1. I

    Thread [APP][6.0+] RethinkDNS: Anti-Censorship + Adblocker + Firewall [open source] [no root]

    RethinkDNS is an anti-internet censorship tool with DNS-based adblocking and a firewall built-in for Android 6+ devices. The app itself is free to use and comes with RethinkDNS (previous name BraveDNS) resolver with support custom denylists, allowlists, ability to store DNS logs for later...
  2. V

    Thread ad blocker recommendation

    Hi, I passed my moto x 2014 to my kid. It used to be unlocked and rooted. Can you recommend an ad blocker or indeed a rom with built in ad blocker? it's simless as he only uses wifi and free games, I just don't want him to be absorbing so many in-game ads. Many thanks!
  3. EypCnn

    Thread [APP] [4.3+] Minimal Ad Blocker (Beta)

    Hello Dear User, I'M glad to See You Here Because The App has Attracted your Attention And you'Ve Come here First Thank you For Deciding to Download the App:D If You'Re Bored with Ads on Your Android Device, you will be very Pleased with the Ad Blocking App you Want to Use Continuously. The...
  4. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [6+] AppWatch : Detect what app is causing pop-up ads ** PROMO CODES **

    AppWatch AppWatch allows you to monitor other apps in order to detect which app is showing the annoying popup ads that randomly appear on your screen. Features: ✓ Monitoring apps ✓ Logging the runtime of each app ✓ Fast access to the activity log from the notification bar Usage...
  5. parduscix

    Thread [Module] AdBlocker v1.0

    I create module for blocking ads I use this file Download module:
  6. xlollomanx

    Thread [Help Request] Nano Adblocker

    Hello, I'm here to speak for a great developer named jspenguin. Since he doesn't own an xda account he asked me to open a new thread here to ask help on his project. Let me introduce his work: he developed many open source addons and script for browsers (mainly chrome). Their main purpose is to...
  7. G.Ashwinkumar

    Thread Post Your OnePlus 5T Non ROOT Setup

    Post your Non ROOT app setup to have a better android experience. Ex: IYTBP, Blokada, Adguard, NetGuard Firewall.
  8. MrT69

    Thread keweonDNS - now with improved Certificate (iOS, Mac & Android)

    Please read this first! The entire system is build up for demonstration and should show a new way to protect against Internet and Online threats. It should demonstrate that it is possible within the Internet to protect user, devices and there data. The entire System is a pure & 100% DNS...
  9. t-ryder

    Thread [App][4.2+] personalDNSfilter - block malware domains, ads and trackers without root

    ••• You want to block ads, tracking, analytics and malware domains system-wide (in browsers and apps) and don't want root (or you can't root)? Check out personalDNSfilter by Ingo Zenz @ ZENZ Solutions! Block ads using hosts file via local VPN connection and custom DNS (optional). Features: -...
  10. kar

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Blokada ad blocker [open source][without root][v4]

    Blokada v4 See Changelog Join us on chat: Blokada Chat More info on the Blokada Blog Download Download Blokada for Android 5+ (you will also find a link for Android 4 version there) ---- Hi @ XDA! I'm the developer of Blokada, a simple to use ad blocker for Android that works for all apps...
  11. H

    Thread [APP][4.4+] Cine Browser - Surfing Websites & Play Videos In A Floating Window

    Cine Browser for Video Websites There are many websites that contain a lot of videos but don't have a mobile app. Cine Browser lets you surf those websites and play videos in a popup floating window. As a result, you can continue to visit other pages without stopping the video and add multiple...
  12. t-ryder

    Thread [APP][2.3+] personal HTTPproxy for Android - block ads without root

    Hi community. Just stopping by to inform you, that the app/tool personalHTTPproxy has a new home. New releases will come soon. What is personalHTTPproxy? It is a tool for Java enabled devices and an Android app that can filter all your HTTP traffic to block ads - no root needed. The app/tool...
  13. PerfectSlayer

    Thread [APP][ROOT/NONROOT][OFFICIAL] AdAway v6.0.3

    AdAway AdAway is an open source ad blocker for Android using the hosts file. Google Play Store notice According the Google Play Developer Policy, especially the "Device and Network Abuse" section, ad blocker like AdAway violates the "Apps that block or interfere with another app displaying...
  14. M

    Thread AD Blocker DataToggle

    this is not a warz Block embedded AD of Android apps and games. Works on normal(non-rooted) phone.AD Blocker can auto block the embeddedadvertisement of Android apps and games. If you hate AD or wantto avoid adult AD when your child is playing game with your phone.This tool can help you. This...
  15. Chkrausse

    Thread [Q] How to disable ADBlocker

    Hello, i got CM 6.1.3 V054 from Wolfbreak [ROM] CM 6.1.3 V054 720p Audio fix [31-03-11] [Tweaked+Theme+Extras] and as a new Member i could not post in the appropriate thread. I would like to disable the adblocker on my X10. how to to this?