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  1. Puca_

    Thread Question How to properly update back to being able to download updates again after one ui 4 beta

    I sideloaded the one ui 4 betas via adb then did the same to install the official release. What do I do to be able to go back to my phone being able to download the updates without wiping it?
  2. O

    Thread Change resolution via ADB

    Hi! I'm looking for a tv stick/box to hook up to my 1440p montior. Since that resolution is unsupported on all of the devices out there, is it possible to force it via adb on the fire tv sticks? I was looking to buy the 4k max since it's on sale right now, but I have no strong opinion on any of...
  3. K

    Thread ADB or fastboot doesn't accept any flash commands

    Any command I try to put to flash the device it crashes and doesn't complete. I've tried recovery flash, boot, bootloader and none of them finish sending the file. I've already downloaded other files from other sites and it still doesn't send. The device doesn't start recovery mode and I need to...
  4. K

    Thread AMD Ryzen - USB driver for adb and fastboot

    I've been trying to unlock the bootloader in my phone (OnePlus7T Pro). I can't see my phone when booted into fasboot mode or recovery mode (I can see the phone while normally working). The command: fastboot devices shows no device. The same with adb devices command. I think I need a proper...
  5. U

    Thread How To Guide Touch sensitivity issue fix

    Many users of this device (including myself) have noticed bad touch input sensitivity when using the 144Hz mode, but not in 60Hz or Auto. I have found quite an odd solution that at least fixes the issue on my end, and I'd like more people to test this, so please, comment down below. Okay, for...
  6. T

    Thread [TOOL] gibadb: Easily install adb and fastboot with one command (cross-platform!)

    Hey everybody, I got tired of having to manually install the Android SDK on every platform, so I built this tool. You can think of it as a cross-platform spiritual successor to Minimal ADB and Fastboot that's always up-to-date. It installs the base Android SDK along with the latest platform...
  7. S

    Thread Question Please help recover photos from boot looping Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S

    Hi I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S that randomly rebooted during normal use and then got stuck in a boot loop, it loads the 'powered by android' screen then reboots on a loop to this screen. There was no notification of update or suchlike, however I am aware there has been a recent update sent...
  8. D

    Thread Problem using adb with Moto C

    Hi, I'm having trouble choosing the right section, anyway.. After more than a year i managed to correctly install ADB drivers, because before i installed Google driver, when i noticed i must install Motorola driver , the removing of previous one did not successful done, so the Motorola one did...
  9. N

    Thread Gboard Dynamic Color for Android 12 Non-Pixel Devices

    Help with finding an ADB method to force Gboard Dynamic Color to appear on non Pixel devices running Android 12.
  10. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread How To Guide Unlocking the Pixel 6 Pro bootloader & general central repository of relevant links

    Here there be dragons. 🐉 I am not responsible for anything at all. 😹 Official Google Pixel Update and Software Repair Official Google Pixel Install fingerprint calibration software (also available at the bottom of the Update and Software Repair page above) - I believe this is only helpful...
  11. S

    Thread Lenovo TB-X306F and TWRP

    Hi I have been unable to find a TWRP build for my Android device (a Lenovo TB-X306F) anywhere online. I'd like to get into custom romming, which is pretty much impossible without TWRP. Does anyone know if there's a stable, reliable build of TWRP that has been tested to work with this device that...
  12. 1

    Thread My DEX died after ADB Bloatware Removal

    Greetings, I decided to debloat my Samsung Note 20 Ultra phone of all the bloatware apps Samsung installs. I used the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) shell to perform this bloatware removal and the list shown below identifies all the Samsung bloatware app names which I used as a guide in my removal...
  13. N

    Thread Question How to Re-install All Packages Using ADB

    Hi Community, Recently I uninstalled some packages from my IQ007 using Adb shell. Now I am facing some weird issues, so I want to reinstall all the deleted package files, but problem is I don't remember which packages I deleted. Is their any Adb command or any way to reinstall all default...
  14. D

    Thread Need help with rooting a phone. (ALCATEL 3L MODEL: 5029Y)

    Please do move this to the correct thread, as I am new here. So, as I stated in the title, I need help rooting this phone. I am familiar with rooting, flashing and all of that. But there is a huge problem with this phone, as I am unable to find the stock rom of it anywhere on the internet...
  15. dikiarta0

    Thread have a trouble on instaling twrp

    anyone can please help me, i try to instal twrp. and i type on cmd "fastboot devices" then appear this SN (different from my phone) and i try to flash twrp it's say "press any key to shutdown" on my phone. i try usb hub but yhe ressult is the same
  16. BredzProh

    Thread How To Guide Install One UI 4.0 (Android 12) beta on unsupported countries

    Hello everyone!  I am back with another guide! I have put together this guide on installing One UI 4.0 (Android 12) beta on your Galaxy device. I will show you how to sideload the beta even though the beta programme may not be available in your country or may be full.  NOTE...
  17. anwarhamr

    Thread Ticwatch E3 unable to connect to adb using cable but can do so via wifi

    I would like to be able to connect directly to my mac via charging cable but `adb devices` never shows the watch. Other devices like my phone have no problem being detected. I turned on ADB debugging slider in debugging options and rebooted the watch, ran adb kill-server and reconnected but...
  18. G

    Thread Bricket phone

    Hi, I've done something real wrong with this phone. In the past I've rooted the phone and installed lineageOS. Everithing was working fine till 2 days ago I've did a factory reset from the menu, at reboot I had only TWRP. I've then dowloaded the stock image and installed it from twrp. After...
  19. J

    Thread Backup with Smart Switch a black screen Galaxy S5 (Unauthorised device in adb - Root - Usb debugging ON - Unlock patern OK - Recovery accessible)

    Hi, I think I've already explain everything in title. My Galaxy S5 on Android 8 (I think) as her screen broken (black) Before that it already wokr badly and slowly. I bought a new phone but this one break just before I can transfer data. I can unlock the patern (I know that because the volume...
  20. ActualBrick_Abandon

    Thread Bad TWRP, boot Stuck, ̶ ̶n̶o̶ ̶a̶d̶b̶, Can't flash new rom! Help!!

    Bootloader is unlocked. TWRP for 4.4 ( mobopx v2.2 ) is installed but somehow it is faulty. I have two Nandroid Backups. Phone was C00B137 4.4.2. Phone doesn't boot so can't install any of those (UPDATE.APP) method updates. Stuck on huawei Ascend powered by android. i CAN boot into twrp...
  21. M

    Thread Please Help - Bricked - Stuck at Recovery - Big Problem - LeRee Le 3 C106 - LeEco Coolpad Cool1

    Hello. While i tried flash twrp for newest ver and after reboot then cant go in again more to twrp. I tried already thro MiFlash but PC doesnt recognize qualcom device, i have only "Coolpad Android Bootloader Interface" in device manager. I also tried flash previous twrp CUOCO92 thro Windows...
  22. M

    Thread ADB not working nor anything else

    Hello people of the tech world, Im going spastic over here trying to install Lineage OS on my Xperia. I looked into 'wiki.lineageos' and 'android geek' and followed the steps.... I have unlocked bootloader, got the code, unlocked oem, downloaded ADB fastboot package (platform tools) from...
  23. abdelhamied

    Thread flash rom of Samsung tab A6 (sm-t585)

    hope you all doing great, so I have a Samsung tab A6 (sm-t585) it has a Knox application which limits a lot of features on my device, I need to get rid of it, flash a new rom and get everything back to normal, I've already tried to go to "Download mode" by pressing (VOL Down + Power + Home)...
  24. noidodroid

    Thread [GUIDE] IMEI / Connection Repair on Asus Zenfone 2E ZE500CL Z00D

    [GUIDE] IMEI / Connection Repair on Asus Zenfone 2E ZE500CL Z00D I am writing this guide because I recently recovered a bricked ZE500CL and after flashing around so many different files I lost my IMEI and connection abilities. After a little research and some thought I easily repaired my IMEI...
  25. Dan-cer

    Thread How solve sd card not recognized after adb-partitioning?

    Using ADB, I successfully added a 32GB sc-card to the internal storage of my Galaxy Tab S5e tablet. Then I realized that it is not big enough. Unfortunately, I removed the sd-card without converting it back to an external memory card. Then I put in a 64GB sd-card and did the procedure again...
  26. R

    Thread adb devices: device offline

    Hi, I have recently flashed the Evolution X (Android 11) ROM to my previously bricked device. I'm trying to install some APKs but I get the device offline error: ~ $ adb install ~/usr/local/Downloads/sh.ppy.osulazer.apk Performing Push Install adb: error: failed to get feature set: device...
  27. E

    Thread Can't unlock bootloader Moto C XT1756

    Hey! I need help, please. I'm trying to unlock bootloader of the Moto C XT1756, it has a MT6735. So, I tried in Windows and in Linux (linux with 2 pc). And the problem is next. I installed ADB and Fastboot (I tried minimal, 15 seconds, platfoorm tools, all). So, ADB detects the device, I can use...
  28. A

    Thread Tectlast M40 Need help unbrick

    Background: I tried flashing Teclast M40Pro's firmware to the tablet in hope of it working on Teclast M40, but unfortunately bricked the tablet. Status: It's not totally bricked. Actually I am sure that the system booted because I can browse external storage of the tablet when I plug an USB...
  29. A

    Thread Can I use adb without USB debugging?

    I got a rare and old bug for Android 6/7 phones on an old phone that I use to backup important stuff (since I never turn wifi on) and it has a lot of important data The bug is something related to the setup wizard What happens is -Developer options won't work (says not available for this...
  30. MasterHack10

    Thread Question Stuck on bootloop

    Hey folks, I'm having some troubles with my bank app because of root and using magisk hide doesn't solve the problem. So, searching on the internet i found that i could use the app Island (By OasisFeng) to create a work user and would made the app work supposedly. I was forced to setup the app...
  31. t-ryder

    Thread [QUESTION] USB-C cable no ADB connection

    I got the original USB-C to USB-C cable for my Kebap on my charger. On the PC with Windows 10 on a very new MSI motherboard I used some cheap USB-C to USB cable for everything regarding my smartphone. Now I felt that the old cheap USB-C cable was a bit too short and got a pretty good looking...
  32. c7aesa7r

    Thread How to avoid running a new adb for each command send?

    I'm trying to send runtime commands like: adb.exe -s shell screencap /sdcard/ss.png To the adb server running, using SendMessage / Windows Message, does adb even support it? If so I wonder how it needs to be sent. I know I could pass runtime commands using cmd or running...
  33. Tommyelela

    Thread Can I use other careers' SIM CARD after unlocked my pixel 5 (LOCKED BY SPECTRUM)?

    Hello,I got scammed by ebay...bought a pixel 5 from them showed locked by spectrum.Then I just used adb to unlock it.I wonder can I use att/verizon after this kind of unlock?And did my esim unlock as well? Third question,can att detect that my phone is locked?since I cant find it locked on imei...
  34. B

    Thread Recovery boot loop and OS boot loop on HTC m8, lineageOS 18.0

    I tried to install Lineage 18.0 ( lineage-18.0-20201109-UNOFFICIAL-m8.zip ) on my old HTC m8. I had previously installed CyanogenMod on it 6(?) years ago, so it was rooted, unlocked, and already had an old TWRP. I updated TWRP to twrp-3.5.2_9-0-m8.img and got an unofficial lineage 18.0 zip TWRP...
  35. c7aesa7r

    Thread How to differentiate multiple BlueStacks process when it return the same parent PID?

    Whenever an instance of BlueStacks is opened for the first time, it launches a Bluestacks.exe* that looks like it 'handles' all other futures instances opened: It then launches BlueStacks.exe and HD-Player.exe for each new instance, where each of them is dependent on each other, if you close...
  36. Z

    Thread Redmi Note 8 locked, need help with unlocking/backup

    Hello! I need help regarding a Redmi Note 8 that no longer accepts the correct pattern and is locked. I'm looking for a solution that would allow me to either unlock my phone without data loss, or make a backup of the phone's internal storage on an sd card/pc before hard resetting. The device...
  37. Frxhb

    Thread [SCRIPT/PROGRAM] [Android] [LINUX] ADB_python program with different functions [PRE-ALPHA] - Need test users.

    Hello guys! I started a new project with adb+python a few days ago. You can find my tool here: https://github.com/Frxhb/python_adb Small Description: This program, which is still in development, uses adb tools + some python commands to modify your device. Right now it only works on...
  38. V

    Thread protect ADB with fingerprint

    Hello, is there any way to protect the adb debugging with biometrics? I'm afraid that someone could steal all my cat memes if they get a physical access to my phone and enable Developer Tools -> Android Debugging.
  39. M

    Thread Turn on android USB debugging while phone is off / unresponsive?

    (TLDR: OnePlus5, power button not responding, volume buttons physically damaged, USB debugging not turned on, can connect phone via USB to PC, but nothing more. Want to turn on USB debugging to boot via ADB. Or boot any other way, if possible.) Hello everyone, Let me tell you the short story...
  40. I

    Thread Realme google dialer uninstall

    Is it possible to uninstall google dialer and message through adb and then install realme dialer and message app using apk?will it cause bootloop?
  41. Atronid

    Thread Strange adb(d) behavior - device Android ID and shell privileges change

    I have a pretty strange issue, and I can't find a similar case online. Sometimes after rebooting my phone will behave differently with adb Normally on adb devices I have <my Android id> device And prompting an adb shell gives me a usual one, that can be root upon inputing su and...
  42. C

    Thread [Android 11][OxygenOS] What is the new 'mmcblk0'?

    Trying to follow some 4-6 years old online guides & QnAs (mostly written by Irfan Latif) on how to backup stock ROM & partitions using adb pull or adb exec-out. All of these materials always reference an mmcblk0 partition. But in my case it is missing. What I have instead are these: $ adb -s...
  43. Y

    Thread I am unable to flash TWRP using adb

    I recently found my old HTC desire 526g and I decided to flash a custom ROM, but its volume buttons aren't working so I had to use adb, I am not really an good in these types of things. I tried to flash TWRP on my htc using adb (Followed a YouTube tut) but this is coming up. I have attached a...
  44. Ry Knowledge

    Thread [ROOT]Kindle fire HD 10 9th generation

    I am seeing a lot of misinformation on rooting this device. Also a lot of outdated information. Can someone point me to a surefire way to become Super User. I have Fire ToolBox 20 and had google play services on there already, /there are still some apps I want to use and things that I want to...
  45. Stain93

    Thread Problem at intall ADB drivers.. I prove all the youtube ways..Please Help

    Hey guys, i tried everythink to intall the adb driver, but when i go c:/adb...and right click +Shift to open the console...i wrote adb devices and this error come to me.... *daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037* CreaateProcess failure, error 2 *failed to start daemon* Can anyone...
  46. wele-sh

    Thread Question i can not unlock the bootloader

    i tried unlock bootloader to root my device . and igot FAILED (remote: unknown command) finished. total time: 0.003s any help plz
  47. darkfrog26

    Thread Question Okay, I'm stupid...

    So, I was going through and removing bloat from my phone and was trying to remove the Samsung Contacts app through `adb`, but apparently I removed the wrong thing and now the Phone, Messages, and Contacts app are crashing every time I try to open them. I removed...
  48. T

    Thread How can I extract the qcn file of xiaomi phones with c#.

    I am making an application in c#. I have no idea how to pull the qcn file after opening the port. Is there an adb command for this? or any other command.
  49. coolwhipp

    Thread How to boot into TWRP from a bootloop Nokia 6.1 Plus

    I was installing a new custom ROM on my X6 and I forgot to change the slot after installing it. I proceeded to rebooting and my device was stuck in a bootloop. I struggled to power off the device but I couldn't. So after hours of trying to get into the bootloader, I found a solution. You will...
  50. onyxcode

    Thread How To Guide How to give any app WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS without a computer or root

    DISCLAIMER: This guide works on any phone with Android 11 or newer. Previous versions do not have wireless debugging so this is not possible. Hey all! In this short guide, I will be showing you how to give any app the permission "WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS" without needing to connect to a computer...