1. Z

    Thread AdAway doesn't block YouTube ads on OnePlus 7t

    AdAway itself works, I can block websites but YouTube ad hosts don't seem to work.
  2. E

    Thread Adaway problem

    Hello everybody, im not sure if im 100% in the right forum topic, but i've been facing problems with my phone and adaway. (using Samsung S21 Ultra) when i installed Adaway, ive been getting an error code whenever i try entering an Ad search on google chrome (and across all browsers), and the...
  3. N

    Thread Hosts do nothing

    Recently and updated my phone from like 10.3.0 to, and since hosts stoped working. I am using Adaway, and host mode dont doing anything, i have tons of ads, but dns mode work fine. Systemless host is enabled in magisk (23). Any help/sugestions?
  4. J

    Thread Android 11: hosts file is ignored by some processes

    Hey, I was wondering why my LAN firewall reports such a lot of blocked querys from my mobile phone (Pixel 3 with 06/2021 patches) to ad domains from Google, even I've installed AdAway in root mode. I t seems that AdAway / the local hosts file works in generally. When I try to open e.g...
  5. M

    Thread [SOLVED] AdAway in Xiaomi Mi Max 2 - Is it possible with a rooted MIUI Global 11??

    Hi all, as mentioned in the title, I have a rooted Mi Max 2, with MIUI Global 11. To my surprise I found that AdAway cannot be installed there, which is a bummer, since I really like that app. Is there any way to get AdAway in my phone ? Or is there an alternative app that does not require to...
  6. B

    Thread HELP PLEASE: Bootlooped Mi Max 3 after botched Adaway Install

    HI everyone I need your help. i installed Adaway using F-Droid without first installing and activating the systemless hosts modules -- which I thought was optional. Supposedly, failing to activate "systemless hosts" triggers a warning to do so during install, but not in my case. My Mi Max 3...
  7. B

    Thread Is it possible to add adway with adb without root?

    Is it possible to install adaway without root, using adb?
  8. DripleX

    Thread AdAway with temp root

    I have an unlocked bootloader with TA-Backup like described in this thread. But to get my banking app working I only want ro use the stock kernal. I use the newest firmware: G8441_47.2.A.10.28_1310-4373_R3C Is it possible to install AdAway if I boot with a different kernal with root and...
  9. F

    Thread Is there a way to disable Instagram ads?

    So, as title says, is there a way to block ads on Instagram? I think ads are tunnelled through own Instagram app since my modified hosts file wont block anything there. I only found fishy mods that does nothing against ads anyways. So after a lot of time wondering this i thought i would just...
  10. MrElectrifyer

    Thread How do I Import "ipfilter.dat" File Into AdAway?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for an IPFilter application for torrenting on Android, and so far, AdAway appears to be the solution. However, I can't seem to figure out how to import an IPFilter.dat file into it. I've tried changing the extension to .txt, but it still didn't get imported into AdAway...
  11. P

    Thread Pre-Sales question

    Hi all, I am completely new to the Xiaomi world (I prefer stock Android and easy root usually), but I got an excellent offer to buy this beast today. I will buy this device, only if the following is possible. - Unlock bootloader - Root with Magisk - Pass Safetynet check - Install AFWall -...
  12. A

    Thread [MODULE] AdGuardDNS - Ad-free experience [UNOFFICIAL]

    Ad-free and malware-protection experience without hosts file. With the hosts file, internet slow down due to cpu usage for resolve domains. AdGuard DNS is the solution. Site and test: I am not affiliated in any way with the AdGuard team, if...
  13. K

    Thread MiX Pack for the simple user (TWRP AdAway SuperSU)

    Hi all, Here you may find a zip containing some very basic resources which can be found elsewhere without too much effort however I figured I would make things that slightest bit easier for some who use any of the MIUI 9+ builds. The following zip file includes the latest custom SuperSU for...
  14. mingkee

    Thread New version adaway is available The latest version fixed crash when searching for root.
  15. E

    Thread How to block ads?

    How are you guys blocking ads? I've been using adaway for years and it's been great until recently. Now I still get tons of ads on while just browsing. I've updated the hosts file and even added a few more sources, restarted the phone, still ads. Any recommendations on...
  16. Hurizen

    Thread Hosts not working with Open Beta 33

    Hello, everyone. After upgrading to the latest open beta (33, for oneplus 3) no matter what, I cannot manage hosts file to work (for ad blocking purpose). I tried any possible configuration I've found on the forums.. I'm using Magisk and I've tried with adaway, and with the unified hosts module...
  17. badmojr

    Thread 1Hosts

    Protect your 'data' & eyeballs from being auctioned to the highest bidder. Grab an updated copy of the file(s) today! Click here => =>
  18. M

    Thread AdAway on Android 8

    Adaway on Android 8 don't work. With normal configuration is says that it can't write hosts files, then I tried it with a symlinc to the system. Partition, but this doesn't work either, Adaway writes the Horst file, but ads aren't blocked. Did the Host patch moved in Android 8 or were is the...
  19. H

    Thread [ROOT] Useful filter lists for AdAway to protect against malware and ransomware

    Enjoy! Adware (from Adblock Plus) Anti-PopAds (from Adblock Plus) Youtube annoyances Malware...
  20. XDA-Heinz

    Thread AdAway problems / ads are still being shown? Solution here!

    This is a solution for: AdAway previously worked and now it does not work as reliable as before anymore. This is not a solution for: AdAway does not work. As I`ve seen much more ads recently (>0) than usual (0), I took a look at the AdAway app and realized that one of the main host lists...
  21. wanam

    Thread [App] Twitter adfree

    This module removes the promoted posts from the official Twitter App. Download Bugs Report: - Make sure the module is updated and enabled on Xposed Installer - Post your Xposed logs
  22. T

    Thread AdAway Results In GoogleTagManager: Connection refused LogCat Spam +Possible Fix

    When using Google Play Music with AdAway, I get a ton of LogCat spam combine with high CPU usage and terrible battery life. This same issue occurred on my Note 4, but LogCats would not work for some reason on that device. Now with my V20 my LogCats work and I can see what the issue is. Every now...
  23. G

    Thread [Guide][ROOT] How to download & use AdAway

    Welcome to this guide for beginners, hope you understand everything, if not ask your questions below. ----------- IF YOU'RE IN A HURRY ------------ Here's the direct link: 1. Install the app 2. Grant it root permission 3. Press the "Download files and...
  24. mingkee

    Thread Android System WebView and Adaway on rooted V20?

    After my H918 rooted. I found two problems: 1. The former is disable and there's no way to enable it. 2. Adaway does not update hosts file until I copied another hosts from another rooted machine and ad blocking worked fine after reboot. What happened?
  25. S

    Thread Adaway slowing my fingerprint

    So I have encountered this strange issue. When I install adaway, give it root permissions, my fingerprint reader gets a lot slower when unlocking the phone. Does anybody else has this problem?
  26. Oswald Boelcke

    Thread Enhanced Privacy, Security and Battery Duration! My Measures...

    Purpose: To share my personal experiences how I achieved an enhancement of my battery’s life, privacy and security. INDEX: Post #1 - General Statements, ROM and Kernel. Post #2 - Privacy Measures and Considerations. Post #3 – Better Battery Stats. Post #4 – Greenify. Post #5 – Amplify. Post #6...
  27. L

    Thread Removing ads without rooting

    Hello, I'm pretty used to root my phones and install AdAway on each phones I own but recently I bought and S6 and I'm on 6.01 and well, I think it's still impossible to root without having to trip Knox. I'm not using Knox at all, but in France they closely check the recovery even on resellers...
  28. ThePeerlessFennecFox

    Thread No Internet connection possible (Wifi or mobile) after the deinstallation of AdAway

    Hello XDA Assist Team, A few days ago I installed AdAway (via F-Droid) to increase mobile surfing speed. Now I got the problem that while using Wifi, suddenly every app had a 10-15 seconds delay before actually starting to download/ starting to load the web page etc. Once "getting a firm grip"...
  29. H03!

    Thread [TUT] N preview NPD35K nexus6p - root, adaway, firewall, titaniumbackup

    root: with [cf-auto-root]( recovery: twrp dont work for me, but i dont need it anyway here.. adaway: install [busybox](, reboot, install...
  30. S

    Thread Adaway alternative for un rooted phones?

    I just try to not root my phone :) But the ads are really annoying. Adaway helped me a lot in the past, but the phone has to be rooted. Is there any alternative available?
  31. gthing

    Thread Help with flashable zip (adblock and tethering)

    Previously I have rooted primarily in order to use adaway and to alter my build.prop file to enable tethering on cricket. I've now realized I can accomplish those things without root by simply flashing a build.prop file and hosts file. I tested, at least, the hosts file portion using MoaAB - but...
  32. Banayat

    Thread [KK/LL] Youtube ads cannot be blocked without Xposed?

    Hi folks! Has anybody on Kitkat Stock Rom (4.4.2) or Lollipop managed to get rid of Youtube adds by using apps like Adaway, Adfree or properly modifying android's Hosts file by yourself? I've tried all above mentioned possibilities but without any success. It would be great if you can provide...
  33. I

    Thread Ads not being blocks

    I'm using CM 12.1 and have Adaway (and update it frequently). For some reason ads are no longer being blocked. I see google ads on websites and in apps there are random pop ups. Is adaway no longer being maintained or something? What other ways do people block ads?
  34. E

    Thread [Guide] Marshmallow Adaway, Viper4android and others system mods

    I had a painful experience trying to install viper4android on cm13 because most people said that they installed it as usual, but the truth is that if you want to be able to use viper4android, adaway, changing dpi or any other app that installs stuff on /system you have to plug your phone in adb...
  35. Portgas D. Ace

    Thread [GUIDE][COLLECTION] All About Ad-Blocking

    Introduction Welcome to the thread which is dedicated to the numerous ways of how to block advertisements on your Android device. This guide will show you different ways how users can enjoy an ad-free Android experience, both for unrooted as well as rooted users. In general, this thread will...
  36. Beakhole

    Thread [TASKER][PROFILE][ROOT][4.4+] Update Adaway Hosts File without Rebooting

    Disclaimer: This is my first time sharing a Tasker profile so I may not have exported the XML code properly from Tasker. So let me know if it works or doesn't work for you! I'm not an expert on Tasker or Android by any means, let alone a developer, so if you start getting weird errors when...
  37. M

    Thread [Q] MobileIron + Root

    Hi, Been looking up different XDA forums and Googling this but can't seem to find a solution and would like some help. My device is currently non-rooted. I would like to root (because really, who wouldn't), but I'm running Mobile Iron for my Corporate e-mail and there is a root-checker in this...
  38. N

    Thread [GUIDE] Install AdAway on HTC 610 (S-on, Root)

    DISCLAIMER: I’m not responsible for bricked devices, all you do is on your own responsibility. This method should* also work for other HTC phones that have S-on. An ad blocker that uses the hosts file. The hosts file contains a list of mappings between hostnames and IP addresses. When an app...
  39. GigaSPX

    Thread Adaway not working?

    The whole reason I jumped on board for root on my Z3TC and awaiting root on my Z3v is to block ads. On my tablet, it doesn't seem to be working at all against the intrusive ads that are displayed here on XDA. I made sure all of my settings are correct and database is up to date. What gives?
  40. Aqq123

    Thread Adblock Plus on Nook ST: link to last working version & proxy settings guide

    The latest versions of Adblock Plus don't work with the Nook. Although they can be installed, they will force-close upon initial start-up (silently if looking just at the UI but with a lot of stuff going on behind the curtains if you read the logcat). I've just reported it as a bug, and it got...
  41. dberthia

    Thread [Q] F-Droid/Adaway not working on 5.0

    OK, so I've got 5.0 on my N10, and I'm rooted. Two problems I'm having regarding F-Droid and AdAway: - After installing F-Droid, no applications display in the F-Droid "Available" list. - Since I couldn't install AdAway through F-Droid, I installed the apk, and get this error trying to enable...
  42. fifthelement

    Thread Flashable AdAway hosts file 2013-11-14

    Hi Friends :) If you have upgraded to lollipop, you may know that root is still not available for Nexus 10 thus AdAway doesnt work. I used AdAway on my rooted phone to generate an updated version of hosts file and then made it flashable by recovery. So if you want to get rid of Ads until root...
  43. A

    Thread [Q] Wifi connection, no internet access.

    Hi all, This question has probably been asked; the problem is not a lack of solutions but there simply being too many - I've no idea where to begin with troubleshooting. Everything I've seen is just to general to be of any use. Basically... I installed CM11 (nightly build for my Motorola Moto...
  44. S

    Thread [Q] Alternative to Adaway?

    Ever since upgrading to Android 4.3 on my S4 on Sprint, I have been noticing that Adaway doesn't work correctly. It either fails, or takes forever to apply the hosts file after it compiles it's list. Adfree however, works fine. Unfortunately, the lists tht adfree use are poorly maintained (or...
  45. wanam

    Thread [APP][Xposed][Youtube AdAway]

    This is a simple Xposed module to help you get rid of ads on the official YouTube App. Requirements: - Xposed Framwork How to Install: - Install Xposed Installer and framework - Install YouTube AdAway App - Enable the module on Xposed installer (ex, LSXposed) - Reboot Notes: - Reboot is a...
  46. P

    Thread Play store not working when Adaway on

    Hi all. I am using a Samsung galaxy s2 and have a problem with Adway app. When it is enabled the ads are blocked, but I cant connect to Play Store. If Adaway is disabled, then the Play Store works again :/ What could be the problem?
  47. F

    Thread (Guide) How to use AdAway to update CrossBreeder's master file.

    Hi CrossBreeder users. This question often comes up in the CrossBreeder forum so I decided to put together a quick tutorial. Once CrossBreeder is installed, you can update CrossBreeder's master (hosts) file by following these few steps; 1) Open AdAway app. 2) Select the menu button then...
  48. M

    Thread Shopkick hostname for whitelist?

    The latest host files for adaway & adfree both block the functionality of shopkick from working. I'm wondering if anyone here might know the proper URL/hostname that shopkick uses so I can add it to the whitelist? I did a manual search in all the host file and check xda & even adaway's google...
  49. alonsoch

    Thread [APP] **ADAWAY**[Take out the adds][UPDATE]

    Hi this app will help you to take out the adds of our nexus 7 we just need be súperuser,tap on start blocking and reboot <----+++++ link i'm not the developer of this app..... i just share it........ i hope don't cause problems........ but im sure that the developer of this...
  50. T

    Thread [Q] Adblocking in 4.2.2 (note 2, CM 10.1)

    Update: If anyone finds this, the fix is to delete any proxy settings listed in your APN settings (system settings>Mobile Networks>APNs - delete the proxy settings and then menu>save). When I was on stock I used adfree android (rooted) to change the hostfile and prevent any ads. It worked great...