1. R

    Thread A51 stuck in TWRP bootloop

    Today, I flashed the latest firmware onto my phone, it had a few boot issues but I managed to finish. Then I noticed that (I KNOW I AM DUMB) forgot to backup the data in my internal storage as well... Now I tried flashing TWRP because I noticed the internal storage shows up as ~4GB, which is...
  2. IndulgeInXDA

    Thread Galaxy A51 5G Still no oem unlock?

    Model number: SM-A516U it's t-mobile but carrier unlocked now Still no methods of making that OEM unlock button appear in US versions? I've probably spent 20 hours on here looking for something to unlock the bootloader and root. Coming to the point where I'm about to start a class action...
  3. M

    Thread Port EdgeLighting from Flagship samsung for mid-range like A51

    after android 11 EdgeLighting+ is not working in mid-range phones like A51 and we dont have a lot of Styles for Edge Lighting app, but all of this styles available in flagship phones, so can anyone port this app from flagship to mid-range phone? or can anyone modify edgelighting+ app for working...
  4. RickyBoby

    Thread Building custom Kernel for Nethunter

    Hi XDA, Finally found and rooted a cellphone because I've been wanting to use Kali on a mobile. After a few hours, I realized I needed a seemingly non-existant custom kernel as well since almost all the tools don't work. I'm new to rooting so sorry if my questions seems stupid. Can I use any...
  5. kevios12

    Thread [A40][OneUI4.1][PORT]Samsung Galaxy A51 Full FW [EOL]

    This firmware has far better performance than the S10e. Try it! Feel free to give some Feedbacks! /* * I am not responsible if flashing this rom bricks your phone or causes thermonuclear war * and ends the world as we know it. * You have been warned. */ Make always a Backup of your Phone. U4...
  6. ralboreto

    Thread Samsung A51 Nethunter Install [KERNEL] wifi-driver Monitoring Mode

    Hello everybody, I need to install nethunter and all the drivers of the tl-wn725n wifi adapter on my samsung galaxy a51. I performed the unroot procedure and installed nethunter via magisk. Nethuner and the terminal emulator work fine. Obviously, since my cellphone wifi does not support...
  7. inting

    Thread Is there a way to unbrick my phone without a backup?

    I was trying to flash an unofficial image of Lineage and definitely messed something up - the phone is stuck at the "Samsung Galaxy A51" logo and won't boot. The image was lineage 17.1, so I'm suspecting that it was a change in bootloader code. I was previously running Android 11 (R) with Magisk...
  8. Cyberhound5672

    Thread [SOLVED] Samsung A51 - No OS

    Hello, I am actually brand new to xda-developers, I have did something stupid I guess... So, I had stock firmware and I already have it rooted and installed twrp. At this point, I have tried many many things and it is telling me No OS now with TWRP (I boot-looped it by uninstalling bixby :v) and...
  9. M3DUS4

    Thread Fastboot, Samsung Galaxy A51

    Hello, i wanted to ask how to fix the fastboot mode. Everytime when i try to access it, it just says "Entering Fastboot..."and thats all. I dont want to close it, thats not my problem, i just wanna flash a recovery.img, and the fastboot seems not working. Any ideas?
  10. M

    Thread black screen after splash and unable to factory reset, possibly frp?

    Apologies for formatting, typing up on my phone during my break at work. To be more specific, I have a samsung a51 that recently had a black screen of death with no known cause. The samsung splash screen as well as the recovery menus alll work correctly however once it boots past those...
  11. M

    Thread A51 Stuck on Samsung A51 logo - Unbrick

    Hi, My phone is stuck on A51 logo for days now it charges - I can enter download mode easily - I can sometimes enter recovery mode some other times it doesn't let me I tried flashing different stock ROMs of android 10, 11 for the phone with different security patches. it ends with success but...
  12. Oopsitsdeleted

    Thread [11] [GSI] [OFFICIAL] OctaviOS-v2.5 For Galaxy A51. [Slightly Modded Stock Android]

    OctaviOS Rom For The Galaxy A51. (Note, I did not make this rom. This is a Generic System Image (GSI) made by OctaviOS devs. so it is not specifically built for the A51, but it's really stable and I am using it now.) OctaviOS is an AOSP based rom focusing on Unique and Smooth UI with handy...
  13. Hyptex

    Thread Bypass Google Lock?

    Hello Would it be possible to bypass a google lock? im on a A51 and I went on yt but I saw a video with unreasonable amount of views (10mil) so I just ignored it and asked it on here. OR Would it be possible to bypass a lock screen which I don't think is possible in my opinion. Thank you if...
  14. R

    Thread How to install LineageOS 17.1 on the A51 [ROM]

    Enter TWRP Recovery Mode: Turn power off; Press and hold Volume Up key + Power key, when samsung logo appears release power key only, keep pressing volume up until TWRP recovery appears Select Wipe – Format data ( type “yes” and confirm ) Select Wipe – Advanced wipe ( select “Dalvik, Cache...
  15. A

    Thread USB connected disconnected

    Hi, I am having an immense issue on my phone, which also many other people are encountering I saw online as well. I keep getting a non-stop silent notification which says USB Connector Connected / Disconnected. I have a A51 phone and since 3 days this is going on. I saw many other people...
  16. BlassGO

    Thread [ROM][A515x] RefinedUI v1.0 [OneUI2.1 - Android10]

    ABOUT THE ROM: Its based on the stock One UI 2.1 of the Galaxy A51 but adapted to the new binary that came with OneUI 2.5 (Binary 4), so u need to have this last binary to avoid problems GENERAL FEATURES: - Animations 0.1x to 10x (in developer options) - Patched theme store (U can use themes...
  17. azteria2000

    Thread Installing TWRP and Root for Samsung Galaxy A51 with VIDEO!!!

    Hello guys I wanna share guides how to installing TWRP and Root your Galaxy A51 device. Note: Your Phone must be Unlock Bootloader, and Enable (turn on) oem unlocking + enable (turn on) usb debugging in developer option. Please make backup data first, because it will format data and erase file...
  18. M

    Thread (Guide & Discussion) GET Exynos 9611 cat 6 Lte-A aggregation

    m31 thread carrier aggregation discussion
  19. M

    Thread (Guide & Discussion) GET Exynos 9611 cat 6 Lte-A aggregation

    m31 thread carrier aggregation discussion
  20. M

    Thread (Guide & Discussion) GET Exynos 9611 cat 6 Lte-A aggregation

    how to enable lte advanced aggregation on 9611 chipset .. 😊 We know that a51 and a50s have 2CA AND M series not My theory says that if we copy that particular file from A51 a50s then we Will definitely have Carrier aggregation.😊 But for that Guys we need to discuss and help each other . I...
  21. paulocunhadelmaschio

    Thread A515F Changing Rom Procedure

    Hi Everyone, One question. If I have A51 model A515F and want to change my country csc because there is no update still, can I download another country Original Global Rom with the same model and install it on my device using Odin, please?
  22. ramping

    Thread Global A51 Telegram group

    Group not found. It was a good idea.
  23. JordyEGNL

    Thread New update for A51 & A71

    Samsung has released a new software update bringing a range of leading Galaxy S20 features to the Galaxy A series. Galaxy A51 and A71 device users will now be able to harness some of the Galaxy S20 series’ powerful innovations, designed to make the way we capture, connect and share more dynamic...