1. B

    Thread Please help, New to bootloader unlocking, Rooting and Custom Roms

    Hey, I have a TMobile Moto One 5g Ace 128gb and I don't want to destroy this phone but it sucks being stuck in Android 10. I have rooted phones in the past including Samsung's, LGS and Zte but Motorola is a new beast and I'm afraid of bricking it. I also don't want to be stuck with a custom ROM...
  2. K

    Thread Question The current image (boot/recovery) have been destroyed

    Welp, first day of owning the OnePlus Ace and I've already bricked it lmao. Need some help in trying to unbrick it. So last night I successfully rooted my device using magisk, but after experimenting I just decided to revert back to being unrooted, since I realised I didn't actually need many...
  3. P

    Thread Can't get USB drivers to work

    Hello. I am having a lot of trouble getting the USB drivers to work. I am wanting to simply connect my Moto One 5G Ace with a USB cable and have it show up as a drive on Windows File Explorer. I want to copy files to/from the SD card. But either I'm not downloading the right drivers, or my...
  4. M

    Thread [ROOT] [J110H] Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Duos

    Step: 1) Flash via Odin on "AP", wait for reboot. Done! Link:Link removed as links are dead Also need to privide a password free file Password: !fsgmmI5pYwe0VdUHlBzczviqqY93jEXcLc-slTTiT0c Credits: KingoRoot
  5. M

    Thread [ROOT] [G316ML] Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo Oct 2017

    Step: 1) Flash via Odin, wait for reboot. Done! Link:!WEUXBBiD Password: !1zfrZ8zeBWbHWxnQeGM1ndhYHpgJTwyyxQOtl-XWj1A Credits: KingoRoot
  6. PhavourFlavour

    Thread Galaxy Ace GT-S5839i does not boot finally

    Hello my beloved XDA-Members, A few days ago i wanted to root that old Galaxy Ace GT-S5839i (yes 9!) and install a custom rom on it. I downloaded all stuff you need (was actually hard to find stuff for the 9i). When i entered CWM i formatted /system , /cache, /data and dalvik cache. Then...
  7. O

    Thread [ROM] [4.0.4] [CM9 Ultra Lite] Optidroid Plus v2.0.0

    Hello, l present my mod rom dedicated to good performance in games, RAM, battery and more. Features JB Status bar & more various tweaks build.prop tweaks apps optimized and much eliminated have a aosp interface excelent performance in games, in battery, and more. Installation Reboot in...
  8. xdagee

    Thread [GAPPS][UNOFFICIAL] Android 5.0 Alpha Build

    #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are...
  9. R

    Thread [Q] Bricked : how to root Galaxy Ace

    Hi Experts, I tried rooting this phone and it seems like it didn;t work. what i have tried is downloading 1. multiboot odin V4.42 2 cwm-recovery-ace.tar ( 5251 KB ) clicked on " One Package " COM Port was yellow. waited for 21 mins. does not seems to flash. I have also tried cwm apk file...
  10. Bassel Bakr

    Thread [Xposed][4.0+]Flashlight Fixer: Fix For Some Devices With Broken Flashlight (v1.4)

    Description: This module fixes flashlight of Samsung GALAXY Ace Plus custom ROMs to be able to use any Camera or flashlight app from play store. If you have a device with the same issue, contact me to see if I can support/fix your device as well. Google play link: Flashlight Fixer (Xposed)...
  11. xdagee

    Thread [ROM][KITKAT]CyanogenMod 11S OnePlus Edition M12 Released

    Disclaimer Hello Everyone Lets Welcome CyanogenMod 11S OnePlus Edition Features Cynaogenmod Modded KK Launcher KK Applocker UC Browser OnePlus Bootanimation OnePlus Camera OnePlus Gallery OnePlus Themestore OnePlus Lockscreen Beats Audio ES FileExplorer Event...
  12. D

    Thread [Share] All Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Stock Firmwares (2.3.X) Ever Released

    All Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Stock Firmwares (2.3.X) Ever Released Today I'm going to share links to all the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Stock firmwares (2.3.X) ever released. I know we already have similar threads here but the problem is all the download links are either broken or too slow. All...
  13. Anil3a

    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i to support unicode

    Guys, Ace mobile doesn't support unicode text to display in its browser as well as any apps in my mobile. Can some one help me support unicodes into my mobile, I tried to view pages of Russian languages, Nepali and others but only i can see is boxes. I want to view Unicode text in my mobile...
  14. T

    Thread [Q] Stock recovery S7275R

    Hello, I got a new Ace III S7275R today. As I flashed the recovery to CWM it did not work, luckly I could fix it. Now I wonder, Is there a way to get the Phone completly clean? -Resetting flash counts -Install clock recovery -Install offical rom Thank s Sorry If this thread is in the wrong...
  15. david19au

    Thread [Q] Galaxy Trend and Galaxy Ace II

    Hello, i'm kinda confuse of those 2 phones, they both have the same GT-XXXXX... Can i use the rom for Ace 2 for my Trend?
  16. A

    Thread [Q] Need Galaxy Ace S5830 .pit file

    I need a .pit file to flash my Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 (Cooper) via odin. I was on stock gingerbread 2.3.5 and one fine day the phone entered a bootloop with the Samsung logo animation repeating itself. I tried flashing the stock rom from sammobile for my device location, but after flashing...
  17. ddaggebi

    Thread Korean Galaxy Ace. Can anyone help me with Wi-Fi issues?(Developer needed. Plz help!)

    Okay. I am a Korean. I have Korean Galaxy ace(SHW-M240S). I've found out that Korean Galaxy Ace has a different Wi-Fi and bluetooth Module from international version. So with average custom roms, I can't use Wi-Fi and bluetooth:( However, everything else just works fine. There are only two...
  18. R

    Thread [Q] Media Scanner causing phone to continually reboot?

    [Q] Media Scanner causing phone to continually reboot? A weird issue manifested on my phone today ... the phone started, upon boot up, to spontaneously reboot. It would boot up within 30s, at which point I unlock it an pulldown the notifications screen (to see what was going on). I saw several...
  19. Mustaavalkosta

    Thread [ROM][AOSP][KK][cfX-Toolchain LLVM Clang 3.5] HTC Desire HD codefireX Alpha builds

    CodefireX Open Master This well established Android distribution treats development differently than any other to further our Android platform as a whole. This is the fastest source built ROM you will find on this forum, and also the only one to utilize our...
  20. atimus

    Thread Which config use for lunch

    I'm trying to build android from source for the htc ace (desire hd) and I don't know how to use lunch. I'm looking for a config file for this device but I can't find anything. I don't know if I have to use a generic config or adapt one from other similar device. Anyone who compiled for this...
  21. Nieon.

    Thread [GUIDE][JB][KK] Customizing iOS7 Style Homescreen

    In this guide I'll be showing you how to customize your homescreen to look at least a bit alike iOS 7. I know there are another guides or tuts with the same topic, and yes, I've also tried each of them, but I definitely haven't found one around this forum or even google that really fits. Please...
  22. Scyphe

    Thread Please add following phones to database

    While editing my profile as well as trying to find info I notice my phone wasn't even in the database of phones. Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos (S6802) Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos (I589) Samsung Galaxy Ace Advance (S6800) Samsung Galaxy Ace II x (GT-S7560M) Samsung Galaxy Trend (GT-S7650) Samsung Galaxy...
  23. A

    Thread [Q] heimdall and ace plus

    hello every body i have ace plus and i don't have windows and i want to use heimdall to go back to official firmware beacause my device is stuck at gts 7500 on boot how can i use it on ubuntu ??? and where i can find the sutable files to flash ? i downloaded a couple of files and both of them...
  24. Mustaavalkosta

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 11 Nightlies / Releases [EOL]

    General: These are UNOFFICIAL CM11.0 Kitkat Nightlies / Releases brought to you by Open Desire Project and TeamCodefire as a continuum to CM10 and 10.1 nightlies. Builds are generated automatically on every first Saturday of the month. Process starts around 10:30 PDT. If it fails, then there...
  25. MasterKoala

    Thread [ROM][4.2.2] MIUI v5 [3.10.8] Official Desire HD Rom [MultiLang][DISCONTINUED]

    I've Searched our forum for the Miui roms but there are a few and unstable versions of Miui Roms. So I found the Official MIUI V5 Rom and Wanted to Share with you guys. ;) ScreenShots Free Ram On stand By Around 250-305 MB On Bootup the Ram usage is maximum and then when you make the...
  26. jualmarxkh

    Thread [Q] Integrate an App to the ROM

    Hello friends. What I'm thinking to do is for example to use the Holo Locker not as an application that you download it as a system. I mean that when you install the ROM and this post would be something more like changing the ROM with things I want, I want to know how to do that without having...
  27. A

    Thread [DISCONTINUED][ROM][JB][4.2.2] HALO + CyanogenMod 10.1

    Hey Guys :) I compiled this rom based on nextlight, Ugoraffaele and PA Team's works. All credits to these guys ! I just applied patches and compiled :good: This is pure CM10.1 by androidarmv6 team with HALO. Screenshots: Features: All CM 10.1 Features HALO MA6 Kernel BLN Support...
  28. Ace King 34

    Thread [GENERAL][ROM][Android 4.3]Cyanogenmod 10.2[Alpha2][04/09/2013]

    CyanogenMod 10.2 for Galaxy Ace CyanogenMod 10.2 is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 4.3 (JB), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible...
  29. G

    Thread [Q] OTG Support For Ace i

    I wanted to know that if our phone supports OTG cableor not coz i found one on ebay.:confused:
  30. Bassel Bakr

    Thread [CWM]ClockworkMod Recovery V6.0.3.5 For GT-S7500

    Hi guys, I managed to port latest CWM v6.0.3.3 & v6.0.3.5 for our device. :victory: It took me some time to find out how to fix boot loop issues which occurs when we use online CWM Builder. (Thanks to mb-14) The only new feature I noticed, was "INSTALL ZIP FROM SIDELOAD" which allows us to...
  31. T

    Thread [ROM][STOCK]Phantom ICS [16/10/2013][Update V1]

    【PHANTOM ICS】 Intro: This rom is based on "IMAGINARY ICS" by "Ahmed Hamouda". This is my first Rom on Xda so i hope you enjoy. The purpose of this is Rom is to add some tweaks and features for good performance, battery life, visual appeal and ease of use. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for...
  32. er.davinder

    Thread [ROM][2.3.7][Chinese Rom] New Magic Rom- Angeeks (multilang)

    New Magic Rom- Angeeks ( If you liked Lewa ROM you will love this Rom also!! ) This is the latest version of the ‘Magic Rom Series’ by Angeeks with interesting features and a whole new interface waiting for you to experience. This Rom is for people who want to experience a whole new UI on...
  33. amir_n71

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 officially announced

    Samsung officialy announced the Galaxy Ace 3. The Galaxy Ace 3 codenamed GT-S7270 comes in 3 versions with duo sim (GT-S7272) and without duo sim (GT-S7270) and LTE (GT-S7275). The Galaxy Ace 3 features a 4.0” TFT display 480×800, 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, VGA resolution front camera...
  34. noe4516

    Thread [HELP] Sensors not working

    So, I accidentally bricked my phone. Then I reflash stock firmware and I installed CWM 5, and I cannot boot into recovery. But, that's not the problem, the problem is, my sensors doesn't working. How I know it's not working? 1. When I make a call, the screen doesn't off automatically...
  35. M

    Thread Can't acces factory recovery

    Hello, A friend of mine forgot the draw pattern used to unlock the phone and i tried to reset from factory recovery mode, bu i get the next error: -- Appling Muti_CSC -- Can't acces '/system/csc/VGR/system' I tried to reinstall original software with Odin but i wasn;t able to do that. Please...
  36. H

    Thread [PSD] Neon ACE device Psd (concept)

    Here's Neon Ace PSD for everyone to present your screenshots! It's made from scratch by me. You can place 2 screenies and change the background if you want. Download here
  37. aniket_dust

    Thread [Q] CALL RECORDING APP (bothways)

    tried various apps from play store both paid and free ,non worked for me .someone told me to try fiddling with kernels (tried both stock roms and CM roms with all there respective kernels)that also dnt help. all i got is "it dosent support your device" or it will just record my voice during...
  38. navinn

    Thread [ROM][ICS]Touchwiz 5UI S4 Revolutionised Uploaded..!! LeDerps [13-8-13]

    TEAM Le DERPS presenting you ////// TOUCHWIZ 5 UI S4 Revoltionised for HTC EXPLORER/PICO FIRST ROM WITH S4 Lockscreen for PICO..... Note::: This rom is ported from Samsung Galaxy ACE.. i have permission from the rom creator(sky_Walker).. and i have permission from immortal_yash to take...
  39. Trichelieu

    Thread [Q] Bricked Ace. Need more than a tuto. Please guys ;).

    Hey guys! So i got my hands on this old Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830) which is bricked. When I power it on, screen just goes on and off and on and off etc... I have access to download mode (vol down + home + power), I have access to emergency dload mode armv9 (vol up + home + power) but I can't get to...
  40. utak3r

    Thread [DEV][Kernel][2013.04.30] Experimental Ace kernel for JB

    Linux kernel 2.6.37. It is a spin-off from Erik's kernel (which is a spin-off from TheWisp's etc.). What's different? [2013.04.30] - new UHID driver, downported from Linux 3.x. Checked against a bluetooth keyboard - and it works ok. [2013.03.21] - default CPU freq governor is Interactive -...
  41. bieltv3

    Thread [ROM][DEV] CyanogenMod 10.1 JB 4.2.2 - Androidarmv6 [Nightly builds]

    CyanogenMod 10.1 for Galaxy Ace This is official continuation of Wayland_Ace work, so that's official CM10.1 for galaxy ace on androidarmv6 organization. This project is made with erikcas and Wayland_Ace permissions, big thanks to them. CyanogenMod 10.1 is a free, community built...
  42. hpluslabels


    Hey all, this is Music Player Apps for SGA(or another mdpi device), The look maybe a little similar to default GS III player, this is just a modded version of default player of GINGERBREAD will work perfectly on any device with HVGA resolution (MDPI) as this music player builded on HVGA...
  43. Mustaavalkosta

    Thread [ROM][DEV] Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview [2013-03-03][DISCONTINUED]

    This is Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview for ace brought to you by Mustaavalkosta and TeamCodefire. Touch Developer Preview Release Notes General: This is very alpha version of Ubuntu Touch. IT'S NOT READY FOR DAILY DRIVER. This is mainly for those curious souls like me to see how it runs on...
  44. D

    Thread Problem with VPN never connects

    Problem with VPN when ever i install any VPN App (Hotspot Shield, Tigervpns or any other) , it never connects.. also even if i add a manual VPN it also never connects... I thought that this might be caused by wrong/missing vpn config in the ROM itself, so i did Added VPnServices.APK from...
  45. A

    Thread Modified Torch

    For some day now I have been fooling around and learning how to modify APK files and such so I could finally fix the Torch app included with Wayland_Ace's CM10.1 for the Galaxy Ace. I noticed that the Strobe Frequency Slider was being messed up by some of the margins and I also decided I would...
  46. Blekota

    Thread [ROM][CM10.1][JB][TW5][RTM]Blekota S4[02.06.2013]

    Blekota S3 and S4 ROM I bring you my personal ROM called Blekota S3 and brand new Blekota S4. I like TouchWiz UI and new JB 4.2.2. so this is combination of them. This Rom is based on CyanogenMod 10.1 for Galaxy Ace by bieltv.3 This ROM is for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 only! Do not flash...
  47. hanni7345

    Thread [Q] that dammn battery

    hey i would like to extend battry life how could i do that. this is what came into my mind 1 new battery - but i can't find one does anyone know one that could fit ? 2 Rom and kernel - could this help ? 3 underclocking - this makes me sad it laggy enough allready
  48. ddikodroid

    Thread [TUT] Pie Control On Your Galaxy Ace with LMT Launcher

    Source :) Press the 'THANKS' button If You Like This Tutorial :)
  49. T

    Thread [Q] [rooted] samsung galaxy ace s5830 wifi fix

    i am facing a mainstream problem with my phone wifi. i had searched all the forums but i dint get any solution good enough to solve my problem. my problem is i had reset my phone with the stock os and kernel and rooted it afterwards with odin. then when i try to connect to a proxy wifi network...
  50. AaronvAce

    Thread Phone not connecting to wifi

    Hi everyone, I have a really weird problem. yesterday I came home and my phone didn't connect to my home wifi. so i tried turning the wifi off and on again but it didnt work.. other things I tried were wiping cache, dalvik cache, factory reset, I even restored a backup from a different rom but...