20s, but it is not flasheable because doesn't allow it - hash mismatch. Tried everything: empty vbmeta, google disable-verify vbmeta, some other vbmeta, nothing seems to stop it from mismatch error. Are there any workaround...
  2. Hex_101

    Thread [HELP] [A20s] [Root] How I root my Galaxy A20s [SM-A207F]

    Device INFO Model: SM-A207F BUILD: QP1A. 190711.020A207FXXU2BUD4 Baseband Version: A207FXXU2BUC1 ONE UI: 2.0 Android: 10 I tried every method which I can [Magisk, U2 root and everything] ERRORS: SECURE CHECK FAIL : Boot.img or (anyone one of these) SECURE CHECK FAIL : Recovery.img
  3. Hex_101

    Thread [GUIDE] [TWRP] [Root] How to install TWRP and ROOT on a20s (SM-A207F)

    HEX_101 Requirements: [+] Have a Linux distro installed on your pc [+] A Brain [+] An A20s and a USB cable Initial steps: [+] Unlock the phone's bootloader (won't teach you how since it's the easiest part) [+] Download GSI from your pc make sure to download...
  4. Hex_101

    Thread Secure Check Fail : recovery.img error on samsung A20s (SM-A207f) after flashing Magisk

    Problem 1: First I tried to install magsik using twrp but I don't know after flash twrp it boot to download mode showing something like this [ <!> or <.> ( I don't remember clearly ) there was also an error saying (dev_block) ] so twrp...