1. M

    Thread Palm PVG100 won't show up in "adb devices"

    I am trying to get an APK off a Palm PVG100 phone. On my Windows 8.1 PC, "adb" works just fine when I connect a Moto G Power. I am able to see the Moto immediately with "adb devices" and run other adb commands, including copying APKs from the Moto. However, I have tried connecting two different...
  2. S

    Thread FP4 /e/os remounting /system ends in I/O error

    I am trying to edit my gps.conf because of some accuracy problems but before I can push the new one I need to make the system rw first. When I try to remount it I get the following errors: FP4:/ # su FP4:/ # mount -o remount,rw /system mount: '/system' not in /proc/mounts FP4:/ # mount -o...
  3. iko1133

    Thread Question Unlock/Backup Locked S22 Ultra

    So my phone has been locked for 3-4 days now. I know the unlock pattern (I've had it for several years on several phones) but it just does not seem to recognize it. I know the screen and sensor are working, I can see pattern being drawn but no success... I've found Samsung's find my mobile...
  4. Tex2083

    Thread Unknown bootlooping problem on Redmi Note 10

    Hello, so about 2 days ago from now, my device, while waiting for the bus started to bootloop for no known reason. Skipping into this weekend, I have tried almost everything to get it working without the risk of any data loss, unsuccessful I am here. Right, so the main problem of the device is...
  5. K

    Thread How to fully uninstall this Android app with ADB?

    Several months ago, I installed an InShot apk mod. I know, I know... Well recently I decided to uninstall it, and well... it didn't seem to fully uninstall. I am no longer able to install any other Inshot app (authentic or otherwise) in its place, because for some reason the OS still sees that...
  6. thardy00

    Thread OnePlus 7t - Device unauthorized in recovery mode (but authorized when turned on)

    Hi guys. I would like to install a clean Android 11 with "adb sideload", but I've encountered a problem. When I rebooted to recovery and tried "adb sideload" it gives me this error: adb: sideload connection failed: device unauthorized. This adb server's $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS is not set Try...
  7. E

    Thread sys/class/leds empty

    Hi Everyone! I’ve a custom tablet and it has two RGB leds on the front. I was trying to control them with ADB commands but I was not able to find them in the system. Tried adb shell ls sys/class/leds and cat sys/class/leds but this folder is empty. I searched everywhere (sys/devices/ etc) but...
  8. I

    Thread Bootloop after replacing the battery

    Hi everyone, I need help with an HTC U Ultra. It's been about 6 months since I didnt turned on because the battery was dead, it wouldn't turn on or charge. Today I just changed the battery but the phone doesnt boot at all. It reboots endlessly on the screen with the HTC logo. I wanted to flash...
  9. W

    Thread Usb debugging mode is not shown in radio rockchip px30 android 10

    Good everyone, friends I need your help, I have a ROCKCHIP PX30 with android 10, there is an app to use and yet it tells me that I have to disable "usb debugging" I have searched the forums and the only thing I have found is that yes I enter the word ADBON or ADBOFF, "usb debugging mode" is...
  10. M

    Thread Howto flash bootloader, where to start?

    Hi, I have 2 tablets running an ancient android version, they have the 'Allwinner A33' chipset. One tablet is working and one is bricked (bootloader is overwritten and not working). From the working tablet I copied all the /dev/block partitions using "adb pull /dev/block/mmcblk0 mmcblk0.img"...
  11. viknil01

    Thread [CLOSED] Phone recommendations!

    I'm looking into buying a used Google Pixel, then strip it of the majority of it's "smart functionality". This means removing the Play Store as well, hindering me from downloading potentially addictive and useless applications. I understand that this could be done using adb dev tools. What I'm...
  12. abdul.Rahim

    Thread Command to mute mic via ADB

    I'm trying to mute the microphone via ADB while in a call in a script that does some stuff. Have looked around on the internet and couldn't find anything but using keyevents The command I'm using is: adb shell input keyevent 91 which is the keyevent for muting the microphone according to...
  13. Moderpach

    Thread [APP][8.0+][Root & Rootless] Extinguish 0.1.5 - Turn off screen but not lock(foreground app still running).

    Extinguish is an app that makes your device turn off the screen but not go to the lock screen status, which means that you can make any other apps continue to run after your screen off. On mobile device, screen always takes away 10%~20% in your daily battery usage. And sometimes, you don't want...
  14. T

    Thread Screen broken, need for screen stream

    Dear all, Two months after installing a new screen on my OnePlus 5T, the screen basically stopped working (black, sometimes flickering parts). However: the touch function is still working. For example, I can still operate spotify, as I just know where I would have to press... As I really wish...
  15. mauricestr4823

    Thread Question OPPO A54 5G - Fastboot Commands dont work

    I try to root the OPPO A54 5G. I got into the fastbootd mode and i want to unlock the bootloader. I have no PIN or something, OEM Unlocking is activated and Developer Options are activated too. If i execute the command fastboot devices it shows my device. If i execute the command fastboot...
  16. N

    Thread [APP][NON-ROOT] Termux-ADB - debug one Android device from another connected by USB-OTG

    Run adb in Termux without root permissions! This is a launcher for adb which enables debugging of one Android device from another via USB cable. It should work with any USB-C male-to-male cable or the corresponding OTG adapter + cable in case of micro USB.
  17. B

    Thread How To Guide How to use Google Wallet / Google Pay in unsupported countries such as Egypt, Slovenia, Mexico or Turkey.

    There are several countries in the world that support Google Wallet for contactless payments, here the list of countries supported to use Google Wallet on smartwatch. Google has supported more than 30 countries in the last year, however, users in many countries cannot use Google Wallet because...
  18. Jhemmmmm

    Thread [CLOSED] ADB purchase an inapp product?

    Hello, This is my first post here and I somehow need some help with android. My goal is to create a script that allows me to purchase a product on an app on my android device. After taking a look at how purchase works, I decided if I could use ADB to purchase the product for me. So here's a...
  19. B

    Thread How To Guide How to prepare smartwatch for advanced functions

    What you are doing with the following steps is enabling the watch to receive instructions via ADB. The ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. As its name suggests, it is a tool through which the command console of our computer will act as a bridge between it and the watch. Thanks to it, we can...
  20. B

    Thread How To Guide How to install apps on Wear OS. All methods.

    . Currently, in Wear OS there are four methods (that I know of) for installing apps on the watch, each more convenient to use depending on the situation: The first method, is the obvious one, that is, through the Play Store of the watch, you search for the app you are interested in, install it...
  21. B

    Thread How To Guide How to transfer files to / from watch via Wi-Fi (even if you are not at home)

    To send to the watch and/or receive from the watch files (e.g. music) the easiest way is through the USB cable, but there are some watches, like Pixel Watch that can only be sent through the Wi-Fi network (Google does not include USB data cable with the watch, although @shinyquagsire23 has...
  22. Person0z

    Thread Question [Question] Rooting

    So im to lazy to follow the init.img and stuff. Is it possible I can root the Pixel 7 Pro by just doing "adb sideload"?
  23. B

    Thread Development [TOOL] All-in-One tool for Windows. Wear OS Tools v5.0

    All-in-One tool for Windows. Wear OS Tools v5.0 It's a tool for use with any Wear OS watch. I am releasing today an improved and optimized version with several new features. With this tool, you can migrate your old watch apps to Pixel Watch. What does it do? It is an All-in-One tool for...
  24. roviend

    Thread Open homeScreen or ADB

    I have two question, My first question is simple: The device I have has a customized android rom and adb is not active. When the operating system wake up, it automatically launches an application. I can't go back to the home screen because the back button only works inside the app and won't...
  25. Valllent

    Thread Restore accidentally removed database using ADB without root

    I needed to copy my debug app database. So I read Stackoverflow post and made such things: After that I tried to run `adb pull`, but it doesn't work. I run the application and now it doesn't work. It writes: ls -l result PLEASE, HELP ME. This database contains 3 years of my science work.
  26. V1perGHG

    Thread Question Can I root my phone without unlocking the Bootloader?

    Hello. I am an owner of an european OnePlus Nord CE 5G running on Oxygen OS 12. I want to root my phone, so I looked myself through the Nord CE forums and found out that you need to unlock the bootloader so you can flash a "with Magisk patched boot.img" via adb/fastboot. When unlocking the...
  27. BatteryVamp

    Thread Question S22 Exynos 40% Battery drain OVERNIGHT - Possible culprit found

    Last night I took my S22 Exynos out of charging before I went to sleep. I woke up in the morning to find 40% of my battery DRAINED. I'm really frustrated with this S22 as idle battery drain in general with screen off according to Accubattery is 5% PER HOUR. My S22 does not enter deep sleep...
  28. BredzProh

    Thread [How-To Guide] Install One UI 5.0 (Android 13) beta on unsupported countries with ADB

    Hello everyone! Click here to go to the main thread.
  29. W

    Thread How do I enable adb debugging and otg with a black screen and no otg cable?

    Hello, I just broke the screen of my OnePlus8t Verizon network unlocked phone. The computer I previously linked 8t with also has a broken screen. ... Rains it ..... My Phoe has some important information in docs and screenshots I need to get. I just turned off ADB debugging thinking "Oh I...
  30. catjj

    Thread Having difficulties unlocking bootloader in Android 4.2.2

    Greetings, people of XDA! I am attempting to root a Lenovo S6000L -F tablet running on android 4.2.2 Jellybean. I have tried using A.D.B in order to unlock the bootloader: The tablet is recognised by the program, however the bootloader does not appear after executing the "adb reboot bootloader"...
  31. bluebirdsysx

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods Universal HArd AF Debloating script (Non-Root) A12, A13 (Aosp , OOS12.1, OOS13)

    Use it on your own risk Pre requesties : - Windows/Linux computer - USB debugging enabled (Developer settings) - platform tools Tested on : pex rom pixel6p oos12.1 oos13 color os How to use extract attached Debloat_platform_tools zip file (scripts are present inside the zip file) step1-...
  32. P

    Thread Tablet Samsung Galaxy in bootloop - need to delete something from the storage

    Hello. The tablet - Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 itself turned off and got into a bootloop - it doesn't boot into the system because there is not enough memory. Before that it worked fine. All on the tablet is stock and official, there is no root. Wipe cache partition tried many times already. The...
  33. K

    Thread Difficulty flashing an End of Life Android-based Wall Panel (Kramer KT-1010SC)

    So I have a few of these Kramer Panels which aren't supported anymore (The official webpage doesn't have them anymore but the same product here) and I want to wipe out the Kronomeet Software they got going on and install some other flavor of Android (I'm thinking Lineage OS). To start I got adb...
  34. J

    Thread Dropped my Pixel3a

    I recently dropped my pixel 3a and the screen is completely black. I know the touch screen still works because I can feel the haptic feedback from some inputs. I am really struggling with finding out a way to back up the information on the phone. Developer options is on, however USB debugging is...
  35. c7aesa7r2

    Thread How to translate device screen position to sendevent position?

    I know about the input tap x y shell command, however, I'm trying to understand how to perform a click using the sendevent command. I have been able to achieve it with the following command: sendevent /dev/input/event5 3 53 X && sendevent /dev/input/event5 3 54 Y && sendevent /dev/input/event5...
  36. J

    Thread Android Automotive for Genesis/Hyundai/Kia

    Hello all!! This is a continuation/culmination of the thread: HACK Navigation/Multimedia systems KIA/HYUNDAI and install third-party applications started by zavpasha That has now gotten too long with persons asking redundant questions that have been lost amongst the 65 pages. So whilst...
  37. B

    Thread [TOOL] All-in-One tool for Windows. Wear OS Tools v5.0

    All-in-One tool for Windows. Wear OS Tools v5.0 It's a tool for use with any Wear OS watch. I am releasing today an improved and optimized version with several new features. What does it do? It is an All-in-One tool for Windows that makes it easy to do certain things with the watch, such...
  38. E

    Thread broken screen enable usb debugging

    yes it's another one of these threads ^^ I think my best shot at accessing my phone, especially getting at my 2fa keys, would be to use something like vyzor. I used this just last week so I thought I would have usb debugging enabled, but somehow when I connect my phone it is not listed under...
  39. AndroidUser24

    Thread [Q] Check Battery Health

    Hello dear community, I have a question about checking the battery health on my Phone I have tried two ways. Via ADB (ADB Shell dumpsys battery) and via the Burgreport file. Both show different values. ADB says 57% and the Burgreport says 64%. Which is more accurate? PS: I think I lost so much...
  40. W

    Thread [Osprey] Could not mount data

    Hi all, I had a Moto G3 for more than a year now. Until May this year I used it with the stock ROM, then my bank stopped supporting Android 6... I switched to @TheForce 's LOS 16, which worked well until now. Big up to him for maintaining the most recent and stable android for this phone...
  41. J

    Thread Custom default launcher is not permanent, even when using "Always" option

    Hi, everyone) I own LM-G850UM (Sprint) model running Android 10 (G850U20p). Nova Launcher is set as default browser, but after setting any alarm in Clock app (tried both LG and Google Clock app) and click "Home" - system promps to choose launcher. Both turring alarm on or off triggers this...
  42. C

    Thread Question [ADB] After reboot Settings.Global is back to default

    1. What is the way after changing Settings.Global, to apply those without rebooting the watch (restart Settings.Global)? Steps to reproduce: --- $ adb shell settings get global wifi_on 1 $ adb shell settings put global wifi_on 0 $ adb shell settings get global wifi_on 0 --- But when I check...
  43. tmpodxlr

    Thread Lenovo TB-X306F stuck booting to blank recovery

    Hello, I was following some threads regarding flashing Magisk to root this tablet and managed to get it working after some trial and error and recovering with Lenovo's Rescue tool. I did not manage to flash TWRP successfully because there doesn't seem to be any port of it (I tried flashing the...
  44. K

    Thread Question .qtidataservices draining battery

    <Moderator Edit>: See the solution in this thread here. Greetings, my almost brand new Mi11i has a problem with battery drain since the first day it was bought. It has latest updates and battery saving has been turned on but no change. I followed debloating tutorial and what to uninstall via...
  45. GalaxyA325G

    Thread [adb] What is the adb syntax to connect wirelessly to Android by unique serial number (instead of by Wi-Fi LAN IP address & random port assignment)?

    [adb] What is the adb syntax to connect wirelessly to an Android phone by its unique serial number (instead of by its static Wi-Fi LAN IP address & random port assignment)? Background: (USB is no longer needed) 1. Android 11 (and up) allows adb to connect wirelessly (no USB) 2. Android 12 (and...
  46. GalaxyA325G

    Thread [adb,scrcpy,vysor] What ports does Android 12 randomly set when Wi-Fi connecting via Wireless debugging adb "pair" or "connect" commands?

    What ports does Android 12 randomly set when connecting wirelessly to adb via either the Wireless debugging "pair" or the "connect" adb PC commands? Brief history: While Android has forever been able to initially connect over TCP Port 5555 over USB first, and then the USB cable could have been...
  47. T

    Thread How To Guide Debloater HUAWEI MATEPAD 11 (2021)

    Since the xda doesnt have the device huawei matepad 11 (2021) i decided to post on the most similiar tablet. This debloat guide is only for DBY-W09/DBY-L09/DXX-W09 HUAWEI MATEPAD 11 (2021) this removes most of the apps and the user is required to sideload atleast a browser and a method of input...
  48. patraputt

    Thread Question Realme C2 is not booting into TWRP recovery mode.

    I have unlocked my Realme C2's bootloader and my device shows this 👇 But when I input the "adb reboot bootloader" command the phone booting into this 👇 (USB Debugging is "ON") I have flashed TWRP and it showed "OKAY", but when I input the "fastboot reboot recovery" my phone rebooting into...
  49. S

    Thread Question Problems removing bloatware from X80 Pro using adbappcontrol and LADB

    Yesterday my X80 Pro (Origin OS) arrived and I was about to tweak the recommended settings for Origin OS (like notifications, and so on). When I started to remove bloatware I ran into the following issue: Whenever I connect my device to the PC adbappcontrol recognizes the device and registers...
  50. O

    Thread ADB "Hey Google" edit settings when screen is off

    Hi every, i have a two devices Samsung Tab S6 and OnePlus Nord 2. I want use Google Assistant when screen is off. In same settings "Hey Google & Voice Match" is diferent options. How it i change setting in my Nord2 as in Tab S6? is such a thing even possible? Thnx everyone