1. Hazem442

    Thread A2SD Problem With Galaxy Y Duos

    I have problem with a2sd gui cant open it It says A2SD doesn't run properly beter do "a2sd check" in terminal emulator ! Maybe your version below But i use beta 4 So what is the problem :confused:
  2. noturbru

    Thread Amarullz a2sd scipt slow down your sgy

    Buy high class sd card Or Odex your rom And install link2sd:good:
  3. noturbru

    Thread [HowTo]Format ext2,3,4 partition on sd card- No need to format sd cardt

    When you are using Amarullz a2sdx on your rom and you want to flash another rom but when you use Amarullz a2sdx you are getting this ERROR -System uid inconsistent wipe data partition Flash stock rom using odin Root your phone Flash custom kernel/Hellsfusion#50 Install root explorer on your...
  4. vikash0513

    Thread [Q] Moving apps 2 sd error

    Everytime when I'm moving my apps 2 sd it works but every time when I'm reboot my phone he can't find the apps on my sd card it says the app is not installed has anyone got this same problem and how to fix this...
  5. qashqool

    Thread [Help] in M´rage ROM

    Hello, I had a problem connecting the WiFi on M´rage rom. As I have Darktremor script I thought it might be it, but after reboot it worked. Did someone had problems with WiFi on this rom?
  6. m3adow

    Thread [Q] A2SD for individual Apps?

    Hi all, since my HTC Desire does have a low amount of internal ROM, most Roms you can get use some sort of A2SD. Mostly it's a sort of "move /data/app and dalvik to ext-partition, keep /data/data in internal memory" with a tad of variation. But what if I want to leave some of my most used apps...
  7. A

    Thread a2sd for gingersnap

    Yesterday I flashed gingersnap for better performance (had icysnap), but then few problems came :/. I can't normally setup a2sd thing, because phone always gets into bootloop and then i need to wipe everything again... Could someone recommend me a2sd mod that works with gingersnap? Also it would...
  8. M@c|-|oR

    Thread What can I do with GB Stock ROM??

    My Desire belongs to my significant other since I bought One X :) She is not a demanding user. She browses, reads local news, listens some music, plays some games, uses various messanging softwares. Battery is important to her. :D Eventually, internal memory ran out, so she wants me to help her...
  9. S

    Thread [Q] internal memory help!

    i have sgm running on a custom rom with cwm touch. i have 16gb sandisk class 4 sd card with partition of 4096M and 0 swap. well i tried it and it worked. my internal memory showed 3.75 gb after installing some 2.3gb of apps(on internal storage) i rebooted phone coz it was getting...
  10. x01a4

    Thread [Q] Titanium Backup's new update.zip + A2SD Question

    Hi there, With the newest update to TB Pro, you can now create a flashable zip of all your apps and data. Does this work with a2sd scripts? Does it put the files on the sd card if a2sd is enabled? I guess the question is: Does the a2sd script load before the recovery?
  11. Pseudonym

    Thread [Script][Share]CronMod-A2SD/D2EXT/INT2EXT

    Hi guys! Since I'm always seeing a post about Amarullz and other A2SD scripts having problems like random force closes, bootloops, slow read/write and not working on Stock and CM9/10 Roms. I'm going to share with you an awesome alternative to those A2SD scripts like Link2SD, Amarullz, S2E, and...
  12. ph03n!x

    Thread [DEV][19NOV] Native Mount DataOnEXT with DalvikOnNAND (Test #2)

    Index Post 1 - Android Boot Process, Space Restrictions in /data, Usual Workaround scripts that load from init.d Post 2 - The Permanent Solution for Internal space issues in /data, and how it is executed (Step by Step) Post 3 - Credits, Benefits, Note on Cache, Note to ROM Makers on...
  13. adil1508

    Thread A2SD script

    Hey HD2 android users I am a user who has the constant trouble of low internal memory. I like and use the NexusHD2 v2.5 by tytung. There is no a2sd script with the rom and the a2sd scripts suggested by tytung cause too many problems(performance lag, issues with app launching, slowing down...
  14. W

    Thread A2SD Problem - Low Internal Memory

    Hello everybody. I have BIG problem with a2sd. I have haldric Sensation ROM with marc 0.2.3 kernel and A2SD. I've installed only about 15 apps and after about 4 month of using this ROM i get low memory notification. I check system information in A2SDGUI: Internal: 2MB free (183 MB total)...
  15. B

    Thread Not enough free space when installing applications from play store on ICS with a2sd

    I have just discovered how to fix a problem of insufficient space when you have a device with low internal storage running ICS and a2sd or similar and I thought I would share it with you as I could not find the answer online. So the old way of creating a symlink from /cache/download would not...
  16. adil1508

    Thread [Q] A2SD problem

    Hey XDA, Ok so i am using the new BlueOrange-Mix v1.0 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1769077 And i have a real problem with A2SD. I have made an ext partition through CWM. 1024Mb of partiton with 0 swap size. To use this partition, i downloaded Link2SD from the play...
  17. Alaadragonfire

    Thread [ROM]Sense 2.1[AlaaDragonfire_Rom v2.0]Themed[Extremely Fast][Custom Rosie][9-8-2012]

    This is My First Rom I Hope You Guys Like It Nothing Much Changed Its Our Lovely Simple Sense 2.1 With Features And A Bit Of Customization! This Rom Is Not overclocked if you want to overclock it install any other kernel! I Recommend Cake_Kernel_Wildfire_S_3.0-v0.9 And Yes! I Think There Are...
  18. M

    Thread [FLASHABLE SCRIPT] Team D.I.R.T | Remove A2SD FROM ROMs

    Alright so as many of you guys know, a lot of Team D.I.R.T ROMs have A2SD baked in! This may be looked on as good or bad! Some people have fears of partitioning their sdcard because 1 reason or other and some are just lazy to do so...hahahaha Well I've found a solution for those that are lazy...
  19. yuweng

    Thread [mod][mt6573] Data2sd on stock rom

    All MT6573 android phones are plagued by low internal memory issue. This mod works on all MT6573 Stock ROM with Stock Recovery. Credits (In Aphabetical Order): banjo0917, casacristo, puppet13th, tazzz811, ungaze & others DEV. Without them sharing their mods/ tools, this KANG would not be...
  20. K

    Thread [Q] A2SD question

    2 questions 1) is A2SD usually brewed right into ROM's? 2) should I see my internal storage size actually increase if it is working, or does it just make it easier to move things to SD? One of the reasons I rooted, like everyone else I would guess, is because of the relatively small internal...
  21. ahac85

    Thread [Q] Apps 2 SD

    Hi i currently have the 16gb sgs3, and ive installed a few hd games aswell as other stuff and my internal storange is almost full, i cant seem to find any option that will allow me to get extra space back on the internal storage. all my personal files pictures etc are on the external 16gb sd...
  22. croniccorey

    Thread [SCRIPTS]CronMod-INT2EXT (updated 02/28)

    :) INT2EXTV2+ Posted :) If you like it please click thanks on this post and give it a rating Thanks to all users and contributors About: CronMod INT2EXT was wrote for use in my rom with the goal to achive a stable and fast way of moving the data partition of your phone to the sd-ext...
  23. A

    Thread After Mount2SD => No phone calls & NO home button

    Hi I tried Android 4 from sandvold and BCM and if I enable external memory via Mount2SD I get my apps back but the phone stop to work. I mean I can make calls but I can't receive calls :( and the *HOME button* stop to work Any idea how to fix it?
  24. C

    Thread [Q] Known problems when partitioning 32GB microSDs?

    I'm wondering if there are known problems when partitioning 32GB (Class 10) microSD cards with multiple partitions? I'm asking because I have the same problem with two 32GB cards from different vendors. I wanted to replace the 16GB Class 2 card I'm using in my HTC Desire for A2SD (M2SD to be...
  25. taodan

    Thread [Q] remove a2sd and push ad2sdx to init.d

    Has anyone tried to remove a2sd and push ad2sdx to the init.d? If yes, did you encounter any problems?
  26. b16h22

    Thread Enable a2sd in stock rom

    It's a simple procedure.I've got it working on my DDKL2.But you need a custom kernel. 1.Partition your sd card with cwm or minitool partition 2.Follow the procedures below to add init.d support http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1422061 3.Flash dt a2sd zip through cwm...
  27. W

    Thread [Q] How to get my apps/games back from my second partition after factory reset?

    I have been using Link2sd for a while now and just wanted to know is there a way to get all my apps/games back after flashing a new rom or after factory resetting my phone. There should be coz all the apps and there data, .dex files and lib files etc, are already there on the second partition...
  28. crush41

    Thread [Q] Problem with A2SD and ICS

    Hey. I have a problem with my N1. I use the Evervolv Rom by Texas. Yesterday I the problem occured that it was impossible for me to install any app from the Market. Everytime I try a message "Not enough space" pops up. When I try to restore an app with Titanium Backup it loads for forever, but...
  29. B

    Thread [Q] V6 Supercharger and a2sd dalvik cache

    I'm having darktremor's a2sd script and V6 Supercharger installed. Since the V6 Supercharger recommends to clean the dalvik cache once in a while, I am wondering how I should do it. My Dalvik Cache is on the SD-EXT so I'm not sure if I should: 1) Select Super Clean and Reboot from the V6...
  30. A

    Thread [MOD][APPS2SD][CWM] GingerMod Apps2SD Beta 1.0a for All ROMs

    GingerMod Apps2SD Beta 1.0a for All ROMs! This script is a part of GingerMod 2.1a (Galaxy Mini) (Soon) :D Prerequisite : - Superuser - busybox - init.d run-parts Features move /data/app | /data/app-private | /data/dalvik-cache | /data/data | /cache to /sd-ext set sdcard read ahead to : 2048...
  31. A

    Thread [MOD][APPS2SD][CWM] GingerMod Apps2SD 1.2b for All Custom ROMs - Update 12-JUNE-2012

    GingerMod Apps2SD for All Custom ROMs! Prerequisite: - Kernel support ext2/3/4 - Sd-ext type ext2/3/4 - Superuser - BusyBox - /etc/init.d run-parts Features - BusyBox 1.20.0-cm7 bionic - move /data/app | /data/app-private | /data/dalvik-cache | /data/data | /cache to /sd-ext (without reboot...
  32. BigMatza

    Thread [Q] Swapping "internal" sdcard partition for /data

    I'm asking this specifically for the Atrix. I would like to have one central location for all apps and data, and have all the apps installed as "internal". The advantage of this method is so that apps can function independently of whether /sdcard (or /mnt/emmc if you do it that way) is mounted...
  33. F

    Thread [SOLVED] Apps 2 SD that shows up as internal storage

    I am looking for an apps2sd script that will move my apps to my ext partion on my SD card, but ALSO shows up as internal storage (it shows the space of the ext partition as internal storage). I heard there was an ICS ROM that did this, so I am looking for the script. Thanks.
  34. A

    Thread S2E vs A2SD

    plzzz tell me which is better and how to use them currently i m on miui by andalulu. plzz tell me about partitioning also.
  35. d0g

    Thread [Q] Before installing DarkTremor... SD backup?

    I want to set up DarkTremor A2SD ... Is there a way to resize my FAT partition non-destructively and add an ext3? If not (which is probably the case) -- what is the best way to backup my FAT part on Mac? I was going to just create a DMG with Disk Utility, then restore the image after...
  36. oseienoch

    Thread [Q] How to partition sdcard on kyrillos' ROM v10 beta2

    I have just flased kyrillos rom v10 beta 2 and g3mod kernel 2.4.1 but i cant seen to get it working. if it is not possible how would you enable it with the original CM kernel
  37. Jorinde123

    Thread [Q]Darktremor A2SD not working on HTC ChaCha!

    Hi there, I'm trying to use A2SD, since the HTC ChaCha has a ridiculously small amount of internal storage... After following the instructions thoroughly (Partitioned with MiniTool Partition Wizard, 1 partition Fat32, 1 partition EXT2 of 1024MB and then i flashed the A2SD zip through the CWM...
  38. A

    Thread Upgrading from MIUI-XJ A2SD to D2EXT.

    Im currently at MIUI-XJ 2.1.13 A2SD and am planning to switch to D2EXT. My question is can i bring the backup i did using MIUI backup and restore it in D2EXT?
  39. BMXJeff

    Thread [GUIDE] How to setup A2SD WITHOUT flashing a fresh ROM

    After an hour or two of frustrating googling and thread sifting I managed to successfully setup A2SD to increase internal phone memory without affecting my current ROM and installed apps/data/settings. I thought I'd put together a clear and simple guide to save anybody else the pain and because...
  40. jaggyjags

    Thread [ROM] Htc Explorer (pico) "JaggyRom" [3.2.1] (5-7-12)

    JaggyRom for HTC explorer An optimized, european, stock-based custom rom. 1. Features Rooted Kernel by yannou90. Ext-2,3,4 partition support. task killer tweak for speed Apps2sd enabled (no need of link2sd anymore, don't use it). BusyBox installed Booting HTC Sound dissabled Bash shell...
  41. D

    Thread [Q] Swap/Swappiness, what is it? How to use it?

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if it's possible to enable this on our EVOs and also what sort of effects would it create? From inside the "A2SDGUI" app (from dta2sd) it isn't possible for me to activate swap under "swap settings" even if I currently have my SD card partitioned with 128 megabytes...
  42. T

    Thread [SOLVED] SD-EXT doesn't mount on boot

    Hi, If you experienced this problem go to the 6th post where the answer is. Have a weird problem. SD-EXT partition seems to not mount and be discovered by system at boot. As a result cannot use DT, S2E for CM7. Here is some background info, I suppose my diagnosis is right. Please help I...
  43. blahbl4hblah

    Thread [ROM] [February 13] MIUI - PyroMod - Stable Version 1.1

    Screenshots: /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it...
  44. J

    Thread [Q] Starting Over From CM7

    Hello all. Thanks in advance for any help. I attempted some searches before posting this but didn't come up with much. I've been using CM7 for quite some time and I quite like it. However, I've started to get some random resets, force closes, and a few other issues. I also feel like I have...
  45. T

    Thread [Q] How to find what HBoot?

    Hi I have successfully rooted and s-off'ed my HTC Desire using the guide http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1016084 But im confused by HBOOT and ROM's having CM7 and A2SD versions. I initially flashed the insertcoin ROM using the A2SD version and then decided to try SGBS again...
  46. O

    Thread [Q] Moving apps to Sd - OPENOPTIMUS ROM

    Hi, I´ve just finished flashing OPENOPTIMUS Rom on my LG Optimus 1. I follow to the letter every instruction even the SD partitioning to be able to use a2s but moving apps to SD would not work. Not with app manager, not with Ti backup, not with AntTek Explorer. Any suggestions how to overcome...
  47. U

    Thread [Q] Removing a2sd/a2sd+/a2sd++ from a custom ROM

    As the title says is it possible to remove the a2sd script from a ROM... The reason I need to know this is because I would want to try installing the DATA2SD script. The trouble is, in order to install data2sd I have to remove the a2sd script... I would originally ask this on the specific ROM...
  48. Y

    Thread [Q] DT a2sd on cm7.1

    Need help guys! Today i flashed cm7.1 on my N1 (B4 i was using cm6 rc1 with DT a2sd) Cm7.1 works great but i need a2sd for more space After i flash DT a2sd beta 4 , i entered into boot loop My phone wont boot Whats the problem?? do i need to wipe sd-ext also (As it may contain previous...
  49. SpikoPath

    Thread [Q] Stock overclock and A2SD Help

    I've done endless searches for a ROM that is close to the stock gingerbread rom with A2SD and overclock. I have only managed to find this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1045824 This is great but I would like to squeeze more processing power out of my handset. I've tried...
  50. T

    Thread [Q] Manage apps location with A2SD

    Hi guys! I'm here to ask for help ^^ I have my HTC Desire root and S-OFF with the CM7-R2 Hboot. But I'm struggling with the A2SD script installed by default on the LeeDrOiD HD V3.3.3-Port-R5. Everything works great except that the A2SD can't be managed manually. I explain : I have about...