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  1. TheAirBlow

    Thread [A207F/A20s] Rooting/TWRP?

    Explanation and my thoughts: There is official TWRP for Samsung Galaxy A20s, but it is not flasheable because doesn't allow it - hash mismatch. Tried everything: empty vbmeta, google disable-verify vbmeta, some other vbmeta, nothing seems to stop it from mismatch error. Are there any workaround...
  2. Hex_101

    Thread Extract vendor blobs and make a device tree

    I'm trying since many time to get a Lineage os build for my device, which is a Samsung A20s |SM-A207F| (codename: a20s) with OneUI 3 (android R) but i'm limited for the following reasons: There are no device tree to work with. No vendor blobs to work with How I get device tree and vendor blob...
  3. Hex_101

    Thread [HELP] [A20s] [Root] How I root my Galaxy A20s [SM-A207F]

    Device INFO Model: SM-A207F BUILD: QP1A. 190711.020A207FXXU2BUD4 Baseband Version: A207FXXU2BUC1 ONE UI: 2.0 Android: 10 I tried every method which I can [Magisk, U2 root and everything] ERRORS: SECURE CHECK FAIL : Boot.img or (anyone one of these) SECURE CHECK FAIL : Recovery.img
  4. Hex_101

    Thread Can anyone provide me a20s device tree and kernal

    Can anyone provide me a20s device tree and kernal
  5. Hex_101

    Thread [GUIDE] [TWRP] [Root] How to install TWRP and ROOT on a20s (SM-A207F)

    HEX_101 Requirements: [+] Have a Linux distro installed on your pc [+] A Brain [+] An A20s and a USB cable Initial steps: [+] Unlock the phone's bootloader (won't teach you how since it's the easiest part) [+] Download GSI from your pc make sure to download...
  6. Hex_101

    Thread Secure Check Fail : recovery.img error on samsung A20s (SM-A207f) after flashing Magisk

    Problem 1: First I tried to install magsik using twrp but I don't know after flash twrp it boot to download mode showing something like this [ <!> or <.> ( I don't remember clearly ) there was also an error saying (dev_block) ] so twrp...
  7. Hex_101

    Thread How to unlock samsung a20s bootloader

    I want to unlock the bootloader of the Samsung a20s I tried almost all ways on the web my problem I am unable to boot to download mode in which it shows unlock the bootloader (I am able to boot download but the of selection like press volume up do this volume down to do this that menu is not...
  8. SoundDrout

    Thread "SECURE CHECK FAIL : boot. img"

    Hello everyone, I have a question. Can I and how do I disable the Security Check on my phone (Samsung Galaxy A20s (SM-A207F/DS)). The reason is: I want to root my phone. When I flash the magisk_patched.img (renamed boot.img) when I restart my phone I receive "Secure Check Fail", Which is VERY...