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    Thread Question lpunpack error while unpacking super.ext4.img

    I'm following this guide: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/guide-t220-t225-flash-a-gsi-on-the-a7-lite-without-twrp.4456821/ and keep getting stuck on Step 5 where i have to unpack super.ext4.img. When I run the command bash$ ./bin/lpunpack super.ext4.img I get the error read failed: Invalid...
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    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE] [T220/T225] Flash a GSI on the A7 Lite (without TWRP)

    Hi everyone, this is a short guide on how to flash a GSI on the A7 Lite (without TWRP). Its a nice little tablet for the price but it doesn't have a very powerful SOC and for me the One UI is barely usable on this device. The launcher and the whole system UI feel extremely laggy, but apps...