1. Dvdiskolo

    Thread mobile doesn't connect wifi aawireless

    I tried to connect aawireless but after a while I receive this pop-up: impossibile to connect please retry. It's like the device doesn't send the credentials. What can I do?
  2. clifhunger

    Thread Switch Audio outuput with Android Auto Wireless

    Hello, I have a Galaxy s9 under Android 10 and One UI 2.5, in Bluetooth it is possible to choose the audio output of my applications. But when my phone is connected to my car in wifi (AA Wireless) I can't change the audio output to another device. The output is forced on the wifi I have...
  3. U

    Thread [AAWireless] Possible workarounds to get internet connection on MIUI while AA is connected wirelessly

    As AAWireless gets shipped and people are getting their device, so I think more people are running into the same problem: When using MIUI the chance is pretty high that it is possible to connect wirelessly with Android Auto, but there won't be any internet connection. Which makes AA pretty...
  4. E

    Thread AAWireless - General discussion and support

    This thread is dedicated for AAWireless users. AAWireless is a device which allows you to transform your existing wired Android Auto compatible unit into a Wireless Android Auto unit. General chat, experience sharing and community support should be expected as well as support from the...