1. Elena Ozerova

    Thread [APP][7.0+] RedGuard: Free Adblock & Firewall

    RedGuard is a free solution for secure and anonymous internet browsing. The built-in firewall allows you to securely restrict network access for specific applications and reduce mobile internet expenses by 50%. You have full control over which applications use mobile data and which use Wi-Fi...
  2. R

    Thread Question Adblocking with rooted device

    Hello, there is an option in Magisk called Systemless Hosts. Do I need to switch this on or is it enough if I have the app Adaway working? Is it better to switch both on? Do I need Adaway or can ads also be blocked by Magisk App standalone?
  3. S

    Thread [APP][Android 9.0+] adX Launcher - No Root Ad Blocking Launcher

    Introduction The goal of adX Launcher is to allow you to take advantage of our app enhancements, like ad and tracker blocking, directly from your device's home screen without requiring you to launch a separate app. How to install? Our beta is available for everyone on Google Play...
  4. W

    Thread ROM with buffer fix and optional ad blocker but not rooted?

    Hello, everyone, are there any ROMs where the buffer fix (for GCam) is already integrated and the whole thing is best with an optional ad blocker? The ROM should be without root if possible. Because of the root, I keep having problems with my banking app. A new update of the app and the root...
  5. Elena Ozerova

    Thread [APP][4.0.3+] AdWall - Adblock & Firewall

    Adblock, traffic control, save money and battery AdWall is free adblock tool that blocks ads in apps, games, browsers and has a built-in firewall for Internet access control in your apps. ROOT not required! Fast Internet AdWall increases download speed by blocking unnecessary content...
  6. Roman Popov

    Thread [APP][5.0+] AdProtect - Adblock & Firewall

    AdProtect is adblock tool that blocks ads in apps, games, browsers and has a built-in firewall for Internet access control in your apps. ROOT not required! Fast Internet AdProtect increases download speed by blocking unnecessary content. Traffic control and save money Using the built-in...
  7. DAXX

    Thread How to block all ads

    How do I block all the ads on the latest nvidia shield tv pro? I have tried Blokada 4 and it says 0 ads blocked even if it's running. Is there a way to get all the ads blocked?
  8. K

    Thread [APP][5.1+] TrackerControl – Claim back your mobile privacy

    What is this about? TrackerControl allows users to monitor and control the widespread, ongoing, hidden data collection in mobile apps about user behaviour ('tracking'). To detect tracking, TrackerControl checks all network traffic against the Disconnect blocklist, used and trusted by the...
  9. F

    Thread All DNS or VPN based adblockers cause problems in Wifi and Chrome

    Hello guys, I have had one specific problem for literally years now and I could never find a solution. Say I've got a Galaxy S20 and I won't root it. Leaves me with three options to block ads: - use Firefox and uBlock origin - set as custom DNS - use Blokada, DNS66 or any other...
  10. PiggyFlooper

    Thread Best Adguard adblock solution

    **This is not spam! There is a two week trial period with full features, after that it costs. I encourage you to try it for 2 weeks n see what ya think. Since the coronavirus hit, and even longer, I've been working on putting together the ultimate package for adblocking, tracker crushing, just...
  11. EypCnn

    Thread [APP] [4.3+] Minimal Ad Blocker (Beta)

    Hello Dear User, I'M glad to See You Here Because The App has Attracted your Attention And you'Ve Come here First Thank you For Deciding to Download the App:D If You'Re Bored with Ads on Your Android Device, you will be very Pleased with the Ad Blocking App you Want to Use Continuously. The...
  12. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [6+] AppWatch : Detect what app is causing pop-up ads ** PROMO CODES **

    AppWatch AppWatch allows you to monitor other apps in order to detect which app is showing the annoying popup ads that randomly appear on your screen. Features: ✓ Monitoring apps ✓ Logging the runtime of each app ✓ Fast access to the activity log from the notification bar Usage...
  13. F

    Thread Is there a way to disable Instagram ads?

    So, as title says, is there a way to block ads on Instagram? I think ads are tunnelled through own Instagram app since my modified hosts file wont block anything there. I only found fishy mods that does nothing against ads anyways. So after a lot of time wondering this i thought i would just...
  14. A

    Thread [MODULE] AdGuardDNS - Ad-free experience [UNOFFICIAL]

    Ad-free and malware-protection experience without hosts file. With the hosts file, internet slow down due to cpu usage for resolve domains. AdGuard DNS is the solution. Site and test: I am not affiliated in any way with the AdGuard team, if...
  15. NeedleGames

    Thread [APP][5.0+] SABS - KNOX front end

    SABS - Knox SDK frontend MOD Edit:- Links Removed SABS is an open source tool that shows how to use Samsung Knox SDK without root. It lets developers see how various features work and test them. Some of the features are: system-wide domain blocker, package disabler, permission manager, apps...
  16. Keiko87

    Thread 6 Questions need your Answers !! (Android related)

    Can i move & use my windows host file or an adblockers host file into "system/etc" ? Are these "nochekin / checkjni"build prop tweaks helpful,.. OK to use ? How can i backup huge Android Game Data folder, located in "data/data" or "Android/data" ? Titanium & Co, only backup Apk's.. Which SD...
  17. E

    Thread Problem With Blocking Ads

    Okay, first of all, I'm new to here, still. I have a very huge problem. For some reason, my phone is blocking ads, without even having anything that would be able to block ads. How can I fix this so the ads are visible again? I need to fix this because some websites do not show any images or...
  18. K

    Thread [Release] OneClick Script for Amazon Fire v5.3.2.1...v5.4.0.0 (Fire 7 / 7th gen)

    Based on savvytechwinner's work, on Wicki's work (Mod Edit - NO links to competing Forums) and on some experimentation of my own, I put together a new script to further ease the setup of an out-of-the-package Amazon Fire 7 / 7th gen and to clean up more throughly. This is a derivative / remix /...
  19. badmojr

    Thread 1Hosts

    Protect your 'data' & eyeballs from being auctioned to the highest bidder. Grab an updated copy of the file(s) today! Click here => =>
  20. csagan5

    Thread Bromite DevDB project - Chromium with adblocking and privacy enhancement patches

    deleted, see
  21. pi4a7a

    Thread Q: /RQ:

    Whats the best adblocking host file you've ever used for Mi5 (or any device) You can share a magisk module if that worked for you, tried a bunch but none worked thanks.
  22. linuxct

    Thread [MOD] Spotify Dogfood - The Open-Source Ad-Free Spotify mod for Android

    Spotify Dogfood The open-source ad-free version of Spotify for Android Hello all, First of all, I'd like to address about the reason behind making this thread, and the project that is behind it. I thought to myself, why people are free to publish YouTube mods to avoid ads, but not...
  23. Daniel5161

    Thread A adblock for all things on Android

    Hi sry if this thread already exist but I don't find anything. I search a adblock for all ads in android. It should block ads in apps, like Adfree for Android and it should block ads in the web, like adaway and if it possible it should block ads in youtube and anything else like gmail or so. I...
  24. oroboros74

    Thread No-root Adblock app?

    Any suggestions for non-root adblockers?
  25. Zackptg5

    Thread [Magisk][Module][Deprecated] Unified Hosts Adblocker

    This mod has since been discontinued in favor of Adaway. Read on for information on how to use Unified Hosts with Adaway What are Unified Host Files? Unified host files combine many reputable sources into a single hosts file (with duplicates removed). Some examples include adaway, mvps...
  26. A

    Thread Android ad blocker?

    I'm a long time user of AdBlock Plus, but recently switched my browser to UBlock origin. ABP hasn't been updated for android in a while, so I was wondering if there was a better alternative, or a round up review I could read. Most of what's online is from 3-5 years ago, which seems odd that we...
  27. L

    Thread Removing ads without rooting

    Hello, I'm pretty used to root my phones and install AdAway on each phones I own but recently I bought and S6 and I'm on 6.01 and well, I think it's still impossible to root without having to trip Knox. I'm not using Knox at all, but in France they closely check the recovery even on resellers...
  28. M

    Thread [Q] Any adblocker for android 7?

    Adaway, adfree used to work on 6.0.1 now on 7 they don't.
  29. M

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Peregrine Browser

    *** Disclaimer *** I am not responsible for anything you do (like hacking, visiting illegal websites, etc.) with this browser. *** end *** What is Peregrine Browser? Features Download FAQ Please include logs and basic information about your phone, Android version, Google/AOSP...
  30. Y

    Thread [Q] A way to root Nvidia Shield Tablet with Android 6.0?

    Hello, I just received my 5th replacement Shield from Nvidia RMA and I'm thinking of doing things a little differently this time round. I wanted to ask if there is a way to root WITHOUT unlocking the bootloader or flashing a custom recovery, like you could in KK with Towelroot or in L with...
  31. D

    Thread Fix Android scroll lag caused by host file

    There is a performance loss when using custom host files in android Marshmallow, Lollipop and reportedly KitKat. When using a host file I've noticed freezing and scrolling issues. If you have noticed lag too, to check whether or not it is caused by the hosts file I'd recommend downloading...
  32. F

    Thread Is there any official way to get adblock plus?

    I used to have adblock plus on my old phone, but I don't on my current phone. I went to get it from the play store, but I couldn't find it on there (I think it was removed). I went to the adblock plus website, but they only have a specific browser that blocks ads. Is there any official way to...
  33. dado_13

    Thread [ROM][5.1.1][D620r] Modified CM 12.1

    Welcome in thread of Modified Cyanogenmod 12.1 Only for D620r! Basic Informations This is modificated Cyanogenmed 12.1 final build from 19.11.2015. I did it with permission of Nikita Pro Android . Every credits go to Nikita Pro Android! I did it for those, who are lazy installed all...
  34. Portgas D. Ace

    Thread [GUIDE][COLLECTION] All About Ad-Blocking

    Introduction Welcome to the thread which is dedicated to the numerous ways of how to block advertisements on your Android device. This guide will show you different ways how users can enjoy an ad-free Android experience, both for unrooted as well as rooted users. In general, this thread will...
  35. S

    Thread how can i mount system at 5.1 (UL,Root,Stock-Rom)?

    Hey there browsing with all those ads is a real pain, therefore i wanted to edit the hosts-file since adaway didn't worked. Therefore i wanted to use the content of this page and add it to my hosts-file: problem is, i can't mount /system with total commander...
  36. Quentinga

    Thread [TWEAK]Firefox, User-Agent, Adblock, Codecs

    Hello guys, Firefox Why Firefox ? Why not ! - Fast (on moto g 2013 than chrome 45) - Open Source - Extensions - Since 2002 - Use standard specification (w3c, etc...) - Multi OS (Win, Mac, Linux, BSD, Android) and Multi Arch (x86, ARM, PPC, ...) User-Agent I'm here to talk about webkit only...
  37. M

    Thread Is There a Fully Featured Youtube Player with Integrated Ad Block?

    With Google's war on anything ad block I am running out of places to look and i figured XDA would be one of the last bastions of this type of application left. I am looking for a side loaded YouTube Player that removes video ads similar to how PC ad block plugins do this on the main website...
  38. H

    Thread [Guide] How to block all ads from your android device[Guide]

    This guide is for the users who are just hugely annoyed by the ads which keep popping up all the time. This guide will help in blocking almost every add which pops on your device . Requirements : An android device (rooted ) Steps : 1. Download F-droid Link : 2. Click...
  39. F

    Thread Need rom maintainer feedback: Speed up /etc/hosts processing by sorting

    Hi, the standard for adblocking on rooted Android phones currently is to create a huge /etc/hosts file that redirects known advertiser domains to localhost. This certainly is faster than redirecting everything through a proxy as adblock plus does, but it is still slow because android reads the...
  40. GigaSPX

    Thread Adaway not working?

    The whole reason I jumped on board for root on my Z3TC and awaiting root on my Z3v is to block ads. On my tablet, it doesn't seem to be working at all against the intrusive ads that are displayed here on XDA. I made sure all of my settings are correct and database is up to date. What gives?
  41. wanam

    Thread [Rom][G920F][Stock Odex + Xposed][3.5][OLB][21 Dec] WanamLite

    Welcome to WanamLite Rom for the Galaxy S6 G920F. /!\ Flash it at your own Risk /!\ /!\ By flashing this Rom you void your warranty /!\ /!\ I don't take any responsibility for any Damage /!\ /!\ Do not try it on any other GS6 variants unless you know what you are...
  42. aguarello

    Thread What's Best Ad blocking Software for GS5?

    Hi guys! I would like to know which ad blocking software do you use in your S5. I've been using AdAway in my G900F, but it doesn't work 100% properly. Soo tell me! Which one are you using? Does it work? Which could you say is the best app for blocking ads on the S5? Does it completly...
  43. 4Freedom

    Thread [HOSTS][UPDATED]Remove Ads[ROOT]

    Best way to block ADS on Android. (FOSS Methods) AdAway (Android >2.1 + ROOT required) DNS66 (Android >5 + NOROOT required) Blockada (Android >4.4 + NOROOT required) Netguard + Hosts file (Android >4.4 + NOROOT required)
  44. E

    Thread [INFO/APPS] How to Block Ads [NO ROOT/ ROOT]

    Are you sick and tired of Ads taking up the precious real estate of your screen?:mad: Do you find yourself mistakenly clicking on an Ad only to find that you're downloading something you don't want?:mad::mad: Are you worried about the risks to your privacy/security posed by Ads?:mad::mad::mad...
  45. S

    Thread [Q] Alternative to Adaway?

    Ever since upgrading to Android 4.3 on my S4 on Sprint, I have been noticing that Adaway doesn't work correctly. It either fails, or takes forever to apply the hosts file after it compiles it's list. Adfree however, works fine. Unfortunately, the lists tht adfree use are poorly maintained (or...
  46. justmalhar

    Thread Youtube AdAway - Get Rid of YouTube Ads [Xposed]

    Tired of viewing YouTube Ads again and again before watching your favourite stuff on YouTube? Then this mod is for you. I have tried this on my Galaxy Grand running CyanogenMod 10.1 and it should work on almost all the android devices. Apps Required : Xposed Framework Installation : Install...
  47. joshua5683

    Thread [Q] Individual app ad-blocking

    I like the app AdAway but it blocks ads in every app and I don't like that cause when Hanging With Friends's ads are blocked I don't get notifications and there's a big delay after I play my turn, but I want the ad blocking applied to a different app. Is there an app like this where I can choose...
  48. T

    Thread [Q] Adblocking in 4.2.2 (note 2, CM 10.1)

    Update: If anyone finds this, the fix is to delete any proxy settings listed in your APN settings (system settings>Mobile Networks>APNs - delete the proxy settings and then menu>save). When I was on stock I used adfree android (rooted) to change the hostfile and prevent any ads. It worked great...
  49. T

    Thread [Q] Adblocking in 4.2.2 (CM 10.1)

    Update: I've since found out that it's only on 3g that it isn't working. On Wi-fi it does work. This made googling for the answer much easier and others have had the same problem - the fix is to delete any proxy settings listed in your APN settings (system settings>Mobile Networks>APNs - delete...
  50. no14me

    Thread [APP] AdFree by Bigtincan - adblock app

    After flash ROM without backup, I searched on Google Play but I can't find any adblock app. So i search and know that some days ago all "Ad Blocking" apps were removed from Play Store. It's too bad, because with small app, i always download the new one after flash. AND WITH SOME APP, I DON'T...