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    Thread Ad block for YouTube app?

    What are you guys using to block ads in the YouTube app? I used to use an xposed module. Not sure if that will still work or if there's another method these days. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. EypCnn

    Thread [APP] [4.3+] Minimal Ad Blocker (Beta)

    Hello Dear User, I'M glad to See You Here Because The App has Attracted your Attention And you'Ve Come here First Thank you For Deciding to Download the App:D If You'Re Bored with Ads on Your Android Device, you will be very Pleased with the Ad Blocking App you Want to Use Continuously. The...
  3. G

    Thread what happened with the dolphin browser adblock

    in dolphin browser 12.0.11 for android on Oreo 8.1 the ad blocking is missing and i tried to add it to the add ons and it told me dolphin had it built in which was not true
  4. gthing

    Thread Help with flashable zip (adblock and tethering)

    Previously I have rooted primarily in order to use adaway and to alter my build.prop file to enable tethering on cricket. I've now realized I can accomplish those things without root by simply flashing a build.prop file and hosts file. I tested, at least, the hosts file portion using MoaAB - but...
  5. J

    Thread No Root Solutions.. (Updated 14/12/15)

    No root ? How to Disable certain apps and enable features usually found with many root devices.. Disable Storage Checker Via adb (nag when under 25% storage left, this disables that nag) adb shell pm hide com.sonymobile.storagechecker Disable Whats New adb shell pm hide...
  6. Setialpha

    Thread Adblock hosts for Firefox OS

    I recently bought a ZTE Open C and was surprised there's no adblocker (shame on you mozilla!). Since I'm using AdAway (available from F-Droid store) on my Android Tablet I simply extracted those hosts file and put it on my ZTE Open C - et voila: it works, much less ads while browsing now...
  7. J

    Thread [Q] remove ads in Uc Web

    Hey please any one can remove advertising in Uc Web and 3 dot menu and upload latest apk. Plz see attachment. I do not want root my phone. Xperia zr
  8. PerfectSlayer

    Thread [APP][ROOT/NONROOT][OFFICIAL] AdAway v6.0.3

    AdAway AdAway is an open source ad blocker for Android using the hosts file. Google Play Store notice According the Google Play Developer Policy, especially the "Device and Network Abuse" section, ad blocker like AdAway violates the "Apps that block or interfere with another app displaying...
  9. N

    Thread Hosts file for Ad Blocking

    Hi guys, I am presenting you the latest hosts file to block ad in apps. It works for me for all apps I installed on my player (Angry birds etc.). How to use: 1. Download attached file and unzip it; 2. Copy the hosts file to your player; 3. Open system/etc with RE and replace the original hosts...
  10. B

    Thread [IDEA] AD Blocking

    There are multiple apps on the market that claim to block ads by turning off all internet access while app is open. This doesn't sound very convenient at all. Say I wanna play angry birds for half an hour or so, no Facebook notifications, no emails, no Skype calls while doing so. Miui have a...
  11. N

    Thread [Q]Why are the ad blocking patches permitted here?

    Why are the ad blocking patches permitted here? I remember the scandal with the "Impaled Angry Birds" version. So why are developers developing in the disadvantage of others that rely on ads to receive revenue for apps that aren't lite versions and have no paid apps released? More...