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  1. O

    Thread Boot recovery without USB?

    There has gotta be a way. Magisk in recovery, the only way to install Magisk on the A50 due to no ramdisk, requires you to boot recovery every time (it boots the system, but with Magisk enabled). I installed a tool that makes the phone REboot to recovery by default. But it doesn't boot to...
  2. hondiezee2

    Thread Galaxy A50 possibly bricked?

    Now first of all, this isn't my main phone (wasn't even mine), but i still want to see if i can get it working to tinker with it. So basically, when i try to turn the phone on it gets stuck on the "Samsung Galaxy A50" screen and doesn't get any further than that. Booting into recovery mode...
  3. asadace1

    Thread {Gaming Rom}{A505F}AceOne_V1{Q10-OneUI-2.5}

    I am not a developer, i just modified firmware and add some mods , i just want to share my experience! here is vidoe from rom: https://youtu.be/pusP4UumapA Current changelog: • Based on A507FN U5 firmware • Fully debloated,deodexed,deknoxed • Add battry and charging animation • Better...
  4. physwizz

    Thread Create your own debloated ROM

    wizzROM creator available here https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/wizzrom-creator.4300953/
  5. A.7_m.ed

    Thread [CLOSED] Camera Features mod for A50 (Android 11)

    📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷 💥Camera Features V6.8.1 by @A.7_m.ed ______________________________________________ ✅ The Features ✅ - Motion Photo Fixed. - Fix Single Take. - Ultra wide now is working in Pro Video for some users. - Now u can use motion photo with 25MP...
  6. A.7_m.ed

    Thread Camera Features mod for A50 (Android 11)

    📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷 💥Camera Features V6.8.1 by @A.7_m.ed ______________________________________________ ✅ The Features ✅ - Motion Photo Fixed. - Fix Single Take. - Ultra wide now is working in Pro Video. - Now u can use motion photo with 25MP resolution in front...
  7. I

    Thread [noob question] where to download vbmeta?

    Hi in a thread about installing twrp recovery for a50, there's a requirement of a vbmeta.tar file Where can i download it? is it extracted from the stock rom? Tks in advance, i migrate from the old s8 so there's a lot of new things for me.
  8. amiranga

    Thread A50 Network problem in low signal area

    While using the phone in an area with good signal coverage, it works fine. But when the signal levels are relatively low, the mobile data doesn't work/ terribly slow. Compared this with some Nokia and Xiaomi midrange devices with the same sim (LTE enabled, same apn) but they worked without any...
  9. C

    Thread Custom ROM problem, boot loop

    I tried the following: 1. Unlock my bootloader by enabling developer options, enabling OEM unlock, power off the device, hold VOL+ and VOL- simultaniously while connecting a USB cable, and enabling the unlock. A factory reset was triggered as described in various tutorials. 2. I set the A50...
  10. The_0N3

    Thread Latest stock rom and recovery

    Can someone share stock rom and recovery for A50 Indian variant. I installed twrp and tried to flash root but it's not working. Also fingerprint and other things are not working so want to flash stock rom and recovery and then lock the bootloader. ( I saw the other post of recovery images but...
  11. physwizz

    Thread [Guide] How to build your own kernel

    I developed this guide for the A20 but it will work for you too with a few modifications. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-a20/how-to/making-kernel-a20-t4173485
  12. T

    Thread Sprint A50 (Sim card crashed)

    I installed XAA U1 Firmware on my unlocked Sprint A50. Changed the CSC to XAA/XAA/SPR and the phone started displaying "Sim card crashed". Please contact customer services. Whenever i try to search for networks. It comes up with error while searching for networks. Can anyone help me with this?
  13. XperiaNoobie

    Thread Cannot flash combination file A505FN Android 10

    Hello guys, I've been trying to flash a combination file I found for A505FN on Android 10 (U5) through ODIN. On most Odin versions, it hangs on SetupConnection, but I found a modded Odin 3B v3.14.1 from PatcheD and as soon as I start the flashing it hangs there (see pic attached) and on the...
  14. M

    Thread Trouble with videos

    Hi everyone! Lately I'm having trouble with playing videos on when I'm in some browser. For example, if I'm trying to watch a video on a web site, the screen starts flickering and I have to restore the website 2 or 3 times. It also happens using the facebook or twitter browsers or also any...
  15. redymedan

    Thread [RECOVERY][ROOT] Unofficial TWRP for Galaxy A50

    TWRP for Galaxy A50 has patched Magisk v20.4. For more information about TWRP please visit https://twrp.me/site/update/2020/06/24/twrp-3.4.0-0-released.html Disclaimer I'm not responsible if something went wrong on your phone(Usually nothing goes wrong). You are doing this on...
  16. H

    Thread Expert needed to root Android Headunit with Allwinner A50 SoC

    Hi Experts, In possession of a Pioneer Headnit which consists of a amplifier and seperate tablet SDA-8TAB. Seems to run on a Allwinner A50 Soc and on Android 9. Would like to get root access but well known Rooting Apps do not work. Somebody can help? I captured some info from the tablet and by...
  17. Vinyborges

    Thread A505U without network connection

    Hello everyone, So, I bought a A50 (A505U) Unlocked, but from SPRINT, on Ebay, when I was in the USA. I bought it to give to my mom, here in Brazil. When I got here and put my mom GSM sim card the A50 recognized the network of her operator (TIM), but an OMADM error of the SPRINT network...
  18. Bl4Ck R34Ct0r

    Thread Speed up your fingerprint unlock and make it faster

    Hey guys I found this guide on how to make your A50 fingerprint faster.. 1) Open Settings, go to Apps, tap the 3-dot menu button at the top and select Show system apps. 2) Search for com.samsung.android.biometrics.app.settings and select it. 3) Go to Battery » Optimize battery usage and make...
  19. redymedan

    Thread [GUIDE] Flashing ROM PixelExperience 10 GSI [Android 10] [Stable]

    GSI ROM: PixelExperience-10.0-20200328-GSI-ARM64-AB Take it at Your Own Risk INSTALLATION : Enter TWRP Recovery Select Wipe - Format Data - type "yes" and confirm Select Reboot - Power off and Enter TWRP again Copy GSI ROM and GAPPS to your phone Install - Install Image - select...
  20. redymedan

    Thread [GUIDE] Flashing ROM EvolutionX 4.1 GSI [Android 10] [Stable]

    GSI ROM: EvolutionX-4.1.69-20200329-GSI-ARM64-AB Take it at Your Own Risk INSTALLATION : Enter TWRP Recovery Select Wipe - Format Data - type "yes" and confirm Select Reboot - Power off and Enter TWRP again Copy GSI ROM and GAPPS to your phone Install - Install Image - select...
  21. redymedan

    Thread [Guide][Root and Fix Bootloop] Galaxy A50 SM-A505F Android 10 Q

    Previous TWRP is not work on Android 10 Q I have tested it. The procedure root method is same with this thread https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-a50/how-to/guide-root-samsung-galaxy-a50-tested-sm-t3946889 The problem that we will face is bootloop after reboot magisk manager or reboot the...
  22. shakirbaloch

    Thread A50 Dual Sim Internet Working Very slow

    Hello I Got Samsung A50 Dual Sim If i Use 2 Sims In My A50 Than My Internet Work Very Slow And Pings are Too High and fluctuate in Every Online Game. To Get full Speed And Normal Ping I Have To Disable One Sim ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Is There Anyway To Fix This Problem Sorry For My Bad English(•‿•)...
  23. mingkee

    Thread A505U: bootloader can be unlocked or not?

    I am about to buy US version A50 (A505U) I know Snapdragon version Samsung phones are not possible to unblock the bootloader, but A505U has Exynos CPU and the hardware is identical to all other counterparts. Can US version bootloader be unlocked?
  24. D

    Thread A50 WiFi problem

    Hi, My Samsung A50 is a great phone but has a annoying WiFi problem I'd like to solve. Whenever I connect a WiFi capable of 5Ghz, at some point it starts to switch to 2.4 GHz constantly and back to 5Ghz, making the WiFi unusable. This happens even if I am close to the router. I have already...
  25. Ibroxx

    Thread Samsung Pass does not work

    Hello everyone, I'm having an issue with a Samsung Pass on my A50 device (A505FN, June security patch). Whenever I try to verify my fingerprint with Samsung Pass, it says "Couldn't verify fingerprints, Try again later". This also happened when I was on May update. I have 3 fingerprints...
  26. A

    Thread Samsung A50 Super Fast Fingerprint Trick

    Read the full article or just watch the video tutorial here: https://youtu.be/oKlfyr2GV6w So, With this trick i assure you that You're gonna be no more dissatisfied with your galaxy A50/A70 fingerprint. So this is the trick here: Step 1: Remove all previously set fingerprints. Step 2...
  27. V

    Thread How can I install Magisk on Galaxy A50?

    Mine is SM-A505F/DS (Indonesia) I have read guides (on magisk site and stuffs) but never one that specifically mentions A50. I plan to go with rooted stock so custom recoveries (twrp etc) are nice to have but not a must.
  28. zvox

    Thread [RECOVERY][3.3.1-3][a50dd]Unofficial TWRP recovery for Galaxy A50

    back up all your data before starting #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications. Features: - magisk works. - encryption/decryption doesn't work. Install guide: 1. you are...
  29. Ibroxx

    Thread Samsung Pass not working

    Hello everyone, Yesterday I bought Galaxy A50 and I'm really satisfied with this device. The only thing that is not working soo far is Samsung Pass. I enter it from the Settings, pass the first screen, type my password, click accept, and after that I get a message like "Samsung Pass is...
  30. BasharSYR

    Thread Samsung Smart Capture

    Hi y'all sup :fingers-crossed: I have an A50 and it seems that it doesn't have Samsung Smart Capture Feature :crying: And I saw it on A20 & A70?? How To Enable It :confused: TY ❤
  31. lalitkhokhar

    Thread What is call and messaging continuity which comes eith the latest ota update?

    Just updated A50 with latest OTA update and it mentioned that it includes Call and messaging continuity, what is this feature? How is it useful?
  32. T

    Thread Guide: Auto Call Recording on Galaxy A50

    Call recording is included in One UI but is accessible only through the Dialler settings. Due to this, it may not come to the attention of a lot of users who might expect it to be under the normal Settings app. The following image lists the steps to be undertaken towards enabling call recording...
  33. JARVIS Grand2

    Thread Official Telegram group (community) link

    Samsung Galaxy A50 development and community telegram group A50 Photography group - Show your photography skills using tri-lens lets make our community stronger #peaceBRO MOD EDIT: LINKS REMOVED
  34. inaqi69

    Thread [ROM][Qmobile] Hell Rom™ for Qmobile Noir A50 | Fast , Pure & Reliable :)

    Salam, Here I am presenting you a debloated and tweaked build of Qmobile A50. Its been a long since i made this. Theres a story behind this :D >> I build this for my friend because his noir a50 was so sucked!! After i started development in this Rom he told me to stop working more in this Rom...
  35. Daszz

    Thread [Rom] eXperian Rom For Micromax A50

    Hello guys this is the new rom for our Micromax A50 :laugh::good: eXperian Rom Features of this rom Swap Supported For Better Multitasking or not depends on you. Ext-2 Support (LINK 2 SD) Support. X-LOUD Engines for best sound if your speakers are not broken. Camera Quality is Good Better...
  36. S

    Thread Garminfone A50 / A10 How to flash ROM's

    Credit to vs2 who discovered this. This is not flashing a custom ROM, but rather flashing another official Garmin ROM onto your phone from another country. Try this at your own risk. Consider yourself warned. This is reportedly working fine on the A50 (Garminfone) & A10. I found this posted...
  37. D

    Thread [Q] Factory App deletion on Asus A50

    Hi everyone! I have a Garminfone Asus A50 that I have Rooted and I purchased Root Explorer and such but, I was wondering how to find stupid Apps like Amazon Mp3? I can't find it anywhere in the System/App section. I watched videos on YouTube and it looked simple enough but, I have had no luck...
  38. J

    Thread [Q] Move Apps To SD Garminfone 2.1?

    Has anyone been able to move apps to sd on the Garmin Asus A50 2.1? If so how? The only app I have been able to find to do this thats not for 2.2 or above is link2sd. But I can't get the ext2 partition to mount at reboot. I am rooted with z4root and have superuser permissions. If anyone...